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Update: Regarding Inactivity Time Limits

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As written by @Metztlitlaca:

UPDATE (12th June 2021)

The Terms of a member's nation to be erased have been changed. Metacommentary posts (posts that are not RP, Factbooks, Expansion/Reserve Posts, or similar) do not count towards time since activity as metacommentary posts can be used as a loophole to unfairly extend inactivity. Also, recently graduated members that have officially been added to the map will have a 2 month time limit (60 days) before they are removed from the map again. This of course only applies if a member of the community has not made any posts to declare their inactivity (it should be stated that posts that declare inactivity for an unforeseen period of time will be disregarded if a newer member can take your place in regional lore). Inactivity posts who's stated period of time to be inactive has passed will be given an grace period to either extend their inactivity with a second post, or return to the community and catch up on any new lore and/or events that have taken place. This new update to the guidelines will be put into effect today (12/06/2021 D/M/Y), as a suitable warning had been posted on May 20th.


Announcement will also be posted on #announcements in Eurth Discord.

Metz wrote the annoucement on the 12th, hence the listed date not lining up with the date this was posted

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