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Map Application - Ekar

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Nation in Eurth: Free City of Ekar

Flag: Z6L2kWZ.png?1

Capital name: Ekar

Capital location: Coastal (city-state)

Stats Chosen:

Population: 58,730 (Low)

GDP: $44,270 p/capita nominal (Very High)

Land Area: 50 km2 (Low)

Factbook/iiwiki link: IIWiki (currently sandbox)

Culture: Heavily influenced by Arabic (especially Levantine) cultures around the eastern Mediterranean.

Climate: Dry, hot summers and cool winters (Köppen climate classification Csa, or a hot-summer Mediterranean climate).

History: A formerly important port in antiquity, Ekar has been annexed, occupied, and a tributary of numerous regional powers and empires throughout it's long history. This has left a diverse and multi-religious city-state in its wake.

Desired Location: No specific desired location, although it seems a spot in Memopotamia would make by far the most sense.

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Quite an interesting nation. I don't think we've ever had a nation on the scale of a city ever make it pass graduation, so let me first congratulate you on that and let's make you the first to be on the map. :)

Your stats, as written, come out to 0 in population, 4 in GDP, and 0 in area. Overall your GDP is $2,599,977,100. Everything seems to be good.

Regarding area, you ask specifically for Csa area, but Csa is quite rare both in the real wurld and on Eurth, so I've also expanded out to include Csb and Bsh which also have hot dry summers and cool winters. I've also included Bsk at similar latitudes and regions to Bsh and Csb/Csa as they would be cooler, but still not snow-in-winter level cool.

You also stated Memopotamia to be your desired location, it should be noted that Memopotamia is actually a Sahel and Subsaharan African area with recent Europa retconning that will be logged soon in the V5 Forum Thread. Northern Alharu is instead our main Semitic region

Besides that, your requests seem to be reasonable, so below I have produced a couple proposals. Due to your nation's size, I can't actually show you the proposals, your nation's size is less then the degree of uncertainty when I make usual proposals. So instead I'll map all proposals on a single map with red points.


All of these points have your exact stats (besides I can't actually map them lol). A, B, and D all fall under Csa/Csb climate, with C falling under Csc. A and B are a bit far away from other members but do provide you ample space to make your lore as you like. C, D1, and D2 are all much closer to other players with D1 bordering Sayf (an Arabic country) and Westzeeland (an country that colonised an arabic region), and D2 bordering Westzeeland and Variota (a dutch nation). It is also likely that Westzeeland will be removed in the future so worrying about clashing lore may not be an issue. Location C is closer to Vostau, which it's western half has arabic influence, and places Ekar on the boundary of the Ygros and Sakspati Seas a historically important region.

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Hello! The spot labelled C seems an good spot for Ekar. In such case, it'd probably lie on the south of the easternmost island, on the Ygros Sea. Does that sound acceptable?

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