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[Volta] Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Voltan Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes all who wish to cooperate with our country and welcomes you to to our humble portal. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is charged with managing all of Volta's diplomatic missions, along with all matters regarding visa's (including but not limited to entry visas, exit visas, immigration visas, transit visas, and any other visas), and works to ensure the safety of all Voltan citizens while abroad. Official policy decisions regarding foreign affairs will be communicated here, along with any official statements regarding international events. All official inquiries to Volta shall be made here. Any foreign inquiries will be forwarded to other governmental offices when appropriate.

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From: Madame Secretary Po Nagar, Rhavanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs

To: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Volta

Châu from Rhava. It has come to our attention that Rhava and Volta have next to none of a relationship. We recognizing our similar Socialist Flairs, have decided that Volta shall be the residence of the first Rhavanese embassy. Rhava also acknowledges the need of allies in this time and place, in the midst of the ongoing draconian conquests of Great Anglia. Rhavanăm see's the proximity of Anglia's influence to not only our country, but also Dyông Nokorand notices both of our contries unwillingness to bow down our heads to aggressors. So we would like to offer up troops if you were to except our request of unity, and Rhava would hope that you would return the favor in our hour of need. Only the tides will tell what happens next, in this tipping point in history. 


Madame Secretary Po Nagar, Head of the Ministry of Foreign affairs of Rhava.

Signed and Sealed by the Socialist Republic of Rhava

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From: Rosa Braun, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Socialist Federal Republic of Volta

To: Madame Secretary Po Nagar, Rhavanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Hallo und vilkom. The Voltan government welcomes the Rhavanese embassy, and the Voltan government shall at once establish an embassy in Rhava. Closer cooperation between our two countries can only be good, and we hope to maintain friendly relations with our socialist brethren.

Volta also recognizes the grave situation that we have found ourselves in, particularly regarding the conquests of Angllia. As you have astutely pointed out, neither one of our countries is willing to kowtow to foreign aggressors. As such, cooperation between our countries in the realm of defense is only natural. Volta will very much accept your offer of support, and should Rhava accept will offer our support to Rhava in any way possible, including through troops, should the ultimate time of need to defend against Anglian aggression arise. Divided we are vulnerable, but when we work together we will be able to achieve great things.

We look forward to a wonderful and prosperous future to both of our countries.


Rosa Braun, Minister of Foreign Affairs

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Kevoböf Dipik Sogädimik Vü Menarepüblikän Stedoriän e Repüblikän Fedikim Sogädimik Voltäna
Copèracion Diplomatike Sôciålisse Inte li Républike Pôpulêre di Stèdorie et l’Républike Federål Sôciålisse do Volta
Socialist Diplomatic Co-operation Between the Stedorian People's Republic and the Socialist Federal Republic of @Volta


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From: Rosa Braun, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Socialist Federal Republic of Volta

To: The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Stedorian People's Republic

The Voltan government will always welcome closer relations with our socialist brothers and sisters. To this end, we will welcome a Stedorian ambassador and embassy within our country. Should Stedoria see it acceptable as well, our government would also like to name an ambassador to @Stedoria and establish an embassy in your nation. Closer relations can only bring peace and prosperity to our two countries.

We also welcome recognition of our government as the legal and legitimate government of our country, and shall not forget Stedoria's actions in doing so. Though our government has also quickly recognized yours in an act of comradery. Volta shall welcome any and all future cooperation.

In particular, with Anglia's recent acts of aggression in this region, we are in need of as many friends as we can get. Your governments open arms will not be forgotten.

Rosa Braun,

Minister of Foreign Affairs

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