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Stories from Seylos

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A place for miscellaneous stories from Seylos.

Corporal Terry Dodge walked into the small shop that sold breakfast next to the border, walking right up to the counter and giving a wave. The owner, a jovial old woman smiled and approached.

"Hello Terry! The same?"

Dodge nodded, "Buttered fish scone as always Ms. Pompania."

Ms. Pompania beamed and tottered off to the kitchen behind the counter. Dodge sighed a little and leaned back gazing outside the shop's windows outside. It was a bustling day outside in Southern Cunetio, the townsfolk were extra busy preparing for an annual festival, one that Dodge wasn't entirely sure the purpose for, but still sounded like fun one the less. She had taken a liking to coming to this shop ever since she had started her guard duties on the border, and of course it helped that the military had granted an extra stipend for serving on such a possible volatile border itself. In truth she had been grateful, she had had a lot of friends from home that had to deploy to Ceris, but somehow she had been lucky enough to have been here. Though she wouldn't lie, the stress of worrying whether or not the Haru ( @Haruspex ) would spill over the border one day was fairly heavy.

"Here you go my dear." Ms. Pompania's voice called out from behind her.

Dodge turned around and grabbed the wrapped scone before taking a second thinking to herself, "Gratias panis et piscis"

Ms. Pomapania gave a chuckle, "You are getting much better Terry. Kind of. Keep practicing!"

Dodge shrugged and gave a half wave as she walked out of the shop, walking towards her post at the border. It was a stark contrast between the two sides. On the southern side, NAU guards casually patrolled, taking the occasional moment to interact with the random civilian who might walk by. Beyond it though on the northern side, things were much different. Red house banners hung from many of the buildings, and from their position all they could see were Haru soldiers or North Cunetian policemen making their rounds. One thing that she hadn't expected though was what looked like the Haru starting to bring down the earlier hastily constructed wall between the two sides of the city. As she approached another NAU soldier, another corporal from Ostros, threw up his hands.

"Guter gott! What is it with you and those fish scones?"

Dodge unpacked the scone holding it up, "They're delicious Wähner, come on just try one."

Wähner shook his head, "I didn't think even Seylosians could try something so terrible sounding."

Dodge broke the scone in half and handed the other half to him. Wähner stared at the piece with mild disgust while hesitantly reaching out to it, "Just give it a try, I fuckin promise you'll like it."

Wähner snatched the half in his hand glancing around, "Fine, just this once. Es ist deine Schuld, wenn ich kotze."

He took a slow bite from the scone, slowly chewing it before bringing it up to his face, "Jesus Christ this is amazing."

Dodge threw her fist up in triumph, "See I told you!"

"Alright, to be fair this sounds terrible," Wähner said, starting to roll his eyes before catching himself. He was trying not to adopt the strange Seylosian habits he had seen on display here, "Look like they are taking down that shitty wall."

Dodge took a bite of her scone, glancing over the border, "Really? They seemed so intense about it earlier. Still seems like they have more soldiers than civilians over there."

"Probably," Wähner said, shrugging, "Still can't get one of the masks to talk to me."

The soldiers on the border had taken to calling the Haru soldiers 'masks' since none of them, beyond the officers, had taken off their gas masks yet. Wähner had spent the last few nights on a personal project trying to get one of the Haru border guards to talk to him, since for the most part they stood stoically at the border rarely moving beyond changing shifts.

Dodge held up the remainder of her scone, "Maybe we should get them a fish scone?"


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  • 5 weeks later...

They had been out of the country for the past year, and all of them were excited to get back to Seylos, well all of them but Kieron. He had never seen the country before, in fact the only place he had ever known was Hodrea. Despite its reputation, Hodrea hadn’t been the worst place in the world to live. In fact he had been living what had equated to a life of luxury before the war. Of course now he knew that had mostly been due to his Aunt’s extensive intelligence work, which he had never suspected. But now all that remained was ruin, and the life she had built for both of them was long gone. He had thought about staying in Hodrea, but where would he go?

What Kieron hadn’t expected was the level of respect they had gotten on their journey back to Seylos. When they had finally made it back to the ruins of Liechnenfax, the Seylosian military had arranged for their transport back to the mainland. When they had boarded the plane, he had remembered the confused looks on Oswin and Maura’s faces as the pilots, technically their superiors, had addressed them as one of a higher rank. He guessed that word had spread about what had happened with their exploits through the war torn country.

He had been silent most of the journey by plane, staring out the window taking in the sights as they went along. The plane journey wasn’t terribly long, and as such they hadn’t taken too much altitude. He got to see the northern coast of Seylos as they passed it by. Everything from this high up felt so much more peaceful than he knew from the ground. Another hour passed and he could feel the plane begin its descent. He watched as the farmland, forests, and cities passed by until he watched the urban sprawl of Selbourne take shape.

When they landed he stepped out with the rest of the team, the plane wasn’t large enough to taxi up to an umbilical, so it sat on the tarmac of Selbourne International Airport and let its stairs down. At the base of the stairs, a group of people had arrived, two or three cars with them. A man approached the team, his arm outstretched.

“Welcome back to Seylos, and a proper welcome to you Mr. Bretz. I’m Major MacKay from Army Command. I’ve been sent by the king to bring you back to the Royal Residence.”

All three of them stood there slightly shocked. Oswin took a moment to speak for the three of them, “The King, sir?”

“Yes, corporal. He’s watched your journey fairly closely and wishes to speak to all three of you.”

Maura took a step forward glancing back at the other two, “As long as we can shower first sir?”


After a long overdue rest stop, the small convoy had split up, and the car carrying the team had made it to the front of the Royal Palace. After a brief security check, they pulled up to the residence’s main entrance. When they stepped out they were greeted by an older man, dressed smartly who approached them hands behind his back.

“Welcome to the Royal Palace… or residence as some may call it. My name is Waylon Bradley, head steward of the royal household. The King has requested your presence and as such you will respect royal protocols. I will explain as we make our way through the palace.”

The group followed Waylon as he went on about various royal protocols. Kieron couldn’t help but barely pay attention as he was distracted by all the sights and sounds of the residence. It was much more busy than he had imagined, with what he assumed were government officials and even some military personnel shuffling about the corridors. He noticed that Waylon held some disdain for this.

“Please excuse this racket. The King has deemed it necessary to have certain… functions within the Palace proper. Normally the Palace would not have so many people milling about the place.”

They continued their journey until they reached the door to a room. None of them had expected to approach what was the equivalent to an office, least of all Kieron. He had always imagined the King of Seylos to sit in some sort of great throne room, surrounded by courtiers and the like. Instead he saw Waylon knock on the door and open it, revealing the large office within. He walked in, gesturing subtly behind him for the trio to follow.

“Your Majesty, may I present Lieutenant Róise Maura, Corporal Royle Oswin, and Mr. Kieron Bretz for your audience.”

At the end of the office, King Aidan stood up from his desk, walking around it, “Please! Come in. Waylon, thank you for bringing them to me, you’re dismissed.”

Waylon gave a curt bow and closed the door behind him, leaving the group and the king together.

“Well whatever he told you to do, I’d be happy if you didn’t do it. It’s hard enough trying to run an entire country, let alone behind a wall of tradition,” Aidan said, gesturing to the chairs in front of his desk. “So you three. We have a lot to thank you for.”

Maura shifted uncomfortably in her chair, “It’s just our duty, Your Majesty.”

“Just duty?” Aidan asked, “Your mission was to gather some intelligence and be extracted. Instead you stayed behind enemy lines providing invaluable targeting for our air strikes. You found and destroyed Sentist chemical weapons, and revealed their capital. Most of all you captured the fucking High Priest. It wasn’t just duty, it was fucking brilliance.”

With the other two speechless, Kieron spoke up, “It… was sehr gut.”

Aidan briefly pointed at Kieron, “See he’s got the spirit. But now I’ve finally got the opportunity to do the good part of my job. I’ve spent the past few weeks telling families how they won’t see their loved ones again, and I won’t lie, it's good to give good news.”

Aidan stood up, with the other three quickly following suit. He fished two small boxes and a folder from his desk holding them standing before the three.

“Lieutenant Maura, you’ve led your team through something I couldn’t even imagine. You made sure that not only that the people under your command came back alive, but you went far beyond your team’s original objective in Ceris. I’m proud to present you with the rank of Captain, and the award of the Adelia Cross, our nation’s highest military award.”

He gave her a brief salute, which she returned in kind. Aidan smiled and stepped over to Oswin, “Corporal Oswin, your technical skill and combat proficiency ensured not only the survival of your team but was instrumental in the capture of the Sentist High Priest. I’m proud to present you with the rank of Sergeant as well as the Adelia Cross, and if you choose to pursue it, I’ve arranged for your entry into the officer candidate program. Any other requirements are waived, but you’ll still need to pass the test to do it.”

Oswin took the box holding both his new rank patch and his officer candidacy papers. He looked up and gave a salute which Aidan returned. He then moved to Kieron, “Mr. Bretz. Kieron. You aren’t in the military and obviously I can’t promote you. But, I can still present you with two things. First, the Montgomery Cross, our highest civilian award. Your work as an analyst regarding Sentist intelligence was instrumental to defeating them with the lowest amount of loss of life. I’d also like to offer you this.”

Aidan took the envelope he had pulled out of his desk and handed it to Kieron, “If you want it, I want to give you Seylosian citizenship. What you’ve done for not only our country, but all the countries in Ceris is beyond what should have been expected of any single person.”

Kieron took the envelope, “Staatsbürgerschaft… Citizenship...?”

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  • 2 months later...

"Alright... one hundred Seylosian pounds... will come out to twenty six thousand and eight hundred Tenges." The man in the window said handing her the bills through the slit. Chloe Sinclair took the bills in her hand and turned excitedly to her friend, Merilyn Alberts.

"What do you think this'll get me? Twenty six thousand, that has to be a lot yeah?"

Merilyn laughed looking at her holding the Tenges up with pride, "I imagine that will get you a hundred quid of things love."

Chloe grimaced a bit looking down at her bills before giving a quick smile, "Well it's the first time I've held twenty six thousand of anything, that's something right?"

The two laughed before rejoining their group, which had just got out of the airport in Bogd Gioro, @Fulgistan after traveling all the way from Kirkwall in Seylos. Mordon College had arranged some the trip some month earlier, which the Fulgistani embassy in Selbourne had been happy to rush the applications for. Everyone had been excited for this trip for so long, especially since it had been harder to get out of the country recently with all the troubles in Ceris. Parents had been worried that their darlings would get murdered by evil Sentists, or abducted by perfidious Dolch pirates prowling the seas. Of course for Seylosians it had been just about as safe as always to travel, but it had taken until now for normal travel to resume internationally. The group had chartered a bus specially procured for them from the Fulgistani government. Undoubtedly it had been hired to make sure nothing bad happened to Seylosian children as they made their way through the capital, but the school was grateful nonetheless, and all that accompanied them were the bus driver and perhaps the most bored policeman of all time, considering they were probably never going to run into any trouble.

The bus wound its way through the streets of Bogd Gioro, everything feeling just a little more chaotic than in Seylos. The two girls stared out the bus's windows as the passing buildings. Sometimes they would pass through narrow alleys, and other times into large avenues displaying the size of the city.

"It's so different innit? Everything feels so much more busy." Chloe said glancing back at Merilyn in the seat next to her.

"Probably just the old roads? Fulgistan has been around a lot longer than Seylos."

"Really?" Chloe said, adjusting herself to look back at Marilyn, "I suppose everything looks a bit old doesn't it."

Merilyn rolled her eyes and laughed, "The city has been here since... Forever. Selbourne has probably been around what... a little over four hundred years? Bogd Gioro has been around for like two thousand."

"Oh wow, no wonder."

"Were you even paying attention in history Chloe?

Chloe gritted her teeth, "Not really."

The bus came to a stop outside a large wall with the doors opening up. One of the teachers stood up and clapped her hands briefly before addressing the student, "Alright everyone, we're inside Kongque Park, and we've been allowed to pull up right beside the old palace grounds. Now we are going to be escorted by a few of the park's caretakers through the grounds. Before we enter the palace though, we are going to grab a spot of lunch. I've heard they have to very good Jianbing on the street carts."

The students hurriedly jumped off the bus, filing out into the open park next to the palace walls. Chloe and Merilyn walked out with the rest of their group and stared out across the massive park. Nearby were a group of older Fulgistani participating in what looked like some sort of aerobic exercises, and beyond them the trees stretched out marked by paths. Of course it was hard to forget it was a park and not a forest as the city was easily spotted on the edges of the park itself.

"It's so sweet innit? All those old couples getting out and about." Chloe said giving a smile to Merilyn.

"Yeah... it is. I wonder if we'll be like them."

"Oh I hope so, my grandparents spend all their time in front of the tele. Sounds like a bore to me to be honest." Chloe said staring out across the park. "By the way, what's a Jianbing?"

Merlyn looked back towards a collection of street carts their peers were all flocking to on the outside of the park, "I think it's like veggies or meat or something wrapped in a pancake."

Chloe's eyes went wide, "Oh really? I love pancakes, I need to go to more of those Fulgistani restaurants back home then."

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  • 3 months later...

"I hope you're not tired!" Dustin called back to Aidan, and at the same time the ever watchful Major Parker who had insisted on joining them.

Aidan was trying to keep up with Dustin as they trekked through the Alban mountains, trying to reach a peak that was close to the coast. He had made sure to impress on the Royal Council that he and Dustin needed time to themselves. He had spent almost every day at work, almost every moment being the King. For awhile, he wanted to feel like it had been, before he had taken the throne. The times in university and on leave in the Royal Navy where he could just go out and not be surrounded by the insanity of every day life.

The trio had finally reached the peak of a cliff, overlooking the eastern coast of Alba, stretching as far as the eye could see. Aidan and Dustin sat down near the edge, with Aidan turning back towards Parker, "Major, I think there's some excellent views nearby you'd like to see."

Parker narrowed his eyes for a moment then nodded, "I'd say so Your Majesty. I'll be nearby if you need me."

After Parker had wandered off Aidan wrapped his arm around Dustin, drawing him close, "It's been so long since it's been just the two of us alone finally."

Dustin looked at him, taking the moment to grasp his hand, "Too long I think."

Aidan stared over the landscape before them, "I don't know how it ended up this way."

"What do you mean?" Dustin asked.

"I just... Don't know how I got here you know?"

Dustin laughed, "I can't say I don't feel the same way. You were a Prince, and I was just some Marine assigned to the Defiant when Henry tried his coup."

"Not just some Marine, but like the hottest one," Aidan said with a smile.

"Well as much as I enjoy your flirting, there is something else going on isn't there?"

Aidan took a deep breath, staring out over the landscape, "I'm twenty nine years old Dustin. I... never expected to be King of Seylos. My brother... Henry had always been groomed for that role. I remember the outrage from some of the Council at the possibility of dad appointing someone in the family to the throne. The crown was never meant to be hereditary."

"Do you think it should have been Henry?" Dustin asked.

Aidan knew Dustin well, and he had expected him to probe further on the matter. A question he wasn't well prepared to answer but he knew he had to, "Some days, I wish it had been him."

Aidan drew in a big breath before continuing, "He had spent all his time in court you know? Me and Margaret never spent much time there. He couldn't divorce mum, but he could exile us in a way. I spent my life going through all the normal stuff you know? I shouldn't really complain, I went to public school, had friends... went to uni. But it was all overshadowed by Henry. I chose the Navy to make something of myself separate from them you know?"

Dustin nodded, "To build something for you?"

"Yeah... something away from the royalty. Then dad died. He never appointed his heir, and suddenly I was competing with my brother. None of it made sense, battles in the Council, public opinion washing back and forth. But they all settled on me you know? I was... as close to the everyman as a potential King could be. Everyone suddenly wanted me to be king because... I was like them. I had no clue how to run anything."

Dustin took Aidan's hand and gave a slight smile, "I'm sorry hun. I wish I knew something better to say."

Aidan shook his head, "It's fine. There's nothing I can expect anyone to say. I just.. feel lost."

He bowed his head, thinking about the rush of thoughts that had run into his head, "It's so fucking scary you know? Millions hanging on my word? I've sent our people to war, lost thousands of people to it. The chaos around Seylos just keeps growing... I don't want people to keep dying for me, I don't want Argis to keep eating itself alive. I don't know what to do..."

Dustin grasped Aidan and held him close, "I know."

Aidan was holding back his tears looking up at Dustin's face, "What if they come for us Dustin? What if the Anglians try to take Seylos... try to take our home? What do I do?"

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  • 9 months later...

Soltau, Ostros, North Adlantic Union

February 2nd, 2036

"Cam, do you have a minute?"

Cameron Schröder was busy on his computer when he heard his dad knock on the door and poked his head in. He took his headphone off and looked back at the door, "Ja, what's up?"

His father walked in holding an old USB stick in his hand and took a seat on Cameron's bed, "Your 16th birthday was yesterday, and I made a promise to your mother that I would show this to you."

Cameron got up from his chair and walked over to his father, who was holding out the stick. He took it in his hand and looked at him with a confused face, "What is this?"

"It's..." His father stopped for a moment, clearly emotional, "It's from just before she was deployed in the war."

Cameron held the small drive in his hand for a moment and for a long moment just looked at it. He had never really known his mother, she had died when he was only two years old. He'd only ever heard stories. His father waited patiently for Cameron to recover himself before he plugged the drive into his computer, with the help of an adapter for older hardware, and opened it on his computer.

When it opened he was greeted by the still image of his mother in front a camera, probably on some Union base. What she looked like fourteen years ago. He pressed play.

"Hey Cam. If you're watching this, then I've either come home and shown this to you... or I'm not with you anymore. I hope I'm there, but if I'm not I hope this can show you who I was and the world I lived in. It's November 16th, 2022 and I've just arrive in Iwenland. At least I hope it's still Iwenland for you. You're only two years old when I made this. I wanted to talk to you.

When I was young, I remember a very different Ceris than I hope you are seeing now. We had nothing, and the world was so very dark. Every day was a new struggle. One crises after another, all of us were suffering so much then. I met your dad about four years before you were born. Right before the worst nightmare in our lives started. I was a mechanic and he worked in sales if you could believe that. His company sold my shop the parts we were using, and I guess it was just one thing after another.

Es war vor einem Leben. But it was only four years I guess. It didn't take long before we were married. And life was happy for awhile, even with our troubles. But, and I'm hoping you learn about it later, the Sentist War happened. They spread across our island like a plague, and as a mechanic I had the right skills I suppose to help the cause. Ostros signed the treaty with the rest of the Coalition not long after it started, and I spend the war riding in the oldest damn tank they could scrounge up. Lächerlich, oder? But I knew what awful things were happening, and I couldn't let them get close to our home. I said goodbye to your father and went to help.

Then it was over. I got lucky I guess. It wasn't until after the fighting that we found out how bad it had been. Millions of people Cam, just gone. We hadn't been fast enough to stop them from doing their worst. Those poor souls in Hodrea... Well, just before the war was over we joined the Union.

I need you to understand what it was like for all of us. For decades all we had been doing was fighting and fighting and fighting. Then we got hit with das schlimmste daran. The worst thing we could ever expected. But fighting the Sentists, for the first time in my life it felt like the fight was finally the right one. That I was finally doing something that made the best difference.

Then it was over. They caught the High Priest and we won. I went home to a new world, to the Union. I'm sure to you it sounds ridiculous it's just been the life you lived forever. But for me it was like we all changed. I remember your grandfather hating the Seylosians. He'd call them 'those meddlesome schwein'. I hope he's changed his mind now. But those ideals they brought were infectious. Peace and prosperity. Freedom to live our lives and something that would actually support us. We had been broken for so long in Ceris, and everyone wanted it back together again. But there was this hope for the first time, that we could really build paradise.

When I came home, after awhile, that's when I had you. I was still serving but I suppose me and your father couldn't wait. Don't think too hard on that.

Now... it's another threat. Something that the whole world didn't expect. Dolchland, Anglia, the whole of Azania. They want all of us. When we joined the Union, every soldier in every country had to take a new oath. I remember my favorite part of mine.

I Franziska Schröder do solemnly swear

To hold sacred the principles of this Union

To, without question, protect the lives of the innocent

To use my greatest abilities to build a greater future for all of Eurth

From the depths of the Adltantic, to the shores of Europa.

I will defend the Union from any enemy who wishes it harm

I don't know how you feel when you watch this Cam. But I want you to know, I truly believe what that oath said. Every word of it. I've gone from war, to hope. The Union is surrounded by its enemies, but we've found our greatest friends on this road. We're finally building something here. A future.

So I want you to know Cam, that I love you very much. I will try my hardest to get back to you meine liebe, but if I don't, I hope now that you live in Paradise. I hope you understand."

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  • 8 months later...

Captain Irvin Walker was very much close to being tired of the socializing he had to do at the Naval Contractors event at Norfolk. He has spent the last few hours walking amongst the various attendees getting approached by numerous private representatives asking about Defiant and how their XYZ company could help do something or other to repair the vessel. He gave his pleasantries and tried to excuse himself, making his way to the end of the dock which had been cleared to host the event. He took out a vape, something the kids were using too much these days, but which he was faithfully using to quit smoking over the past few years. It didn't help he couldn't finally drop the damn thing, considering the war, his stress had been at its highest. But he supposed, it was far better than the many cigarettes he would have inhaled. He took a draw and stared out over the Adlantic, happy to be alone, until of course he heard another voice.

"I hope I'm not disturbing you?"

Walker turned his head around. In shock he stood up, giving a salute, "Your Majesty, I'm sorry I didn't hear you coming."

King Aidan waved his hand "Sit back down Captain, I was hoping to catch you by yourself."

"Really, sir?" Walker replied, "What exactly for?"

"Well, in some ways to see how you have been doing, how is Defiant?"

"She's still in dry-dock sir," Walker replied. The damage to Seylos's most famous ship had been extensive after the Battle of Cascadia. She had been towed to Cascadia's ports briefly to get a breif patching up, and from there made her way from Cascadia to Norfolk under tow to get a full repair and refit, "I've been told it's been going well, though I haven't been too involved in that process."

"Really?" Aidan asked, taking a seat next to the Captain, "I'm surprise that the Captain of Defiant isn't taking an interest in her repairs."

"Well sir..." Walker started, "It's been a long career. I'm getting close to sixty now. I've fought in two wars for Seylos and... I'm thinking it's about time to retire."

Aidan sat for a moment, not making a sound. He looked out at the sea and then turned to the Captain, "I understand that. But before you make that decision, can I pitch something to you?"

"Pitch something to me?" Walker asked.

"Before Defiant and before your more combat oriented deployments, you were a bit of a scientist weren't you?"

Walker nodded. For his early career he had spent a lot of time on military scientific vessels but due to the need, had transferred to more combat oriented assignments, "I suppose I was sir, I used to specialize in bathymetry, studying the ocean floor. But... times changed obviously."

"How would you like to be a scientist again?"

Walker raised an eyebrow, "What do you mean sir?"

"For the past couple years a new ship has been in development. It wasn't secret, but I suppose it wasn't really well publicized either. Her name is Revelation, and I'd like you to see her."


It had been a few days since Walker had met with King Aidan, he had been driven out to one of the larger dry docks at Norfolk. When he got out of his government car, he stood in awe at what he was looking at. A large trimaran ship, as long as an old battleship. She looked sleek and sturdy, though not quite finished yet. He continued on to the base of the dock, where several cars had gathered and King Aidan was waiting.

"Captain! I'm glad you could join us." Aidan said, approaching Walker and shaking his hand.

"Of course Your Majesty, this ship... it's incredible looking."

"I'm glad you think so Captain. Because if you want it, she's yours."

Walker looked at Aidan in shock, "Sir... Mine?"

"Yes, yours. She has one of the most important missions after this war that I can think of, and I want someone who was both a real captain and a scientist in command."

Walker shook his head, "Sir, there has to be a lot more people far more qualified for this than myself."

"More qualified? The man who led this country's fleets to victory against Anglia? A man who wants nothing more to be a scientist again? Ha! No you are who I want," Aidan said while laughing.

"Sir I..." Walker was very conflicted. A.. science ship? For a Seylosian captain this was a prestigious position.

"Walker, this will be the most advanced science vessel to have ever existed. Her crew will be mostly international, and under control of the Union. She's made of parts from @Orioni, @Iverica, @Advocatius, @Xio, to hell even @Stedoria and so many more nations. She represents more than just pure scientific interest, she's a ship built for international diplomacy and hopefully... maybe even making the wurld a better place. And... powered with @Tagmatium Rules nuclear engines, the only of her kind in the fleet."

Walker stared out at the ship, "What's her first mission?"

Aidan smiled, excited that his pet project would probably get the captain he wanted, "Antargis. It wasn't a secret but more... kept out of the media for the moment. Seylos signed a treaty with several other nations to create a new organization, the Intercontinental Antargic Adminstration. It's time we assert ourselves as the leader of scientific advancement on Eurth, and with the Sunset Sea Islands out of the picture, Seylos can finally compete for that goal. Revelation's first mission will be to help build a supply station for this group to begin their studies of Antargis. And from there... she'll travel the wurld, showing everyone how serious we are when it comes to international cooperation and the pursuit of our ideals."

Walker stood for a moment looking at the ship, "Alright. I accept. But... can I have a Captain's chair?"

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