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Hello, I'm Incelastan!

Guest Incelastan

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Guest Incelastan

IC, my nation is the nightmarish incel dystopia that would put many folks in cold night sweats. OOC, my ideology is not so extreme, of course. It's just a RP nation that I created, based on the scenario of a society that has collapsed and been reorganized by incel terrorists in their image. Not surprisingly, things are pretty rough for much of the population....except for the former incels, of course. Brother Ray is the supreme leader of this nation, dictator, etc. You get the idea. Complete cult of personality and Messiah complex. Nobody knows his original name and he prefers it that way. He is simply "Brother Ray," larger than life, his image stamped everywhere in the Revolutionary Citizen State of Incelastan. 

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I was somewhat concerned when you popped up, but upon your assurances, I am a little less concerned. A little less. Still... An interesting choice for a nation name. Have you considered something, uh... a little more subtle, maybe? (I mean, maybe not one to talk here since my nation's name is Cashar, has cash in the name, and its literally run by a conglomerate of corporations, but it does kinda sound like an actual country name - my nation is a hypercapitalistic somewhat dystopic parody of sorts itself)

Maybe Celastan? Or Incastan? 

I think you have an interesting, if indeed nightmarish, idea! 

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