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Alright gang, I'm back on my fashion bullshit! 

(un)fortunately the title of this is not about the impending corporate war, but rather a reference to the 1973 "Battle at Versailles" fashion show. There was a fundraising event for restoration of the Versailles palace where French and American fashion designers were invited to a showcase. Of course, it quickly became a competition to see which nation had the best fashion. But I digress, that's enough history. What I am proposing is our very own Battle at Versailles, with designs from our community! The premise is (hopefully) simple, each participating nation will submit 3-5 designs of their choosing, they can be drawn, created using programs like the sims, imvu, roblox, and online doll makers. I am hesitantly allowing googled images, but encourage everyone to try their hand at drawing something! Skill level isn't what's being measured, just how creative your ideas are! I personally recommend using online fashion templates called "croquis", and I have a few female ones available! (Feel free to use femme or masc models, style is genderless after all).

At the end of the submission period (TBD) we'll have the community vote on which designs they found to be the most appealing, and we can crown the winner! 

Alternatively, instead of a community vote, we could do this "ballroom style". Instead of submitting 3-5 general designs, there would be 4 set categories, and I would abstain from submitting designs, and instead act as a judge, providing feedback and scores! Winners of each category would win individually, and the winner of the most categories would win overall.

Oh, did I forget to mention the prize? that's right nerds, there's cash prizes. If we go with the community vote, the winner would receive $25 USD via venmo/paypal/cashapp, and if we do ballroom style, each category would give $5 with the overall winner getting an additional $5. 

If you're interested or have any questions, sound off in the replies with your preference for the style.

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I like the idea of there being set categories / themes because it kinda gives a direction, and it'd be fun to see what people do with those categories! :D

Although, it would be much sad that you'd have to abstain from submitting designs because I bet your designs would be really awesome!

EDIT: Wait... What if.... What if we still did the set categories things but still did the community vote? Is that an option? Could we do that? That way you could still participate, too!

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