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Department Of External Affairs - The South Oregon Hinterlands

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This is the official site for statements released by The Capitalist Confederacy of the South Oregon Hinterlands.


The core mission of this department is to ensure the safety of Hinderlanders overseas, safeguard the soverenty of The Hinterlands, and to ensure the economic interests of The Hinterlands are protected.


The South Oregon Hinterlands is open to any and all diplomatic correspondence.




Department of External Affairs, 3059 Bainbridge Building, Kemper Boulevard, Nowhere City, NCCD

+08 0001 5865


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To: Their Excellency, Secretary Bernard Haig of the Department of External Affairs of the Capitalist Confederacy of the South Oregon @Hinterlands

From: the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion of the Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion


Your Excellency,

I am writing to give you notice of the imminent retirement of my nation's ambassador to yours, Konstantia Fabiana. Whilst I am aware that you would know that already, as I do not doubt that Mrs Fabiana has let your government know in an informal manner and you will be aware on some level of the preparations that are being made by my nation's embassy, it is the case that I must give formal notice of the retirement. I hope that she has served the Greater Holy Empire well in your nation, but it is time for her to retire after many years of sterling service to the Leopard Throne. The retirement will take place at the end of this month.

As a replacement for the soon-to-be-former ambassador, I have attached to this message the credentials of one Martyrius Romedios. I hope that they prove to be acceptable to your government. If so, it is hoped that they will take up position before the end of the month, with a crossover between the outgoing ambassador and the incoming incumbent. This is to allow Mr Romedios to become familiar with your great nation and gain the insights into it that Mrs Fabiana has been able to gain since she took up the role seventeen years ago. If not, then I would be happy to provide someone who is more suitable.

It is increasingly clear to the Greater Holy Empire that Argis is becoming one of the most important parts of Eurth. Although that is not to suggest that it has not always been so, nor that my nation has not valued our previous partnerships. This is most certainly not the case, as the Capitalist Confederacy has clearly always been one of the my nation's most important partners in that part of Eurth, as well as glubally. To this end, it is my hope, and the hope of the Holy Imperial Government, that our nations can continue to work together closely and that this partnership is able to bear more fruit in the future.

Through faith in Christ and all nations working together, we can work towards a peaceful and prosperous Eurth.

Eugenios Goulielmos

Megas Logothetes

of the

Logothesion ton Barbaron

of the

Megas Agios Basileia ton Arhomaion

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From: bernard.haig@hinterlandsgov.oh

To: Eugenios Goulielmos, Martyrius Romedios @Tagmatium Rules

Dear sir,

Thank you for your communique. As noted, we were made aware of Mrs Fabiana’s departure several weeks ago, and wish her the best in her retirement. She has proven to be an asset to both our nations, and a personal friend. I am certain that Mr Romedios will prove a sterling replacement, and reinforce the relationship between our nations. Arrangements have been made for accommodations in Nowhere City, and the finer details of furnishings can be made upon Mr Romedios’ arrival.

It is at times like this I am reminded of the importance of collaboration between nations, and that despite our differences we can come together for the common good of the people of Eurth. Turbulent times are on the horizon, however only the darkest of nights can bring forth the brightest dawns. 

Yours kindly,

Secretary Bernard Haig

Secretary of External Affairs


Department of External Affairs, 3059 Bainbridge Building, Kemper Boulevard, Nowhere City, NCCD

+08 0001 5865


1724 - 2024; 300 years of freedom.


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