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Die Volta-Bericht is Volta's leading and largest newspaper and the largest Voltan language newspaper, with a circulation of roughly 4 million, and the official newspaper of the Communist Party of Volta. With both a print and an online presence, we have been regularly bringing you top news from Volta since our founding in 1913. Even while we were banned by the old regime, our news still quickly spread and was widely popular within Volta.

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Nation in Mourning as Chancellor Franz Ulbricht Dies of Heart Attack
by Lorenz Bachmeier
2017 May 17

Comrade Franz Ulbricht, as he appeared when he became Chancellor in 1996

The whole nation is mourning as our Chancellor, the successor to the Great Leader of the revolution and the Protector of the country, had his last breath as of last night. His passing sends Volta into a period of national mourning, with all remembering his selfless efforts to advance the cause of communism and build a truly free and equal society.  He worked tirelessly to finish the work of the Great Liberator Hans Krenz, even through his failing health towards his later years.

Franz was the architect of many modern Voltan policies, spearheading the Grand Technological Revolution and creating Volta's innovative technology industry, including VOLTek which continues to provide the Voltan people with computers and phones to this day. Our country flourished under his wise leadership and all Voltans are sad to see the passing of such a wonderful leader.

The Communist Party of Volta will continue to guide Volta on the path to righteousness, and the people will follow the leadership of the party. Our country will continue to bring about many successes in advancing the communist ideal, for the greatest strength of the Voltan nation is the steel-like unity of its people under the banner of the Communist Party!

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Voltan Defense Act: Military budget increased, conscription returns!
by Christel Sheffer
2021 June 3

As tensions rise in the wurld from Anglia's conquests, the Voltan government has repeatedly expressed concern regarding the safety and security of Aurelia and Mesothalassa. In response to this, Anglia has not responded and in fact appears intent on advancing whatever goals it may have. This could very much eventually turn into a threat against Volta. Though the government has been very keen to avoid any chance of Volta being dragged into a war, it is becoming increasingly clear that may not be possible. As such, the People's Congress has recently passed a the Voltan Defense Act.

The new law increases the budget of the Voltan People's Armed Forces, so that the government may both develop and purchase more advanced equipment for the Voltan military. It also calls upon Chancellor Ernst Krenz to reach out to other countries and search for possible defensive partners. In a first, the law explicitly states that Volta should not worry about the political affiliations of any potential partners, provided that they recognize the current government of Volta and will not threaten Volta in the future.

Perhaps most controversially, the law re-implements the draft. All male Voltans aged 18 to 27 are now required to complete at minimum 3 years of military service, after which they may leave active military service but will be counted as reserve troops for another 10. Previously all male Voltans had been required to register for the draft, but no formal draft has been called upon in legislation for the past 30 years, making the current military effectively an all-volunteer force.

Chancellor Ernst Krenz vowed to implement the new law, but also apologized to the the young men and their families that this would effect.

"I understand the pain and heartache this may cause all of you. I assure you all, this was not an easy choice for the government to make either." he said in a press conference after the passage of the law. "However, we cannot allow our country to become the next Fearannteth. We must ensure that our country is free, prosperous, and most important of all independent."

The first draft lottery is expected to be held towards the end of this month, with the exact date to be announced at a later time.

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    • By Transbaltia
      National Elections Delayed a month, and are Incumbents escaping?
      Today President Goldschmeding announced that the National Elections would be delayed until the 20th of April. The elections, which would determine the future president, were expected to take place on the 19th of March, the same day as the legislative elections, however due to recent threats against polling places, the National Election Commission has decided that they will be delayed until voting booths can be considered safe.
      This comes only days after Presidential candidate Henri Kafi, the first black Westzeelander to run with popular voter support, said that the “colonists must pay”. This has lead to confusion and panic among the Europan minority, who fear that violence against them may increase if Kafi wins. The real estate market in majority white cities such as Retoria and Charlestown has crashed after mass sales of houses, belonging to people known as “escapees”. 
      President Goldschmeding has said that he will not allow violence against the white minority under any circumstance, and is confident that his party will continue its rule, though since it was stated that the majority would be able to vote without restriction, the Democratic Nationalist Party has only 17.9% of support from newly registered voters. Goldschmeding himself has sold his private residence, and is supposedly looking for a home in Argis. 
      In other news the immigration rate has dropped 54% since last year, leading to economic problems across the nation, with less capital arriving in the country, and many rich citizens leaving, government revenue on a national and local level is decreasing, leading to the government cutting parks and educational programs.
      Also Yesterday the national natural survey announced that they have detected lithium deposits in the northern regions, though no one has yet to show interest in this, it is sure to creat thousands of jobs in the future should adequate investment be applied. This happens only weeks after offshore oil deposits were found to be much larger than before anticipated.
    • By Eskeocha
      Recent articles on the rising tensions in the southern boroughs
      Newest Proposal Passes Coalition
      19 July 2020
      Aven Cordaka
      A decision has been made today regarding the national status of the Eskeok National Rainforest located in southern Eskeocha.
      For the past year, a debate has arisen regarding the rights of locals to use trees from the rainforest as a source of local lumber. The harvesting of Eskeok Rainforest trees began last November, when natives of the borough Mastikan began cutting down trees in the eastern sections of the rainforest. This upset many natives and environmental rights supporters, prompting action by the Mastikan borough board. A decision was made in a split vote, 12-10, to allow the use of lumber from the rainforest as a local lumber source, passing in January of this year. South Eskeocha and Cranarie Passage South, two other boroughs that share portions of the rainforest, disputed this decision by Mastikan, claiming Mastikan has no right to make the decision without consultation with the other boroughs since they also share territory. Mastikan disagreed with this claim, stating that each borough is responsible for their own region of the forest.
      With no eminent solution to the rainforest dispute, as it has grown to be called, South Eskeocha submitted a proposal to the Frontier Coalition, Eskeocha’s national governing body, to declare the rainforest a national monument of heritage. Proposals on this level are infrequent, with only approximately twelve sent to the coalition annually, as Eskeocha’s main governance is delegated to the boroughs. This proposal remained on the floor for six months, lasting from February to July, when, at 4:46pm today, a law was officially passed recognizing the Eskeok National Rainforest as a Monument of Heritage, joining the ranks of the Ontok Glacier and Mt. Caskada.
      Updates on the story, including details of the proposal and information on Monuments of Heritage will be found on our website, nationalpost.esk .
      Violence Rises in the Southern Boroughs
      20 July 2020
      Aven Cordaka
      Rioting broke out in the city of Jenifer in early hours this morning by employees of the Jenifer Lumber Supply Co. and Eskeocha Timber. Three people were killed in the event, a rare occurrence for Eskeocha. The disturbance is believed to be in direct response to the Frontier Coalition’s passing of the proposal to declare the Eskeok National Rainforest a national monument of heritage, preventing it from being used as a source for timber by lumber supply companies. The two companies whose employees were greatly involved in the riot are significantly impacted by this new law, as the borough board of Mastikan had dispensed permits to multiple companies including these two to begin cutting down wood in the forest in October of last year.
      Borough Captain Tomas Carapacho of Mastikan released a statement on the riot from the Borough seat in Mastikan city, declaring, “The events of this morning are very unfortunate. Here at the borough seat, the hearts of the board go out to the families of those who passed. We do not condone riots or senseless violence in Mastikan, yet we must also recognize the cause for which these men and women are speaking up. This decision by the Frontier Coalition to prevent our borough from harvesting timber is an infringement on our rights as a borough. Our nation’s charter of confederacy gives explicit rights to the boroughs to govern their land, and this right has been violated. We will not rest until we have been returned our right to collect our lumber where we choose.”
      South Eskeocha Borough Captain Elder Morokok responded, condemning the statements of Carapacho, calling them “Uninformed” and “Promoting violence and unrest in our nation.” Borough Captain Edder Ediani of Cranarie Passage South and Eskeocha Frontier Captain Milo Yuskwag have yet to respond.
      Updates on the story, including arrest information and the identities of the three deceased will be found on our website, nationalpost.esk.
      Fighting Breaks Out in the South
      21 July 2020
      Aven Cordaka
      Tensions have begun to rise today in southern Eskeocha as fighting has begun between the boroughs of Mastikan and South Eskeocha. On the border of the two boroughs and of the Eskeok National Rainforest, many citizens of the two nations began brawling violently, leaving twenty-two people severely injured. No one was killed in the fighting. The fighting lasted for almost an hour and a half, as police were hesitant to break anyone up using firearms, as they feared it could lead to citizens beginning to use their hunting weapons for this cause in the future. This is not the first incident of violence as a result of the new lumber laws, as riots broke out in Jenifer a short time ago.
      Furious over the recent matters involving the restriction of harvesting lumber in the Eskeok National Rainforest, the two boroughs have been targeting each other for the past two weeks politically and in the media, and to this point, the issue has expanded further, becoming a matter of government involvement in the boroughs. Several boroughs including Cranarie Passage South, Passage’s End, and Abasol Bay have declared their support for South Eskeocha, believing the government should play a larger role in national politics, while Harinak, White Tip, and Tokoway have shown support for Mastikan and believe that governing power should remain primarily in the hands of the boroughs. This has increased a political divide in the nation, causing many to fear that the country may introduce political parties for the first time in its 55 year history.
      Frontier Captain Milo Yuskwag spoke publicly on the matter, stating, “We in the capital condemn the violence we have seen from our brothers and sisters. This is an irresponsible reaction to our lawmaking and shines a bad light on our nation in the eyes of world leaders. We ask that this fighting stops, and that you reconsider how you chose to protest, perhaps by choosing more peaceful means. We do pray for the healing of those who were injured. As well, when the frontier board intervenes, we do it with reason. I believe heartily in the power being relegated to the boroughs, but sometimes national response is necessary.” Citizens of Mastikan appeared unhappy with the response and have begun to claim the Frontier Captain and his board are usurping their power.
      As the story continues, we will come to you with more information. The timeline of events of the Rainforest Riots can be found on our website, nationalpost.esk .
      Aven Cordaka is a senior reporter for the Eskeocha National Post.  He was raised in Abasol, and attended Cranarie University where he received his degree in Communications.  Aven has been writing for the National Post for 4 years.  His previous works can be seen at nationalpost.esk/avencordaka/articles .

    • By Metztlitlaca
      Broadcasts from the Crescent
      Broadcasts from the Crescent is the newspaper thread for the Dominions of Metztlitlaca and will be split mainly into 3 newspapers. The first newspaper and will be the most commonly used is the Capital Paper. Founded in 1843 by the Archpriest at the time, the Capital Paper is a nationally run corporation managed directly by the Teopac of Finance and the Teopac of Culture and Religious Life. When the Unified Republic of Palu first came to power after colonialism, the Capital Paper was renamed to the Palu Papers and then used to propagate propaganda across the nation. The Limonaian Republic after used the Palu Paper under the same name as their own propaganda company. The Kingdoms of Metztlica and Acolica attempted to shut down the Palu Papers due to it's controversial history, but was eventually allowed to continue to exist as long as they returned to their initial branding of the Capital Paper and remained a nationalised company. Although the Capital Paper declares itself to be politically and culturally neutral it's perspective on stories are often bias towards the government and the economy. The Capital Paper is also one of the few Newspaper companies which repeatedly addresses global issues as well as major headlines from other nations, giving it some rather powerful political influence over the public.

      The second newspaper is the Truths of Metztli, a more culturally right-wing newspaper that primarily sells in the Azlo and Faloki communities with a strong bias towards LAANN and Metztli Nationalist and against Il Domineo and the greater wurld community. Although Truths of Metztli has the economic capabilities to go out to other nations and report on major headlines, besides LAANN they rarely talk about the wurld outside of Metztlitlaca. Despite their name, take what they say with a grain of salt. The Truths of Metztli is relatively new, only beginning to print in 1999 but has soared in popularity within the Faloki and Azlo due to it's anti-oppressor attitude and anti-globalist ideology (not counting LAANN, of course). Several times in the 2000s and 2010s the Teopac of Culture and Religious Life took the Truths of Metztli to court over perceived hate speeches. In the end the Truths of Metztli prevailed as they never explicitly broke any laws pertaining towards hate speech.

      Lastly is the Vocal Voice, a culturally and economically left-wing company that often works alongside the Teopac of Finance. Founded in 1948 the Vocal Voice was initially the national newspaper of the South Palu Confederation but was shut down once the Limonaian Republic annexed the nation. In 1988 the Vocal Voice was re-established with the help of the Teopac of Finance 40 years after it's initial closure. The Vocal Voice is most prominent in the Yatotlan, Tapelt, Pekatekan, and Xinmetztli Dominions due to leaning more towards left-liberal then the rest of the nation. Nowadays however, the Vocal Voice is known for it's more scandalous and less-than-mature writing compared to the more passionately written Truths of Metztli or logically typed Capital Paper. The Vocal Voice is far more secular then it's two competitors, and rarely reports on religion/faith-based news stories unless said news story impacts the whole nation greatly. The Vocal Voice may not fact check as much as the Capital Paper, and so it can come off as just as bias as the Truths of Metztli - albeit in a completely different direction.

      One thing you might notice about all three logos is that none of them possess any text, as iconography is far more important to the Metztlitlacans then text due to the numerous national languages within the country - most of which blend into one another at tribal and ethnic borders - resulting in a bureaucratic nightmare for any company. If text is used, it usually printed in Standardised Naxua, the Yatotlan Dialect of Cristinese, and the Faloki Dialect of Huang all written in the Aroman alphabet along with Standard Anglish and the Salxa Dialect of Salvian in the Acolica Dominion; Tapelt Naxua if in the northern half of the Yatotla Dominion and Tapelt Dominion; and Pekatekan and Anglish in the Pekateka Dominion. Therefore the easiest thing to do is to have a recognisable logo if your company exists beyond your local community.
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