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Ander Von Starinburg

Supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Velaheria (unofficially), Chairman of the Velaherian People's Party, President of The Democratic People's Republic of Velaheria (Officially).

Ander Von Starinburg was born on 17 July 1979, to the Starinburg family, in Bastaria, Velaheria. As a member of the Starinburg family he is always regarded as a saviour of the Velaherian people, due to the amount of influence that the party puts on to display, the Starinburg's as the liberators of the Velaherian Proletariat, and promotion of the concept of socialist reality, the people regard to him as their saviour and are devoted to him, making his approval rate near close to 99%. 

He studied at the Velaherian People's Study house in the 1980s and 1990s and got a diploma in Political affairs, after which he was enrolled in the Velaherian people's party as an upper party member, though his father i.e. late president Alexander Von Starinburg was still the Chairman of the People's party till the early 2000s. He rose in the ranks and was declared as the successor to his father in 1999, just after the 58th anniversary of the revolution, where his father announced his pre-planned resignation, and resigned as the party's chairman, due to health related problems.

He assumed the Presidency, left by his father, in 25 March 2000, before his father's death, later that month, Ander Von was elected by a near 99% of the population as the next president of Velaheria, during the General elections which occurs after every four years. 

After he assumed office, he made a series of economic reforms which made the country more open to the outside wurld, and increased the nation's prosperity, he was at first well received by the other people's across the wurld, but his crackdowns and execution of political competition, i.e. even his own former partners, soured his image, in the 2010s.

Ander is regarded as a reserved type of person, only speaking when he requires speaking to someone, while that makes him intimidating to his party officials, that actually gives him a benefit, while giving speeches directed for the general public, he is also regarded by some defectors as a cold-blooded tyrant, who can't resist even the slightest of protests. However, most of the people have said that he is overall better than his father, who put the country in a food crisis in the 1980s.

Ander Von Starinburg, as observed by some international observers, is a big fan of cricket and, also enjoys pop songs, though that he doesn't reveal to the general public, those have been considered as key elements if, anyone wants to engage in extended trade agreements with Velaheria, as the Velaherian People's Party and the President, control virtually everything inside Velaheria.

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Victoire Dahin,
President of the Neo-Lyrian Communal Commission

Background : Victoire Dahin was born on April 5, 1960 in Tama-les-Dunes, the daughter of two coal mine workers. Thanks to the neo-Lyrian egalitarian policy, she went successively to school, college and high school. Brilliant, she managed to get a merit bursary and moved to Saint-Alphonse de la Victoire to study Law. However, having some free time, she decided to study political science in parallel. This was a turning point for her and Victoire decided to pursue a career in politics. At the age of 26, first in her promotion, she obtained her doctorate in political science with double honors as well as her lawyer's diploma, once again with honors. With both diplomas in hand, she began a career as a lawyer and, in parallel, began a political career. Embracing the anarchist ideals of her parents, she joined the huge party that was the "Syndicat Anarcho-Communiste Neo-Lyrien". Elected deputy of the Neo-Lyrian Communal Commission in 1996, the main legislative authority in New Lyria, she is an active deputy and quickly known for her progressive and humanist ideas. It is notably thanks to her that, in 1997, the law of "Chacun son identité" was adopted, authorizing transsexuality and allowing the allocation of aid to people wishing to change their sex and to accompany them in their transformation. This measure, very audacious for the time, made a lot of noise, which even led to many menaces towards Victoire, notably from members of the Anarcho-Capitalist party (which gathers, in truth, as well nationalists as ultraliberals, passing by conservatives). In 2000, due to the split in the Anarcho-Communist Party between the Anarchists and the Communists (caused by internal disputes about how to react to the Great Anti-Government Hunt in San Castellino), Victoire was forced to choose a side and joined the newly formed Anarchist Party.  In 2005, she was elected to the honorary title of President of the Steering Commission of the Anarchist Party. She continues her brilliant political career, becoming successively deputy of the Commission for Neo-Lyrian Foreign Affairs from 2006 to 2008, deputy of the Commission for Health and Solidarity from 2008 to 2012, then deputy of the Commission for Justice and Human Rights from 2012 to 2018.In 2018, she is running for the next Chair of the New Lyric Community Commission (the highest executive position whose duties are exactly the same as a normal New Lyric Community Commission member, except that he or she has the additional role of representing the state).  Despite a close election that saw a surprising rise of the anarcho-capitalist party, as well as very few votes for the communist party, Victoire Dahin was elected President of the Neo-Lyrian Communal Commission in 2018. She quickly became popular due to her working class origins and imposed herself as a talented speaker. At the end of 2018, in reaction to the particularly virulent opposition of the anarcho-capitalist party, she succeeds in convincing the anarchist party and the communist party to reunite to reform the "Syndicat Anarcho-Communiste Néo-Lyrien". She was re-elected in 2020.

Personality : Victoire is one of those talented people who succeed in almost everything they do if they put enough willpower into it. Although she may seem naive at times, she is in fact particularly brilliant and cultured. Victoire, a humanist at heart, is also particularly touched by the human condition and does not accept the loss of any human life. Her popular origins have in some ways made her a proof of the efficiency of the Neo-Lyrian egalitarian system, which makes her very appreciated by the Neo-Lyrians, who consider her a symbol of national unity. However, she is lacking in pragmatism, which sometimes cause problems.

Important events : In 1997, Victoire passed the " Chacun son identité" law in favor of transgender people. In 2018, she was elected President of the Neo-Lyrian Communal Commission for the first time and united the Anarchist Party and the Communist Party to reform the Anarcho-Communist Party. In 2019, she condemns discrimination against Muslims in San Castellino. In 2020, she is elected a second time President of the Neo-Lyrian Communal Commission.

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X8fVI61.jpgHis Majesty The King, Albert II

HM Albert the Second (Albert William Henry Richard, Born 24 April 1964), is the King of Gallambria and its External Territories and Protectorates, having acceded to the throne following his fathers death in 2013.

Albert II was born in Bromwich as the oldest child of King Albert and Queen Victoria. He was created Duke of Bosansquet upon his 18th Birthday, until his accession to the throne in 2013. He attended public primary and secondary schools, and gained a Masters in International Policy and Defence Studies from the Gallambrian National University. After he completed his studies, he took commission with the Royal Gallambrian Air Force as Fast Jet Pilot, serving during the Marenesian Wars. He continued to the served with the Air Force until 2005, where he retired from active service after 17 years at the rank of Group Captain. He would later go on to be appointed an Honorary Marshal of the Royal Gallambrian Air Force.

He married Mary Weston in 1982 and they have three children: Michael, Duke of Wessex (b: 1984, d: 2019); Alice, Princess Royal (b: 1986); Phillip, Duke of Bosanquet (b: 1988).





His Excellency The Right Honourable Sir Henare Taimana, KCG, CGO, KStJ, PC, FRSA
Governor-General of the Gallambrian Adlantic Ocean Territories

HE Sir Henare Taimana KCGO KSO PC (Born 3 August 1974) is an Marenai-Gallambrian film producer and arts educator, currently serving as the thirteenth and current Governor-General of the Gallambrian Adlantic Ocean Territories.

Prior to his appointment as Governer-General, Taimana was Chancellor of the Royal College of Art. He married Akona Wetere in 1997, they have four children, Airini, Heketoro, Huihana, and Ihu.



RuYVu6F.jpgHer Excellency The Right Honourable Eliana Golan, OSE KSM PC KC
Governor of the Bashan Protectorate

Eliana Golan (née Cantor; Yehud: אליענה גולן; born 5 May 1973), is a Bashani lawyer who is the Governor of the Bashan Protectorate, serving since 2018. Prior to her appointment as Governor, she was the inaugural president of the Gallambrian Council for Human Rights in the Bashan.

Golan was born in Mahanaim, one of three children born to Tamas and Efrat Cantor; her father served as the Chief Minister of the Bashan Protectorate from 1993 till his death in 1999. She married Ashur Golan in 1991, and the they have 2 children, Shoshana and Noam. She was appointed as a King's Counsel in 2016 for her services to the Legal Profession.



bCothwn.jpgThe Right Honourable Nadia Burnett, OG PC MP
Prime Minister of Gallambria

Nadia Burnett (née Little; born 20 September 1980), is a Gallambrian politician who has served since 2018 as the 58th Prime Minister of Gallambria and Leader of the Liberal Party. She was first elected to the House of Commons as the Member for Colyers in 2008.

Burnett describes herself as a social democrat and a progressive. The Burnett Government has focused particularly on Social and Cultural inequality, education, defence and scientific research. In 2020, she lead the country through the aftermath of the Tamworth Bombings and initiated the Royal Commission into the Gallambrian Intelligence Community.

Burnett married Gallambrian author Gary Burnett in 2009, the have one child, Melissa.


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Deborah Van Roose



Deborah Van Roose is a Delamarian politician, author and lawyer currently serving as the President of Delamaria since the November 22nd Attacks in late 2020, and was Vice President under President Pierre Monroe as a member of the United Party. She served as a Senator from the state of Crownsland for 5 years, where she was widely seen as the future of her party. She also served as legal counsel to the United Party and as a congressional staffer. She was born in 1966 to a wealthy family on the island of Nassaua, though spent most of her childhood in education, attending boarding schools in Edwardsland. She achieved a bachelor’s degree in Constitutional Law from New Chester University, where she also met a PhD student named Andrew Van Roose, who she would subsequently marry in 1990.

She maintains both liberal and conservative views, noted for her social liberalism and her fiscal conservatism she appeals to a large proportion of Delamaria voters. However she is also seen as a face of the establishment, favouring a strong government and maintaining the status quo. In the future Van Roose promises to invest further into infrastructure and economic stability, whilst also increasing Delamaria’s diplomatic stance.

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Hugo Lysandre "Lys" Dellague
President of the Republic,
Guide to Happiness


Biography :

Hugo was born on October 28, 1992 in Maravet, a village of a few hundred inhabitants in the bayous of the Marquisate of Bayave. His parents, Charles and Eloïse Dellague, were respectively a priest and a musician. Hugo was supposed to have a twin, but the latter did not survive childbirth, giving rise to the myth that Hugo has the strength and spirit of two men. His brother Lancelot was born two years later. Charles wanted to pass on his profession to his eldest son, so he gave him a religious education and taught him to play the organ. At the same time, his mother taught him to play the musical saw, violin and trumpet. Despite a natural clumsiness and a penchant for mischief, his keen mind and insatiable curiosity enabled him to make rapid progress.

In 2001, Eloïse caught tuberculosis. She was hospitalized in a sanatorium in Port-Rouge, the capital of Bayave. Every month, the Dellague family comes to visit Eloïse.

Hugo being quite the prankster, he regularly shouts "Long live the Devil !" in the church when no one's around. On one occasion, however, Hugo is caught by his father. His father, tired of having to put up with his son, kicks him out of their home. Hugo was only 15. Not knowing where to sleep, he walks to a small town where there's a rail yard and sleeps in an unused wagon. The next morning, he wakes up in Belleville, the great Florentian metropolis. For several years, he worked at odd jobs: machinist on a steamboat on the Saint-Elme River, cowherd in the prairies of Saint-Isidore, entertainer with a group of travelling fairground performers, laborer in a Belleville factory. He didn't see his family again until 2010, at 18, to attend his mother's funeral.

He then returned to Belleville and earned his living playing the violin in front of passers-by, which barely provided him with enough to eat. But this bohemian life satisfied him. It was then that he was spotted by a man looking for musicians for his cabaret, the Cabaret du Chat Tricéphale. It was here that he met singer Rosie Bellysis, the futur Empress of Florentia, with whom he struck up a close friendship.

The cabaret, like all Belleville cabarets, is a speakeasy, or "lanbinpendue" as the Florentians say. This is how Hugo plunges into the Florentian mafia. In need of a partner, he seeks out his brother Lancelot in Port-Rouge and, after several days of pestering him, convinces him to leave the local Police Academy to help him with his criminal activities. Despite his recklessness, questionable mental health and penchant for the spectacular, Hugo is efficient, creative and manages to get out of any situation. As a result, he climbed the hierarchy and, thanks to a combination of circumstances, found himself at the head of the Florentian mafia at the age of 24, in 2016.

As he was climbing the ranks of the mafia, his wealth greatly increased. So, Hugo decided to use it to improve the life of his home state, by building schools, infrastructures, etc. With the help of radicals from the People's Action, a populist and abolitionnist party, he conducted numerous raids in Bayave to free slaves. In 2016, Bayave's prime ministerial elections are being held. On a whim, Hugo decided to run on a progressive, populist agenda. He is elected, but with the local parliament awash in bribes from Bellevillian industrialists exploiting Bayave's oil resources, Hugo faces fierce opposition. So, to counter the industrialists' shenanigans, he decides to fight corruption with even more corruption, which, added to a few threats, works like a charm !

And so Hugo went on to gain national renown by making what was once the poorest state in Florentia prosperous. In 2017, he joined the Popular Action, becoming its leader in 2018. In 2022, he was elected Senator of Bayave, then appointed Chancellor in 2023 by Emperor Ambrose IV.

It is thanks to him that slavery was recently abolished in Florentia. With the help of his friends, he is now ready to reshape the entire country.

Personality :

Despite his popularity with the masses, Hugo remains a controversial figure among the intellectual and political elites (at least those remaining after the departure of the slavers). His eccentricity, recklessness, theatricality, links with the Mafia and long, disturbing bursts of laughter do not appeal to everyone. He is certainly very intelligent from a cognitive point of view, but this is obscured by his social dysfunctions.

Lys is as much a kind, goofy and chivalrous dreamer, as he is a mad, zealous and violent idealist. He admires the delicate grace of nature as much as the dantean and fateful beauty of a giant fire. He has many faces : magician, poet, composer, writer, musician, actor... Also murderer but, hey, it's only on people who oppose Jesus' wish for love, so it's all good, right ?

Hugo is an ardent populist : he loves the masses and the masses love him. Although he is also inspired by socialist systems (Advocatius, Stedoria and Xio), his main inspiration is the Bible. He sincerely believes that we can build a society based on love, individual and collective happiness and acceptance of others. However, he is prepared to go to great lengths to achieve this goal, even if it means punishing and exterminating the 'sinners' who oppose him. For an end as beautiful as love, any means are justified.


Quotes :

"I do what I must because I can, for the good of all of us, except the ones who are dead. But there's no sense crying over every execution. You just keep on killing till you run out of sinners, and the politics gets done, and you make a neat regime for the people who are still alive."

"Dictators are like physicists : when there's a problem in the equation, they just remove it."

"Can you call me 'Presidente' ? With your Stillian accent, I feel like a Mesothalassan dictator and it's helluva cool."

Edited by Florentia
Quotes added. (see edit history)
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Kurogane Kenshin

黒  鋼  剣  心


Chancellor of the Democratic Republic of Hangoku


Chancellor Kenshin, born in 1956, is the current and 3rd Chancellor of the Democratic People's Republic of Hangoku. 

Kenshin's political career began in 1974, where at only 18 years old, she led a peaceful protest against the oppressive regime that had controlled the country for the last 50 years. The protest was violently put down by the Imperial Army, and Kenshin was thrown in prison. Kenshin was in Umikyo Women's Correctional for 3 years, until she was transferred to a labour camp in the Outer Islands. When the 1980 Revolution erupted in Umikyo, Kenshin helped lead a successful revolution in the Outer Islands, which saw the majority of the islands' garrison surrender after just 4 months, with many joining the revolution.


A signed photograph of Kenshin, somewhere in the Outer Islands in early 1981

Kenshin remained in the Outer Islands until 1981, when the revolution ended. Kenshin helped to build the new government, and following the ratification of the 1982 constitution, she was selected for the position of Govenor of the Outer Islands. She was later appointed as the Minister of Culture in 1994. She held the position until 2006, when she became the Vice Chancellor. 

Kenshin ran for office in the 2018 elections and won. Kenshin's 6 year term is up for re-election at the end of 2024, with current leadership polls indicating she will serve a second term in office.

Kenshin has a strong personality, and has always fought for Hangoku and it's people, both in the 1980 Revolution, and today, in Politics. She is typically loved by most in the country, however many critique her for several of her large spending projects in the home island, and paying little attention to other parts of the country, such as Himejima, such as the widening of the Umikyo Bay Bridge.

In the 1999 Edition of Hangoku Today, she was voted as the most influential woman of the century.

[ OOC : Portrayed by https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuriko_Koike ]

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