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[Map Application] The South Oregon Hinterlands

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Nation in Eurth: The South Oregon Hinterlands

Flag: spacer.png

Capital name: Nowhere City

Capital location: By the ocean, straddling a river

Stats Chosen: 2 pop, 0 land, 2 GDP

Factbook/iiwiki link: 

Culture: Based mainly off North American/UK culture

Climate: Temperate

History: Founded by Anglish settlers in the early 1700's, with a culture strongly rooted in freedom and personal liberties. Stromg corporate influence in all walks of life due to historic reliance.

Desired Location: The river leading from the lake at the top of the Kezanoi Sea would be good.

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I'll be going through each piece to make sure everything is in order, starting with stats:
I see you went with splitting your four points evenly between 2 population and 2 GDP, giving you a population range of 31 million to 40 million, and a GDP per capita range of 16,000 - 20,000 per capita. This gives you a GDP range of 496,000 million - 800,000 million.
Your land area, as you put no points into it, would be less than 90,000km^2.
Below are several potential borders for your nations, knowing this and your desire for a temperate climate:


This is an unusual shape for a country, the land area coming out at around 89,500km^2, it entirely covers the river going from the top of the Kezanoi Sea and up to the large inland sea. In my opinion this layout only makes sense if you want your nation to be two ex-Anglia colonies merged into one, as that tiny river would be an incredibly good defensive position and be incredibly difficult for any country to expand across. Speaking off...



70,000km^2 and 75,800km^2 respectfully, these are two others that would fit the criteria of your desired location, albeit not to as great of an extent. However it should be noted that all 3 of these fall primarily within the Mediterranean climate zone as seen on the climate map.


Within Argis, there are two primarily Anglo regions of primarily Germanic origin. The greater Dolch area, and Girkmand. The areas surrounding them provide a more typical temperate climate than the Mediterranean climate. 





Both (4) and (5) are 79,300km^2. The 4th proposal is rather unconventional and only has a very small coastline between two rivers, the 4th proposal is more generic in shape although is lacking in rivers (however you can map map requests in this or a separate thread for (more) rivers). The last proposal is quite small, but is full of rivers. (6) is quite small at only 46,000km^2 - and looks quite small compared to its neighbours - but it is full of rivers.

The seventh and last proposal is my favourite one. Its spot matches the culture of its neighbours perfectly, it fits well within all of your desired stats, and it will put you right in the middle of some of our most active members.


This proposal does have two issues. One is you'll need the explicit permissions from your neighbours (which can be arranged if you choose this proposal) and that you will almost certainly have limited expansion room and may become cut off from other expansion routes by other members. On the other hand you will be almost guaranteed to form national relationships, allies, and enemies and always have someone there able to collaborate with you on lore and present day stuff. The land area is around 38,000km^2.

And those are all 7 proposals I have. I will be happy to make more or take certain proposals and change them around (should also be noted that none of the proposal's borders of final if they are chosen).

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Hi, sorry for the late reply. The first region is pretty much exactly what I had in mind. The two colonies idea is something I can really get behind, and would actually give a reason as to why I gave my nation the confederacy title. For the stats, I was thinking the $20,000 would be fitting for what I'm aiming for for my population, and something around 38,000,000 for the population. 

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