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Sanarija Map Request

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spacer.pngNation in Eurth: Sanarija

Capital name: Solazok

Capital location: Oceanside

Stats Chosen:

0 population

2 economy

2 area

Factbook/iiwiki link: Sanarija Vision Statement

Culture: Vaguely South Slavic

Climate: Arid Temperate; steppe

History: two-millennium kingdom followed by 100 year brutal communist regime and finally a brutal Civil War brought on by decentralized national interest followed by a shaky republic.

Desired Location: Central Argis

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Hello Sanarija.
Your application is quite vague, although does provide all the information required for me to be able to showcase to you several proposals for your nation's location. Your stats are good. Zero points in population means your population would be less than 10 million. 2 points in the economy means your GDP per capita will be between 16,000 - 20,000 USD and 2 points into land area means an area between 270,000 to 350,000. Overall your total nominal GDP would be, at maximum, 200,000 million.

The biggest issue is that it's very difficult to be able to tick all of your criteria. To be in Argis, to be Slavic, to be in Central Argis, and to have an Arid Steppe climate. It really leaves us with only two positions:


With an area of 303,300km^2, all of the country is located within the Mediterranean climate, with much of the southern coastline very hot.  Besides some mountains in the north-east, much of the country is flat and can be presumed to be similar to a steppe. Its also somewhat central in Argis. It's close to other slavic countries such as Grenesia and Ahrana as well. Do note however that if The Hinterlands chooses Draft 1 from his own application, your borders will be shifted to accommodate his as he applied first.

(2) isn't as good as (1), it places a south Slavic country right next to the French and English and Germanic countries, and would be an incredibly cold dry steppe. It is also no where near central Argis and you would need the expressed consent of your neighbours to be placed there. But it is an actual steppe!. The area comes out at 318,400km^2.

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Thank you, Metz. For this I will have to choose draft 2. Being a dry, rural, never ending steppe is very important to the events of the Civil War which took place from 1997-2004; a decentralized society has decentralized motives.

Thank you for your time once again 


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Thank you for your time once again 

We're not done just yet. For that area to be taken you need consent from @Fravina / @Delamaria / @DPR Velaheria / @Stedoriaas your culture is significantly different from those in the area.
Also @Seylos as he's been working to keep Argis' cultures from contradicting. If they don't respond by sunday, consent will be assumed.

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