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Trident Class Requesition

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FROM: Seylosian Ministry of Defense, Department of the Royal Navy

TO: Argis Marenesia Maritime Industries (@Gallambria, @Iverica)

-Classified Communication-


The Kingdom of Seylos has immediate needs to expand her navy owing to the continued instability of the North Adlantic Region. With the end of the war in Ceris, and the inevitable withdrawal of Coalition forces as a result, Seylos needs a greater presence in the region to better ensure the security of our seas. In addition, Seylos and the North Adlantic Union have continued to grow closer to TRIDENT affiliated nations and believe that purchase order aimed at continued cooperation between these allies in the in the best interest of all involved. It is in this spirit that Seylos would like to put forward for purchase of two Trident-Class Frigates immediately. Normally Seylos does not outsource naval technology or construction to other countries but we all these time call for extreme measures to ensure proper self defense.

Payment and ship specification requirements can be directed to the Naval Procurement Office of the Royal Navy. Given our close relations, the Seylosian Royal Navy has every confidence in Gallambrian shipyards to produce what is required.


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