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Hemahat Map Application

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Nation in Eurth: Hemahat


Capital name: Khewet

Capital location: Preferably Riverside, but a coastal city can also work

Stats ChosenStats per my Vision Statement


Factbook/iiwiki link: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Hemahat, currently incomplete, but I will work on it more seriously once I get into the RP


Culture: Complicated, but it can be summarized as half-way between Coptic and Ancient Egyptian with a minority of Alt-Berbers known as "Dochi"

Climate: Arid, but not to a point where it is a desolate desert where not much can grow. I am imagining something more akin to Sahel or a drier Texan Hill Country than a desert-y wasteland.

History: Having their origin as nomads from the Paran Desert, the Mutushu peoples mixed with the Dochi local tribes to form large clans and the Hemahatik ethnic group. Eventually, they unified under one Kingdom and began to trade with foreign powers. Although, this trade was limited due to the most resource-rich regions being occupied by Dochi tribes that maintained their pre-nomad integration identity. By 1899, the Monarchy - which switched dynasties several times - was destroyed in a revolt. The revolt was led by the five largest clans after the last monarch rejected a bill that would establish a parliament. Rather than establish an oligarchy or new monarchy, they instead established a republic to appease the people. The clans, however, remained large and rich enough to corrupt this new Republic early in its history, albeit not cooperatively. The Republic never got to foster a healthy system, and to this day remains influenced by large clans in their quest to gain an advantage over the other. However, as the Wurld becomes slowly more interconnected, Hemahat might be seeing a serious change to its millennia-old institutions as pro-reformist protests break out in the streets and the Dochi seek further political integration.  


Desired Location: Somewhere along the Western Coast of Alharu, possibly along the coast of Bahia del Trebol as seen below (rough due to me not knowing how to properly scale it to my stats). However, if this is impractical due to IC or OOC reasons, I am okay with somewhere else in Alharu.


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Hello and congratulations on passing the academy. Now let's get you on the map.

Your stats (1 in population / 0 in GDP / 2 in land area) are perfectly fine, been a while since someone hasn't used the full four points available - I can respect that :). In your vision statement you've already said total GDP, however do know that you're unlikely to get your land area exactly as stated, as borders should follow geography when possible (if said country isn't a recently freed colony).

Your current proposal works well, the Sahel is generally a Bsh / Semi-Aid Climate and so is the location you have picked out. Below are a couple proposals, borders are subject to change once you pick a proposal.


This proposal comes out as 293,700 and follows your desired location quite well. To be frank this location is the only one that fits all what you want and matches the regional lore. There is an alternative, but it does not have any rivers:


Coming out at 294,000km^2, this proposal doesn't have any (major) rivers but does place you next to Cashar and closer to Esonice.

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Hey! Thanks for the reply. I probably should have stated that the total land area was there for my sake (I wanted to do some math) rather than "It has to be exactly this size", my bad.

Working out the options, I am going to go with option 1. As you stated, it works the best with my current lore and gives me a border region that contains a lot of hills/mountains, which works well. If we are done, I will update my IIWiki to include the new land area of 293,700 km^2.

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