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OOC: 2022 UENA Wurld Cup

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I love that you're taking the lead on this. My only reservation is being absent in August when the tournament starts. These are the regional qualification games, yes? And the actual world cup will take place next year in 2022?

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Oooooh! I'd love to throw Cashar into an Alharun team (I think that's what you're saying? That we'd have to have an Alharun team instead of individual teams because there isn't enough players otherwise?)

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1 hour ago, Orioni said:

I love that you're taking the lead on this. My only reservation is being absent in August when the tournament starts. These are the regional qualification games, yes? And the actual wurld cup will take place next year in 2022?

Correct, the regional tournaments are for August, the Wurld Cup will be next year.

1 hour ago, Cashar said:

Oooooh! I'd love to throw Cashar into an Alharun team (I think that's what you're saying? That we'd have to have an Alharun team instead of individual teams because there isn't enough players otherwise?)

Not quite. Each nation would have their own team, but typically there's one continent per tournament - see the Euros IRL, they include European teams exclusively. Since our continents are not full, we may have to group continents together, so Cashar may be playing against Alharun and Aurelian teams for example.

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Metztlitlaca and Sitallo would be interested to play, although I'd imagine Sitallo might be a bit... preoccupied for its team to play well in the Wurld Cup, so if a starting looser is required...

Metztlitlaca's National Team won the 2019 Aurelian Cup, so how hard could a couple of frozen northerners really be 😛?

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33 minutes ago, Tagmatium Rules said:

Actually, I'm off doing something in the darkest reaches of Scotland for two weeks at the end of July/start of August.

Does that mess with things?

It would do, but since yourself and Orioni are due to be busy in August, perhaps the Europan tournament can be set back to September.

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@Prymont — I've setup a match report from a previous friendly match against my nearest neighbour. It was a good practice. This also makes it clear which players I want to keep or replace.

@All — One question that remains open is who I'll have as a coach. I'm open to having another foreigner train the team. If you have a fictional coach you'd like to volunteer for this role, feel free to reply with a brief 3-sentence bio. Thanks.

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@Prymont Unless you already planned something, I will post our match report on Friday or during the weekend. Is that alright? Would you like to include something else besides a brief description and game report?

Meanwhile I spent so time updating my players and their teams. It’s not fully finished yet but the dryer is available here: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Orioni_Orcas

@All: Still searching for a coach. I’d never body shows up I’m tempted to borrow Ted Lasso’s coaching clone Ed Salvo. Edit: I gladly accept @Rhava's offer as coach.

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I would be up for this as well.

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    • By Tagmatium Rules
      Just thought about making an OOC thread, so we can sort out the aims of our different nations.
      I assume Rennd's fighting for control of the island and the resources there.
      Deltannia's fighting to stop Rennd's grasping, as are the Mongol-Swedes.
      There is a Tagmatine force to shore up the Renndian forces and enable them to retain control of the island.
      The Aristocracy forces are being deployed to test their armaments and back up the Deltannian units.
      That's all well and good, but I can see some problems arising. Aristo's deployment maybe one, as Delt didn't give permission yet, as well as the attack on the airfield didn't give Rennd much of a chance to fight back against the attack.
      But, we're here to discuss!
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      I've been working on a draft of a simplified version of the major conventions pertaining to the law of the sea. I'll get into specific provisions later, but this would provide a baseline for maritime law, allowing us to operate for the most part based on the real life rules. My thought is we could RP this convention occurring (and actually debate the couple of interesting noteworthy issues), and then just establish that the many smaller RL maritime rules were subsequently adopted by the international organization created by this convention. My thought is that this convention should happen 1-2 decades after a major global conflict, and should be based in the main port of a major maritime power.
      Would people be interested in participating? Any ideas on when/where the convention should occur?
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      References (in order of appearance):
      Machina Haruspex News Reports (Search Term: "Christians" Gallambrian Response Iverican Response Haru Open Channel Seylosi Response This OOC Planning will service the upcoming "Cussian Humanitarian Coalition" RP which will be posted on the "Affairs" subforum. Questions and inquiries may be posted here.
      Note that direct involvement with the Coalition must be vetted and confirmed before any IC accepted posts can be made. Indirect involvement for ease of posting may be made through donations or passive aid (e.g asylum pledge, funding, material donation).
      Once this RP is launched, it will proceed as planned regardless of any late joining parties.
      The action plan draft as of now:
      Revised Draft PHASE 1
      Goal: Evacuate as many persecuted Christians from the Cussian region as possible.
          1. Secure terms of evacuation with MH (Before All Else)
          2. Send observers, get statistics
          3. Secure investors from NGOs, governments and private citizens
          4. Assemble evacuation force (civilian vessels, aircraft, staff)
          5. Request pledges from charitable nations for asylum
          6. Use Evacuation forces to transport Cussian refugees to designated asylum areas.
          • Scale: Evacuation of refugees numbering as little as 50,000 to as many as 100,000-200,000
          • Duration: 1-2 months IC (action plan Phase 1 only)
      Notable Caveats
          • TERMS-This entire plans relies on terms being met with MH gov first. No detailed announcements are to be made until this is secured.
          • DISPOSITION-Avoid any opportunity for provoking or engaging in combat with MH military personnel while the evacuation is underway. This operation OOC depends on smooth humanitarian action.
          • PLAN B-Depending on the number of refugees being evacuated, PHASE 2 must be ready to support an overwhelming amount of civilians--many of which may be unemployable or disabled.
      Action Plan PHASE 1
          1. Terms reached with MH
              a. Must allow civil and military assets to onload refugees.
              b. Must be guaranteed safety by the MH gov and military forces.
              c. Must be permitted to retain basic security detail
              d. Must guarantee suitable berthing while at MH ports/airports
          2. Statistics confirmed
              a. Exact number of refugees confirmed
              b. Average age & sex confirmed
              c. Prioritise Women, Children, or Men with complete state documentation (Passport, Birth Certificate, etc.)
              d. Low Priority: Criminals
          3. Investors secured
              a. Private Citizens, Governments, Corporations
              b. To reduce strain on governments, attempt as much private donations as possible.
          4. Evac force assembled at Norfolk, Seylos. 
              a. Evac fleet will be mustered in groups. Composition: mixed civil liners and lightly armed military vessels.
                  i. Task Group Tagmatium with minimal security detail
                  ii. Task Group Haru with nominal security detail
              b. Consumable supplies must be maximised. Make use of donations.
              c. Task Groups will have a queueing procedure. Refugees will be profiled and documented prior to onload. Vessels must be ready to dock, onload, undock, and depart quickly.
          5. Evacuation Proper
              a. Group A "Haru"- must be evacuated directly from MH ports by boat or by plane if possible.
              b. Group B "Tagmatium"- any number that the Tagmatine Empire can receive temporarily for holding. If Tagmatium can host any number permanently, this group would be divided here.
              c. Groups will be sent to pre-determined nations that have pledged asylum. Each nation MUST provide exactly how many refugees it is willing to host.
          6. Excess/outlying Refugees
              a. Unaccommodated outliers will be sent to Iverica or Gallambria where they will be given a residency card and shipped to an undefined Terra Nullius area.
      Updates to come.
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