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The Anglian Conflict

CEO Francis LaCroix after a parliamentary meeting last Wednesday has once again refused to take sides on the recent Anglian led conflicts in Europa. "The affairs of Europa are not the affairs of The Hinterlands," CEO LaCroix was quoted as saying, "I have no intention of becoming the policeman of the wurld, or entering into a war we have no stake in." LaCroix refused to comment further on allegations that Wormwood International, one of the largest mercenary corporations in the Hinterlands, has made increased purchases of ammuniton and weaponry.

Automotive War Rages on for 5th Week

The legal battle between Morvos Motors and General Electromotive over the conversion of internal combustion cars to electric power has entered it's fifth week. General Electromotive, the leading force in the electric car revolution, has been offering conversion services to cars since 2016. Morvos Motors, the largest manufacturer in The Hinterlands, has issued a suit against the firm, alledging that the removal of the combustion engines from Morvos cars constitutes tampering, violating the agreement made when purchasing Morvos cars that no unauthorised alterations may be made to the engine. Although accusations have been made of Morvos Motors having vested interests in overseas oil producing firms, in addition to the fact that several car models listed in the court documents have not been manufactured and are not supported by official Morvos garages for 60 years, however Morvos' legal tems has denied these claims.

Pharmaceutical Firms See Increase in Shares

Following the success of the Ateenian Miðnóttleysa festival, shares of recreational pharmaceutical companies have increased by an average of 15%. Shipments of LSD, magic mushrooms, and cannabis have risen year on year, attributed to the implementation of the Drug and Narcotics Commission (DaNC) in 2019, an independent entity focused on ensuring the quality of drugs comsumed and shipped abroad. Earlier today, Edward van Donitz, Chief Executive of Hoffmann Laboratories, announced an expansion into Ulfheimer. Speaking at a shareholder's meeting earlier this afternoon, van Donitz was quoted as saying: "The Ulfheimer people have strong and valuable traditions. It is our responsibility, as a caring and ethical company, to ensure the narcotics utilised in their affairs are of the highest quality." 

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15th August, 2021




In a report published last night, police departments across The South Oregon Hinterlands announced additional precincts are to be sold off to private security contractors.

Police departments across the nation have been hit hard by budget cuts, with many selling off precincts to external contractors, or in some cases privatising themselves, offering police services on a subscription basis, ranging from standard membership to platinum.

Nowhere City has received the brunt of the selloffs, as the percentage of privately run precincts has risen to 53%. Residents of these precincts have mixed views of the selloffs.

”I’ve never felt safer,” states Henry Moss, a resident of New Godstone Island. “I can walk the streets at night knowing I won’t have to look over my shoulder anymore, and the new security teams have a much faster response time.” 

This sentiment is not universal however. “I’ve seen people beat up for parking violations,” says Maurice Hilton, a long term resident of the Pendle Bay public housing project. “The only time they come out here is to look for people who’ve committed a crime somewhere else. They’re trying to smoke us out. They never mention in the reports that the company who owns the security forces are buying up all the buildings here.”

When asked for a quote, we received no answer from the NCPD headquarters, or from Branchland Security, the firm responsible for the policing of Mr Hilton’s precinct.

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10th November, 2021

Automotive War concludes with General Electromotive Victory

The long lasting courtroom conflict between automotive giant Morvos Motors and General Electromotive has ended, with a jury of peers determining that consumers have the right to replace internal combustion engines with electric replacements. In a statement given today outside the Supreme Court Building in New Godstone Island, GE CEO Gerald Funke said this; “This victory is not just for myself, but for the consumers of this Confederacy. The right of self repair and modification has been solidified by this landmark case.” Morvos Motors did not respond to our requests for a comment. Share prices of Morvos Motors have fallen by 7% since the ruling.

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