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Hello, I am revamping Yeosan into something much more fulfilling and interesting to me than what it was before. Fulgi and I have worked together and Yeosan will now be an autonomous prefecture of the FASR. Following is a basic summary of the revamp: 

The Yeosan Autonomous Prefecture (麗山自治州; 여산자치주) is an autonomous prefecture of Fulgistan located Southeast of Mainland Fulgistan on a mountain island between the Synthe and Turtle seas. It's capital city is Seonggyeong (城京; 성경), the name referring to the wall and gate system around the city. The island's mountain is referred to as Baektusan (白頭山; 백두산). Yeosan neighbours Rhava and Utogo on the island. Historically Yeosan was a tributary state to the Huang similar to Korea and China. In the early 20th century it came under the rule of the 5 Colour Empire (大五色帝國; 대오색제국) and rapidly industrialised. After the collapse of the 5 Colour Empire, Yeosan was thrown into chaos and slowly a liberation front gained power. In an effort to garner wider support, the Yeosan People's Party (麗山人民黨; 여산인민당) did not seek to destroy long standing tradition or promote any sort of cultural revolution in Yeosan. Because of this they garnered wide support in the chaotic times post colonisiation. After a referendum in cooperation with the FASR, Yeosan was incorporated into the FASR, but due to it's cultural and linguistic differences, it was given the status of a self governing prefecture. The red octagon on it's flag underlaying the traditional design is an artistic reference to this as it marks the liberation of the people by the People's Party and FASR but respect of long standing appreciated traditions by Yeosan's people. Culturally Yeosan is Koreanic in nature. Linguistically it is the same, but because of the influence from the 5 Colour Empire and the FASR, Chinese characters or Hanja (漢字; 한자) are still frequently used in writing mixed in with the native script, Eonmun (諺文; 언문). Yeosan's Chinese Character usage differs from other nation's in that Yeosan prefers to use the Kangxi dictionary solely for it's official character forms.

See the fully revamped iiWiki page here: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Yeosan.

Below is the new flag:

On this note, I would like to have my flag changed on the map to this, and also if possible add the characters 麗山自治州 under the name in English. I wasn't sure what to tag this as :(

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