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Ferocity of The Waves


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The sound of quick steps rang down the hallway. A shadow ran by the sea blue walls inlaid with gold naga decorated with fake paintings, a faint echo of Mandura's past. Reya stopped at a tray with three jade rings. That looks good, I'll take it she thought sliding the rings onto her fingers, the preceded to enter the next rooms. The rooms were dotted with lights from down below of the bustling Yangkorn market at the center of Mandura city. The next rooms had statues of Nian dynasty in Rhava, the statues stripped of the materials past all recognition, another faint echo of the two Alharun nation's histories. This room had a higher ceiling, with a glass dome stained with green and dark brown colors from soot that had started clinging to it after decades of not being cleaned. The palms rustled outside the transparent dome, waving in the wind and scratching the surface of the buildings. In this hallway there was only one painting. The painting was surrounded by a dirt covered seal of plexiglass. around the exhibit was a moat of clear water dotted with lily pads and lotus flowers. Reya slid off her mud soaked sandals as she entered the room, glancing over at the mural. She walked towards the exhibit and knelt next to the water. She cupped the cold water in her hands and trickled the water on her face and hair, and raised her palms in reverence. Then from her bag, she took out some incense and lit it, as well as leaving fresh mangoes and longan. She then jumped over the moat landing soundlessly, and wiped off the dirt revealing a picture of Nayasarri, Reya's great great grandmother, and symbol of rebellion in the eastern Alharun isles. It was common for the people of Mandura to come here and pray to the painting, and though foreigners thought this was weird, it was a symbol of reverence to Nayasarri from the people. As quickly as she came, she leaped back over the moat and slid on her sandals. There it was. Her target. At the back of the next room, lay a sapphire, the size of a monkeys head. The room was colored blue and there was a windowed dome at the top. A gold naga  crisscrossed the room, each scale a separate chunk of gold dug up right there on Mandura. She took out a small pouch from her bag, and opened it to reveal pale chalk dust. She blew the dust into the room, revealing almost unseeable ropes, that if tripped would set off every alarm. She slowly walked through the room, jumping over and sliding under the transparent tope, as grainy chalk sprinkled down onto the floor of the room. She arrived at the end of the room, and walked over to the glass, and took off the entire box, lodging it in her armpit. Reya briddled with annoyance. It was a fake, a ball of thick blue material. A shadow moved above her. She glanced up to see a shadow holding her sapphire. The figure spotted her, and saluted her, the figure then jumped off the side of the building. The thunder rumbled shaking the entire building. Reya chuckled.

"If its a chase you want, then I wont loose" Reya voiced. She launched her grappling hook into the sky shattering the dome and clinging on to the rim, she let the glass box fall triggering the alarm. She smirked as the guards came into the room to see her calling guard painted into the ground, a monkey baring its teeth, and as the guards looked up she waved and then leaped off the dome following the figure. 

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Madame Secretary Ponagar stepped out of her office, taking a deep breath of fresh air. That moment quickly passed as the scent of fuel and gas entered her nose. She loved the city of Hai Bọt Biển. The fresh ocean breeze, and sound of the sea grass in the wind, and the beautiful mountains looming over the city. She did not like the reason she was here. 

"Madame Secretary, the senator is right outside." Ponagar slid open the balcony door and entered the office, which has ceiling high windows, and pale white walls, with one desk in the middle. 

"So what are you waiting for, let her in" the Madame Secretary exclaimed. The aid quickly rushed to the door, to welcome the young representative to the room. His name was Ametung Hidayat, and he was the representative from the state of Sambal Bokur present in the senate. 

"Tôtl'rí Naam Ponagar. Tôtl Mầy Tôtl?" asked the representative, as they both sat down.

"Spare me the pleasantries. Let’s skip the bull and get on to your point. What do you want this time" the madame secretary said as she sat down. "And while we're at it, aid, get me some tea. I'm not getting any younger." The aid ran out of the room to fetch hot jasmine tea from down the hallway. 

"If you insist. I'd like to request and audience with Yeosanese officials. Perhaps they would be more sympathetic to the Poyan cause." Ponagar sighed, and slid her chair closer to the death, releasing a noise as the chair inched closer.

"You know I cannot keep doing this, while I am sympathetic to all ethnic groups in Rhava, there just isn't a lot I can do while still helping you from office. It's only a matter of time before the head of state snitches on the me to the council." The aid reentered the office, spilling some tea. "Oh, so now you are in a hurry. I am one of the most goddamn powerful people in the country, show some urgency. Leave us." The aid bowed, and ran out the door again, this time for his job. "Now why do you need an audience with that hole of a country." This time, it was Ametung's time to sigh. 

"As our closest neighbor, if they were to put pressure on the government, perhaps there could be change." Ametung smiled, proud of his idea.  

"You know as well as I that we can't send a Rhavanese citizen to Utogo, much less a helpless one." 

"Hey!" Ametung exclaimed, slightly offended." 

"Perhaps I can find someone though, hmm." Ponagar opened her laptop, and opened her email to look for it. The representative slid closer, and Pongar slammed to laptop closed. "Did I say you could look at my stuff, no. Get out of my sight." The representative shuffled out of the room leaving Ponagar alone in her office. She once again went to her balcony, and stood there for a while. Change was in the air, she could sense it.

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"Yaz, order at table 12!" 

The Cas Bar was bustling, with unique smells and tastes of the Thaboul province. Zaatar lingered in the air, as Hashim ran around the kitchen juggling tubs of labne, and half cut parsley for the tabouleh. The mushederah was burning, and the raw kibbeh was attracting flies. 

"Here's your order Tata Fatimah" said Yasmine as she bustled to table 12 handing them grape leaves and cubes of a pink pickle that was too sour for most foreigners. 

"Thank you habibti" thanked the elderly woman as she dug in to her usual. Yaz ran into the kitchen barely missing Hashim as he ran around like a headless chicken. 

"Woof, we could really use some extra help. Even for a day." 

"Order for table 3. Yes I agree, but you know every 'good Rhavanese citizen' would never want to work at a dirty Cedaani establishment" Hashim muttered rolling his eyes as he handed Yasmine the kibbeh, drenched in oil. 

"Our time will come brother!" Yasmine sprinted off back into the Cas Bar. 

~ A Few Hours Later ~ 

Hashim sat at a table, with a Rhavanese iced coffee in the center. Papers cluttered the floor, as he tried to sort out the mess of tax returns. As most pages went with the new laws passed by the acting president, there was an extra 2% from Poyans, and an extra 5% from Cedaani. 'The way you earn your rights in a socialist utopia like Rhava'. 

"Big brother, go to bed, you know those just anger you more." Yasmine stood on the edge of her door, staring knowingly as her brothers hunched back. "

"Just go away Yaz, I'm not in the mood. Our parents are in Rhavapura, trying to get money. And we have little to no money to even afford this building, not to mention food and water. And we owe some bad people, some bad money" Yasmine sauntered over to her brother, and pushed him out of the chair.  

"Don't talk at me like I'm a child!" she yelled, glaring at him. Hashim sighed.

"I'm sorry, sometimes I forget how much you've grown up" said Hashim. Yaz smiled, and sat down, moving Hashim out of the seat.

"Let me do the forms, go for a walk, maybe the pub." She winked at him knowingly. A knock on the door suddenly shattered the moment. The knock grew louder, until clouds of dust flew into the air. The white plaster walls shook, and they both stood there, tensed up, and ready to run. Yaz grabbed a knife, and Hashim slowly got up and grabbed a knife as well. 

"We know you're in there, give us the debt and this will all be over quickly" yelled a gruff voice. Yasmine looked at her brother with wide eyes, the mafia she mouthed, while they both backed away from the door. If your not coming out, then we're coming in. They both increased their pace to the window. The door came down with a crash, sending up clouds of dust. Yaz threw the knife, and hear a sick squelching sound of sinew and flesh as it hit the target. 

"Go!" They both ran out of the window as yells of pain echoed through the apartment, and the sounds of steps as they were chased. They slid down the tiled roof, into the bustling street below. They made their way across the street, and then sprinted down the road. Hashim frantically waved his hand into the road, trying to call a taxi. Sounds of screams erupted from the street, as two burly figures jumped down from the two story window of the Cas Bar. A yellow taxi pulled up, and they opened the door and jumped in, slamming the doors behind them. 

"Anywhere but here" Yaz said as they pulled onto the roads of Al-Cedaan, and then onto the seaway leaving all they ever knew.


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She spotted the figure ahead of her about three buildings and she sprinted after. She quickly gained ground, the figure looked back. 

"Stop!" she shouted, then uttered a swear as she stumbled on the loosely tiled roofs. The figure waved and then jumped into the bustling streets. Reya leaped after the figure, shoving people out of her way. The figure grabbed fruits and tossed them back at running through the crowds. Reya narrowly missed a huge durian flying at her, which proceeded to his someone who fell into the icy depths of the canal, to resurface sputtering. "Sorry!" Reya shouted chasing after the figure. The figure then jumped into the canals filled with boats filled with people buying all sorts of products. Reya continued on the edge of the canals. They both entered into the Sam Đung floating market district of Mandura city. Reya jumped onto an empty boat, and grabbed the motor launching the boat into the center of the canal. The figure jumped onto a boat then pushed the person off and sped into the harbor. Both boats sped after each other entering open water. The figure then stopped to Reya's surprise. "Hey!" Reya shouted, "I think you have something of mine." 

The figure took off his hood, revealing darker skin, and a Rhavanese complexion. He removed his cloak to revealing a enamel pin of a Jade dog, clutching a fan in it's teeth. The foreign minster's symbol. He was an aid of the Ponagar. 

"We have been watching you for a while, I think you have what it takes to join our team." The boats touched and the aid climbed onto Reya's boat, clutching the gem. "I'm Jesse, part of the Rhavanese Restoration act, and I think that your talents could be put at a better use, then petty burglaries." Reya laughed,

"Why would I ever help you." She grabbed for the sapphire, but Jesse lifted it out of her reach. Reya growled.  

"Because you could be doing good for a change, bringing unity to Rhava and bringing Mandura onto the wurld stage."

Reya chuckled.  "I don't think anyone wants to see a unified Rhava here. What happens when Rhava is united, Mandura will lose sovereignty, but more importantly, I'll lose a job. If Mandura is handled then there will be less crime opportunities for me. Now give me my gem and I'll let you go." Jesse not even a little surprised handed her the gem. 

"Well Reya, I see where you are coming from, and I won't force you to do something you don't want to do. Here's my card, contact me if you want change your mind." Jesse turned around and climbed into her boat. "By the way, the jet leaves at 10pm, there is also a hefty reward" He winked, and the turned on the motor into the distance towards the Rhavanese border.  

The words caught up to Reya, "Wait! How much!" She tried to wave at the already small spec on the horizon. "Hello!?" She grabbed the gem and headed for her jet muttering about how annoying that aid was.

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