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[Academy RP] Volta - The Fight for a New Era

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It had been quite a long day for Ernst Krenz. A day of almost endless paperwork, and a lot of work still to be done. Nobody dared say it, but everybody knew what was coming. Franz Ulbricht didn’t have much time left, and there would need to be a new party congress to choose the next Chancellor of Volta and the next General Secretary of the Communist Party of Volta. As Minister of the Interior, it was his job to make sure it all went smoothly. He had set up the headquarters, and now all he was waiting for was confirmation that everything could go through. The exact date hadn’t been set yet, but he was well aware that it would be soon.

He put his stamp of approval on some of the final documents, he picked them up and stood from his desk. He would be happy to head to his wife and children after the end of this day, and he needed to relax. As he opened the door he looked towards his secretary.

“Have these sent to the Central Committee for final approval.” He said.

“Yes Mr Krenz.” She said as she stood and prepared to leave, but before anyone could leave the room the door opened. Ernst immediately recognized who it was.

“Comrade Mitzli!” Ernst exclaimed “It’s good to see you again! How have things been going?”

Mitzli Tlatoa, a fellow member of the politburo, Chairman of the League of Tlaloc Communists, and part of the Federal Council representing the Tlaloc Autonomous Region. He was one of only a handful of Tlaloc’s who had managed to make it this high up in the Communist Party of Volta, and a good friend of Ernst’s. He came in carrying a small file in his hand.

“Things have been going very well, comrade.” He answered. His expression quickly changed from one of joy to a look of seriousness. “Actually I would like to speak with you.”

“About what?” Asked Ernst.

Mitzli hesitated before he answered. “I would like to speak with you in private.”

Ernst blinked for a moment before motioning to his office. For Mitzli to request something like this, it must be something big. Not only that, but upon both of them entering the room, Ernst heard a click. Mitzli had locked the door.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t want anyone hearing this.” He said.

“What in the wurld is this about?” Ernst asked.

“It’s regarding the upcoming Party Congress.”

Ernst thought about it for a moment. What could Mitzli be on about? He had gotten all the preparations done and it should go smoothly. But the next words out of Mitzli’s mouth answered the question.

“You are aware of who will be chosen as the next Chancellor and General Secretary, right?” Mitzli asked.

“Gunther Switzer.” Ernst answered. It wasn’t a name he was particularly fond of. With how much responsibilities Franz had put onto Gunther, it was clear that Franz wanted Gunther to succeed him. But there was something about Gunther that Franz didn’t like.

“You know he’ll just be more of the same?” Mitzli said.

“I know full well what he stands for.” Ernst knew better than anyone else. Ernst was a reformist, Gunther was not. Ernst had tried a few times to implement just the most modest of modest reforms, only to be rebuffed by Gunther. There was no doubt that should Gunther succeed, Ernst would be removed from his position for his efforts. Mitzli knew that as well.

“Ernst, you aren’t catching on as fast as I thought you would so I’ll be blunt.” Mitzli slammed the file on Ernst’s desk. “We want you to run for Chancellor.”

Ernst paused. He couldn’t believe his ears. More than one person running for Chancellor was unheard of in modern times, the last time someone did that was after the death of Hans Krenz, Ernst’s grandfather. It’d be a massive gamble. The Chancellor was chosen by the Federal Council, the upper house of Volta’s legislature. But in practice it was chosen by the Communist Party due to the requirement of a total of 45 endorsements from either house in the legislature. Doing something like this would expose a massive chunk of the reformist movement, who would definitely be targeted by Gunther if they failed.

But Mitzli was dead serious. Ernst could tell by the look on his face. In fact Ernst had never seen Mitzli act like this before.

“You said ‘we’?” Ernst was curious as to what he meant by that. Mitzli opened the folder. There was the form, usually passed around the Federal Council around the time a Party Congress would be called, to endorse a candidate for the post of Chancellor. Ernst picked it up and flipped through the names, many of them he recognized, but there were also many that he didn’t. There were more than enough names on here to meet the 45 endorsement requirement.

“Mitzli,” Ernst started “you know the risks, don’t you?”

“I know.” He answered “However, there won’t be another opportunity like this for a generation. And business as usual will just lead to more stagnation. We need this. Volta needs this.”

“But why me?” Ernst asked. “I’m just as skilled a politician as any other reformist on this list.”

“You aren’t just a skilled politician.” Mitzli answered. “You’re the grandson of Hans Krenz. The very same Hans Krenz who led the Communist Party of Volta to victory in the Voltan Revolution. The very same Hans Krens who built the country up to what it is today. Think of it, the grandson of Comrade Hans working to continue the job started in the Voltan Revolution. Not even the most ardent of Gunther’s supporters would be able to stop you from running.”

“If don’t become Chancellor this’ll all be for naught.” Ernst countered. “Are you sure that we have a shot?”

“If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be here.”

Ernst paced around the room for a moment, considering what Mitzli had brought up. But at the end of the day, he couldn’t deny that what Mitzli said was right.

“Alright,” Ernst finally answered “I’ll do it.”

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