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Fjana's first words on Eurth

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Hello everyone,

I am Fjana and I recently started my second nation, named "Walneria". I am mostly a wurldbuilder, not really a man of action in regards to roleplay.

I am a furious conlanger, a mad vexillologist, I love heraldry and can somewhat enjoy creating a history and culture of my nation. Simply said - I am a person, who will not join you in a war, but will not attack you either, but if you need a OOC help in anything I could help with (such as making a flag, a coat of arms or simply helping with iiwiki formatting), I am here to be helpful.

I have another nation in Anteria, named Zhousheng, on which I have worked over a year as of now, so if you need some general overview of my character, I recommend seeing pages relating to it on iiwiki (which are compiled on my Userpage on iiwiki for better orientation).

In real life, I am a somewhat hyperactive student with a three cubic meters of black humor with a large slice of sarcasm on top. My hobies include: volunteer theatre, boulder climbing, reading fiction (mostly Sci-Fi, Althist), but also nonfiction (generally history, geography, carthography, heraldry, vexillology...). I am not a gamer, if you are lucky, you may catch me playing Minecraft, Workers & Resources - Soviet Republic, Cities Skylines, Subnautica or Kerbal Space Program, but I mostly spend my time creating new interesting scenarios in my head, some of which make it into my nations.

I am a Czech and my native language is Czech, so please forgive the inevitable grammatical mistakes happening in this posts as well as all posts from hereon out, because there is going to be many of them.

At rare occasions, you may find yourself thinking, that I may show signs of non-bacterial life and basic symptoms of complex thought, but rest assured, that as many people on the internet, you would never have to worry about me much.

Hope you enjoy me as well as I expect to enjoy it here,


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👋 Hello there Fjana and welcome on Eurth. Glad you could join us here.

As an experience players you should have no problems running through our welcome process.

For any and all questions you'll find that our staff of mentors and moderators is here to help.

Good luck and have fun.

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