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Ulfheimr Vision Statement

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I envision Ulfheimr to be a small to medium land , heavily populated by a mass of tribes vying for control and power. The government of the land is tribal oligarchy. These families believe they are descendants of the one or more of the various gods or jotun. For them, the spiritual wurld is just as real as the physical wurld. Just as they fight with guns and bullets; they will carve occult curses and commit animal sacrifice with the same conviction as pulling a trigger. My vision for this nation is to showcase each of these tribes and how their ways have evolved distinctly and similarly to the tribes around them. Some tribes may grow while others fall, and even then some may never be seen again. To bring Ulfheimr to the forefront is also to bring their unique sense of morality and value system that is not based on modern understandings. The people do not see themselves as being suffering under the tyrannical rule of the oligarchies who order them to kill another tribe. They see it as a privilege, and a form of worship to their gods. They do not wish to reduce the violence or live at peace with each other. They wish to show their own superiority in a form of sibling rivalry trying to gain the attention of a parent.  It will not be all out war. They will still cooperate, trade, and feast together. But within Ulfheimr the presence of one's peers does not mean you can be careless with your words, or you will be summoned to holmgang to answer any disrespect by proving your might with your life. Might makes right, that is the basis of this nation. My vision is to bring this old wurld way of life and show how a nation can grow with this ideology. They are very protective of their way of life, and look dimly upon those who seek to enlighten them, or teach them "better ways", for theirs is the opinion that to change their way of life is a tactic for the weak. Those who seek to take advantage of the apparent infighting will find that there is a unity between the tribes hellbent on killing each other that is not so easily understood. 


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