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Utogo - Map Application

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Keep in mind that I’m flexible with like all of this so if some things aren’t available or aren’t exactly as specified in the application I’m glad to accommodate

Nation in Eurth: Utogo



Capital name: Buokagio

Capital location: On the northern coast; Wodaa is also coastal and Bogimé is on a river in the north. Another fairly large city exists in central Utogo, Wawisoimpi, which would preferably be on a river in that area, but again I am happy to accommodate

Stats Chosen: Pop 2 - GDP/C 0 - Area 2

Factbook/iiwiki link: In lieu of a (forthcoming) factbook, I present to you my vision statement

Culture: Utogoan areal cultures are a mixture of Papuan (areal, of course) and West African (also areal, of course) inspirations. I don’t have many specifics at the moment (they are also forthcoming), so if you were a real stickler about cultural areas you could really put me near either of those given they exist on the map.

Climate: Tropical monsoon (Am) or tropical rainforest (Aw) in the south, transitioning into tropical savanna (Af) as you go north (near the center), and subtropical dry forest/miombo (BSh) in the north. Basically, hot and mostly wet. I imagine a fair amount of rivers and mountains as well, but those don’t matter to me as much as the general climate.

History: I’ll keep it very brief and adapt it from my vision statement -  First settled approximately 14,000 years ago by Pre-Proto-Utogoan-speaking peoples practicing agriculture and village settlement; territory of present-day Utogo was also likely contacted by other groups in her area; antiquity consisted mostly of trade networks and wars between several Utogoan-speaking ethnic confederations; colonized by a foreign power at some point.

Desired Location: Surprise me

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Congratulations on passing the academy, now let's get you on the map.
Your stats appear good. 2 points in population gives you a range of 31-40 million people, and 2 points in land area gives you between 270,000 - 350,000 km^2. And 0 points in GDP means your maximum GDP per capita is $5,000.

Regarding climate, I've mapped out all possible locations that fit your climate criteria (although mountains and rivers not shown) follow the Koppen Climate Classification System. You may notice that hot steppe and tropical savannah regions are partly separated on Alharu, and that's due to transitional climates between the two.


Below are several proposals. All borders and true land areas are up to fine tuning once you've pick one (or none!) of the proposals.

1: Southern Alharu
Coming out at 349,900 km^2, this location as both tropical rainforest, tropical savannah, rivers, and mountains. The most northern parts of the country graze the Bsh desert steppe, but does go into the transition area. This area would require the consent of Kertosono to be used.

2 & 3: Alharun Island Chain
unknown.png   unknown.png
This is quite an usual nation, coming out at 331,400 km^2 and 306,600km^2 respectfully. The area is home to both tropical rainforests and tropical savannahs with a major river and large mountains in the centre of the island. The Alharun Island Chain is almost the area first reached by the Ice Age migrators from Azania 50kya, allowing for some very diverse cultures, including those more closely related to western Africa. This location would require the consent from both Yeosan and Rhava to also be used.

4: Northern Aurelia
338,100 km^2, there area possesses monsoon climates across it's coastline with hot steppe to it's north-west and a river in it's south-east. You also have Ochoa (being re-added) who takes inspiration from the San people of southern Africa, aiding in the area being a part of the continent largely left isolated from historic migrations of Mesoamerican and Far Eastern Asian groups.

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1 hour ago, Utogo said:

Thanks, these look great. I think 3 is best for what I have in mind. Now to wait for consent from Yeosan and Rhava.


27 minutes ago, Rhava said:

I’m perfectly fine with it, as long as Utogo knows that there is a lot of joint history in the region. I’m excited to have a new neighbor :)

Great! All this is required now is @Yeosan's consent. If Yeosan does not reply within 10 days (by the 16th), consent will be assumed.

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