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[Academy RP] Elections in Walneria over!

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Today, two days after the voting was concluded, all ballots have been counted in Walneria. With about 71% turnout, As a unicameral democracy, the only assembly, named the National Assembly, was replaced after 4 years.



The changes relative to the previous setup are:

Liberal Party of Walneria: 57 seats (+11)
Christian Democratic Party of Walneria:聽23聽seats (-5)
National party of Walneria:聽18 seats (-3)
Green Movement:聽11 seats (+3)
Social Democratic Party of Walneria:聽8 seats (-5)
Worker's Party of Walneria:聽6 seats (-2)
Party of National Rebirth:聽4 seats (+4 newly founded)
Walneria First Movement:聽2 seats (-3)

Few hours after the results were announced, the Liberal Party and the Christian Democrats announced their intentions to create a coalition government. As expected, Communists, Social Democrats, Nationalists and First Movement announced their intentions to vote against the bills introduced by the government, creating the opposition, while the Greens and the Rebirthists announced they would vote on the bills depending on the topic at hand in accordance with their best interests.

There is a total of 130 seats in the National Assembly, one of which is traditionally given to the vice-leader of the victorious party and serves to regulate the discussion and is the only place without a vote (the leader is traditionally asked by the president to form the government and act as the prime minister). The new speaker,聽D铆tmar Fiss艜, was today ceremonially sat down by its party into the cushy red seat in the head of the room. At the same time, the leder of the Liberals Zim贸n Novak聽was called into the Presidential palace in Tyr谩men, where he was in front of the cameras asked to lead the new government by the president聽Gynt艜 Ssvarc.

Although it was brought up in the past, the First Movement, losing 60% of their seats, and reaching almost obscurity, decided to go to their party press and announced, that the elections have been rigged against the people. The Communists, which have a history of doubting the results and blaming the Social Democrats for making the left look weak, have not yet released any statement to the results.

Notable shift may include a mass migration of voters from Social Democrats and Nationalists to the Liberals, which eventually brought them to the top and allowed to form their third government in a row.

"Honestly, I felt the pressure around me in the last few weeks, be it by my family, the paparazzis and serious reporters alike, my partisan comrades..." admits the old new prime minister聽Zim贸n Novak, which has already served for 13 months in the last government after the sudden abdication of his predecessor L贸kass Kac毛nb贸m, "I, and everyone around me, was really worried, that the new members rising through our ranks may weaken our image, but 铆t seems, that the opposite is true, as the people wish to see new blood in politics, not just a crumbled paper (this is a reference to a civil conflict in the assembly from last year, when a First Movement candidate openly tore apart a bill presented by the Greens, which caused a skirmish, when the at the time 5 First Movement MEPs started throwing shredded pieces of documentation on anybody else. They had to be removed by a security team on Live TV and were prohibited to return and the First Movement had to appoint new people)"

Unlike the somewhat relived atmosphere in the Liberal HQ, there is a tense pressure laying on the shoulders of everyone, who gathered around a round table in the Communist headquarters. The party leader has been left (that means, has "voluntarily" left after being forced to leave) just hours after the results were announced.

After a historic era of instability of the last government, where multiple crises in the coalition and constant filibustering (before it was outlawed that is) paralyzed the government for over 4聽months. is, as it seems, over, and the new government is ready to take a step towards the future and pay back the debts done to the voters.

After all, as it is said in the national motto:


鈥濩uryk Veltem mit Myhe鈥溌(Back to the wurld with effort)

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