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Where's Pot?

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okie dokie guys, i dont have alot of time seeing this is my first full day of freedom so ill make this very short. about two weeks ago i was at a club in broadripple when a few of my buddies noticed this chick that resembled mayor Bart Peterson's daughter, she had no secret service or body gaurds so i thought they was full of it, now im not the pretty boy type but i do clean up well and can pull my share of the ladies so i walked over with a manly strut and spit the best game i had and she was diggin it! i was ordering two ball busters when outta no where this dude comes up and tells me to get my hands off his woman, keep in mind i was NOT touching her, and throws his drink on me. well i dont know how this cat gets down but you never throw a drink on a mans $200 shirt and expect to walk away. so long story short i beat the living piss outta him and it landed me in marion county jail. i have 16, yes one fight with one guy but count em, 16 counts of class A felony Battery and aggrivated assault. the waitress, which i dont know her but probably owe her about 6 years of my life, took my gun and got rid of it before the cops came. i go to pretrial the 24th of march and then to trial the 6th of april which will just get continued untill all the laywers can make me their bullsh*t pleas. but enuff with me, what did i miss?


PS, hey EE, you can put your "I Love Pot" diary and your blown up life sized carboard cut out of me away now, im back!

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yea he didnt have much to say either! biggrin.gif but did you read it in the beginning where i said i'd keep it short? what a bunch of sh*t eh? and DC, hell why not! jail wasnt that bad, not alot a weed in there tho! the thing i did hate was being away from my son for that long. had a dick judge that didnt grant me bail the first go around. thank god my lawer likes money huh.

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right, well,i don't know what Karp just said, but anyway...


well, glad your out Pot, still, scary stuff, to re-itterate Tamurin, how much can you expect from the judge, GBH like that is pretty serious over here, although i dont know what the sentances are like... sad.gif


i'm not too sure on the 16 counts of battery either, you only beat him up once surly? or do they count each punch?


anyway, hope it goes well, will you get to keep your job over this? i know you work in a bar, wouldnt know if it would affect it...

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@ Eveyone: naw its nothing serious, the 16 counts will get dropped to about 2 and the worse thing that will happen is anger management classes and comunity service (aint the US great!). the 16 counts were other people but were not directly invovled but in some way i touched or caused them harm. hes got 2 tho because of the drink and then the fight. only reason they said 16 was so they could arrest me, they do that on everything like if you had a pound of weed and got poped they would call it distibution and even tho you only paid 800 bucks for it they charge you as if you broke it down and sold it as 7 gram $40 bags. wow im high and i dont know if that made much sence.


@Phil: and phil i get paid to beat people who get out of line in the bar so they didnt mind, i still got that job even if a was 'away' for a while. and here is Karps translation, "Yea old chap, golly good show! Another man should never disrespect you, especially in your face. I would have also delievered a stern talking to that chum."




@ Meteorola: DC cops slow? i'd run like hell there! i'd always cause chaos in other area codes!!!

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