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Day of the Dog (Rhavanese Holidays)

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Rhava's unique traditions 

As we come closer to this years Day of the Dog (June 16th), Rhava would like to inform the international community on how we celebrate this momentous occasion this time of year. The Day of the Dog was the day Rhava declared itself independent from colonizers and western society as a whole. On may 17th, 1782, Nayasarri led the peoples revolt, made up of over 14,000 farmers, artisans, and ex-soldiers, they took the city of Quây Yuan, raising a banner of a Rhavanese wild dog with a spear in its teeth. Nayasarri then walked the 30 day journey across jungle and mountain, where on June 16th they took the colonial authority's center in Kings Corner, and declared Rhava independent. Every June 16th we honor Bà Nayasarri by lighting lanterns, and sending them down stream to the ocean, where they will light any lost souls the way to heaven. It is said, that the night Nayasarri was slain in jungles, thousands across the country united to light lanterns, and helped her cross wurlds to heaven. We also eat dog shaped cakes called Chomun [CHAWH-MOON], which was said to of been the nourishment that kept the revolt going through those hard 30 days. On the Day of the Dog, there is also fireworks and firecrackers, which were said to been used as weapons against our aggressors, because they had never heard the sound, and ran to their ships and crossed the oceans to their homelands because of the sound. Though in recent years, they have been banned in large cities due to pollution and danger to the public. The Day of the Dog is also a time for families who had been separated due to work, and other commitments are able to return home to their families. School also ends for the summer on the Day of the Dog. 


The Day of the Dog is a time for Rhavanese people to unite as one, and forget pasts so that we can be one nation together. The actions of the southern protesters do not honor the ways our people have fought for our country, and does not show respect to the people who now govern it. The Socialist Party of Rhava will not put up with these miniature coups, and regardless of the holiday spirit all rioters will be detained. Enjoy your holidays, and summer break.


President Minh Trần 

Chancellor Dại Sy 

Rhavanese Socialist Party 


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