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The Kingdom of Droard

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The Kingdom of Droard,


The kingdom of droard is a island nation renowned for its once powerful empire that is now shattered thanks to the last Dynasty over use of Marijuana and lack of interest in the country. it first originated 1.5 thousand years ago as a republic, but the dea never really took off so the people elected a king in the knowledge that they could get rid of him, sadly 18 revoulotions later still a kingdom. It is renownde for its attempts at peace and trade with other nations, always claiming itself harmless. At this point in time only the large and friendly region of Europa has accepted it without forcing King Bain to swear an oath never to attack weaker nations. At the current point of time the nation has only just statred to recover from its nuclear fallout after insulting the imperial army delegate.





King Atlas Bain

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Welcome to Europa Atlas Bain. I see you are quite active already, signing up for the military and such. I've added you to the Atlas (with a name like that, you definitely should be) and look forward to getting to know you better. smile.gif

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