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Die Volta-Bericht

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Die Volta-Bericht is Volta's leading and largest newspaper and the largest Voltan language newspaper, with a circulation of roughly 4 million, and the official newspaper of the Communist Party of Volta. With both a print and an online presence, we have been regularly bringing you top news from Volta since our founding in 1913. Even while we were banned by the old regime, our news still quickly spread and was widely popular within Volta.

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Nation in Mourning as Chancellor Franz Ulbricht Dies of Heart Attack
by Lorenz Bachmeier
2017 May 17

Comrade Franz Ulbricht, as he appeared when he became Chancellor in 1996

The whole nation is mourning as our Chancellor, the successor to the Great Leader of the revolution and the Protector of the country, had his last breath as of last night. His passing sends Volta into a period of national mourning, with all remembering his selfless efforts to advance the cause of communism and build a truly free and equal society.  He worked tirelessly to finish the work of the Great Liberator Hans Krenz, even through his failing health towards his later years.

Franz was the architect of many modern Voltan policies, spearheading the Grand Technological Revolution and creating Volta's innovative technology industry, including VOLTek which continues to provide the Voltan people with computers and phones to this day. Our country flourished under his wise leadership and all Voltans are sad to see the passing of such a wonderful leader.

The Communist Party of Volta will continue to guide Volta on the path to righteousness, and the people will follow the leadership of the party. Our country will continue to bring about many successes in advancing the communist ideal, for the greatest strength of the Voltan nation is the steel-like unity of its people under the banner of the Communist Party!

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Voltan Defense Act: Military budget increased, conscription returns!
by Christel Sheffer
2021 June 3

As tensions rise in the wurld from Anglia's conquests, the Voltan government has repeatedly expressed concern regarding the safety and security of Aurelia and Mesothalassa. In response to this, Anglia has not responded and in fact appears intent on advancing whatever goals it may have. This could very much eventually turn into a threat against Volta. Though the government has been very keen to avoid any chance of Volta being dragged into a war, it is becoming increasingly clear that may not be possible. As such, the People's Congress has recently passed a the Voltan Defense Act.

The new law increases the budget of the Voltan People's Armed Forces, so that the government may both develop and purchase more advanced equipment for the Voltan military. It also calls upon Chancellor Ernst Krenz to reach out to other countries and search for possible defensive partners. In a first, the law explicitly states that Volta should not worry about the political affiliations of any potential partners, provided that they recognize the current government of Volta and will not threaten Volta in the future.

Perhaps most controversially, the law re-implements the draft. All male Voltans aged 18 to 27 are now required to complete at minimum 3 years of military service, after which they may leave active military service but will be counted as reserve troops for another 10. Previously all male Voltans had been required to register for the draft, but no formal draft has been called upon in legislation for the past 30 years, making the current military effectively an all-volunteer force.

Chancellor Ernst Krenz vowed to implement the new law, but also apologized to the the young men and their families that this would effect.

"I understand the pain and heartache this may cause all of you. I assure you all, this was not an easy choice for the government to make either." he said in a press conference after the passage of the law. "However, we cannot allow our country to become the next Fearannteth. We must ensure that our country is free, prosperous, and most important of all independent."

The first draft lottery is expected to be held towards the end of this month, with the exact date to be announced at a later time.

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