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Architecture contest for new corporate headquarters

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Architecture contest

June 2015

Sirius Savings & Loans, the largest private commercial bank in Orioni, is seeking to build a new headquarters. SLL concludes that the most value will be added by constructing a new building on the same site, which blends in with its urban surroundings. This also benefits from the variety of existing transport solutions. 

The current headquarters of SSL in Zuidhaven, built in the 1970s, will be demolished. The building complex, which is about forty years old, is now completely outdated, both in terms of energy efficiency and the efficient use of space. It no longer meets the current standards that apply to new construction. This new building should be ready by 2021. During the works, the employees currently working at the headquarters will be relocated to other buildings of the bank in Zuidhaven.

Mayor Tamrat Fikre Temesgen is pleased that SSL is building a new headquarters in the city centre: "The decision shows that the Zuidhaven remains the economic heart of Orioni." The mayor advocates a major architectural competition. He hopes that the bank will show a lot of architectural ambition.

Sirius Savings & Loans is launching a design call for the construction of its new headquarters.

  • This contest will be open to both established architects and promising young talent.
  • SSL wants to concentrate more employees at the new headquarters. It should have double the workplaces. However, the built-up area remains the same. The proposal must fit within one city block (ca. 3000 m2 or 55x55m).
  • The building height can be a maximum of 500 m (1640 ft). The surrounding buildings range between 200-400 m (650-1300 ft).
  • The bank will set the bar high in architectural and ecological terms. Facilities and services must meet the most advanced standards in terms of sustainability and employee well-being.

* * *

OOC: This story is completely focused on drawing a building. I've set this RP to begin in 2015 so it can be realistically finished by our current year 2021.

  • How to participate? — You can create a fictional architecture firm and have them submit a proposal. Or perhaps one of your universities has its students participate.  That's for you to figure out. No budget is mentioned so cost is not supposed to be an issue. If you find that you're enjoying this then I'm certainly open to multiple design submissions.
  • What should the design look like? — Up to you. Here are a few ideas. Design something in Paint. Or draw your idea using pencil and paper, and take a photo of the result. Or make a collage of various elements. Or play with cardboard. Or use ASCII art. Or perhaps you're skilled with 3D software. Feel free to use any of the tools you have available.
  • Any other details? — Yes, please include the architect(s) name(s) or firm, the building height, number of floors, and any other special features you think are worth mentioning. For example: is there a helipad? Or nuclear shelter? Perhaps a turbolift? Room for a world-class restaurant? Exclusive penthouse for the bank's CEO?
  • When is the deadline? — Three months should be enough to collect proposals from existing and future players. That includes the summer vacation and a grace period. The cut-off date will be midnight on 30 September 2021.
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The Triple Opoly Building - 2015 Design Plans

Architecture Firm: Imagineer Structures, Inc.

History: Imagineer Structures, Inc. got its jumpstart in 1920 and became wildly successful in the 1930s after multiple designs submitted and approved for the city of Malmega's buildings including the Malmega Mega Mall.

Details: The Triple Opoly Building is 430 meters high. It has eighty-two floors. The upper-most floors contain an indoor theme park with food, gambling parlors, bumper cars, and a giant slide. The rooftop allows for the construction of an extensive rooftop garden for relaxation and quiet contemplation. The building is designed with built-in, strategically placed solar panels and may be able to run on 68.7% solar power during the day.

Challenges: Taking into account the nation of Orioni's current labor laws which are vastly different from the Incorporated States of Cashar meant having to make some sacrifices in terms of features - particularly concerning may be the building's susceptibility to earthquakes - however this can be mitigated by the appropriate use of reinforcement construction materials.

*None of these designs were drawn by me - but I did give them the pencil sketch look. 


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The Big O' Towers - september 2015 plans

Architecture Firm : Asmavie Dreamers SARL

History : Asmavie Dreamers was created in 1993 and became famous thanks to the numerous buildings ordered from the firm by the municipalities of Asmavie and Montedoux. They have only recently started to design skyscrapers, but they are already successful in this field, notably with the Empire Tabacco Building ordered by the Alharu Tabacco Company.

Details : The center tower of the Big O' Tower, like writen on the drawing, is 630 meters tall and count 119 floors (+ 8 floors in underground). The last floor in the upper side count desks for the CEO and the mains contributors, and, at the center, an open sky garden. In the upper floors of the center tower, there are fancy restaurants, gambling and even an opera. In the lower floors of the center tower, there are gardens, fast foods, saunas, cinemas, and a swimming pool. In the lowest floor of the center tower, there is a little mall. In the other towers, there is mostly desks and some relaxating places like little gardens or cheap restaurants.

Challenges : The Big O' Towers, having almost no place for solar panels, will be probably even more energy-expensive. That can be regulated a bit by remooving the central open sky garden of the most upper floor of the central tower, which could provide 28% of the needs in energy of the tower.

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Orion's View - 2015 plans 

(details written in Nhai)

History: Tan Yin Etoka (Tanjin Company) is an architecture firm located in Manaw, Sambal Bokur province of Rhava. The Tanjin Company combines local culture into works of modern art. Most workers start the second they graduate college, and they are chosen out of hundreds of thousands of requests. The Tanjin Company. Many of the most of prized and popular buildings in Rhava like the Rhavanese Institute of Technology (RIT) grand library at the center of the campus. Tanjin Etoka is loosely run by the Rhavanese government, but not as much as other state owned industries. 
Detail: Orion’s view has two large domes at the top with telescopes pointing towards the Orion constellation. The domes also light up for celebrations like New Years putting on display vibrant light shows. The tower on the right has a 14 floor mall, where all the Orioni people can buy their favorite products to their hearts content. The mall hosts designer clothing stores and 5 star restaurants as well as hot-spring/spa on the top floor of the mall. The building is 98 floors for the right tower and 73 for the left tower. The entire buildings length is 175 ft and the width is 250 ft. Orions view is fueled by solar panels on the top of the mall, lobby, and domes.
Challenges: The towers are very prone to natural disasters including eurthquakes. One way to fix this problem would be to add a base with anchors that will allow the building to shift with the rumbling Eurth.

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  • 3 weeks later...

OOC: It has been nearly a month since the start of this architecture competition. The three current proposals really blew me away. I really hadn't expected this deep level of deadline. Everyone is really impressive. Originally I had foreseen 3 months of contest until September 30th. But if no proposal appears in July, I might already end the contest on July 31st.

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