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Leaders of Eurth

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Ander Von Starinburg

Supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Velaheria (unoffficially), Chairman of the Velaherian People's Party, President of The Democratic People's Republic of Velaheria (Officially).

Ander Von Starinburg was Born in 17th July, 1979, to the Starinburg family, in Bastaria, Velaheria. As a member of the Starinburg family he is always regarded as a savior of the Velaherian people, due to the amount of influence that the party puts on to display, the Starinburg's as the liberators of the Velaherian Proletariat, and promotion of the concept of socialist reality, the people regard to him as their savior and are devoted to him, making his approval rate near close to 99%. 

He studied at the Velaherian People's Study house in the 1980's and 90's and got a diploma in Political affairs, after which he was enrolled in the velaherian people's party as a upper party member, though his father i.e late president Alexánder Von starinburg was still the Chairman of the People's party till the early 2000's. He rose to the ranks and was declared as the succesor to his father in 1999, just after the 58th anniversary of the revolution, where his father announced his pre-planned resignation, and resigned as the party's chairman, due to health related problems.

He assumed the Presidency, left by his father, in 25th March, 2000, before his father's death, later that month, Ander Von was elected by a near 99% of the population as the next president of Velaheria, during the General elections which occurs after every four years. 

After he assumed office, he made a series of economic reforms which made the country more open to the outside wurld, and increased the nation's prosperity, he was atfirst well received by the other people's across the wurld, but his crackdowns and execution of political competition, i.e even his own former partners, soured his image, in the 2010's.

Ander is regarded as a reserved type of person, only speaking when he requires to speak to someone, while that makes him intimidating to his party officials, that actually gives him a benefit, while giving speeches directed for the general public, he is also regarded by some defectors as a cold blooded tyrant, who cant resist even the slightest of protests. However most of the people have said that he is overall better than his father, who put the country in an food crisis in the 1980's.

Ander Starinburg, as observed by some international observers, is a big fan of cricket and, also enjoys pop songs, though that he doesnt reveals to the general public, those have been considered as key elements if, anyone wants to engage in extended trade agreements with velaheria, as the Velaherian People's Party and the President, control virtually everything inside Velaheria.



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Victoire Dahin,
President of the Neo-Lyrian Communal Commission

Background : Victoire Dahin was born on April 5, 1960 in Tama-les-Dunes, the daughter of two coal mine workers. Thanks to the neo-Lyrian egalitarian policy, she went successively to school, college and high school. Brilliant, she managed to get a merit bursary and moved to Saint-Alphonse de la Victoire to study Law. However, having some free time, she decided to study political science in parallel. This was a turning point for her and Victoire decided to pursue a career in politics. At the age of 26, first in her promotion, she obtained her doctorate in political science with double honors as well as her lawyer's diploma, once again with honors. With both diplomas in hand, she began a career as a lawyer and, in parallel, began a political career. Embracing the anarchist ideals of her parents, she joined the huge party that was the "Syndicat Anarcho-Communiste Neo-Lyrien". Elected deputy of the Neo-Lyrian Communal Commission in 1996, the main legislative authority in New Lyria, she is an active deputy and quickly known for her progressive and humanist ideas. It is notably thanks to her that, in 1997, the law of "Chacun son identité" was adopted, authorizing transsexuality and allowing the allocation of aid to people wishing to change their sex and to accompany them in their transformation. This measure, very audacious for the time, made a lot of noise, which even led to many menaces towards Victoire, notably from members of the Anarcho-Capitalist party (which gathers, in truth, as well nationalists as ultraliberals, passing by conservatives). In 2000, due to the split in the Anarcho-Communist Party between the Anarchists and the Communists (caused by internal disputes about how to react to the Great Anti-Government Hunt in San Castellino), Victoire was forced to choose a side and joined the newly formed Anarchist Party.  In 2005, she was elected to the honorary title of President of the Steering Commission of the Anarchist Party. She continues her brilliant political career, becoming successively deputy of the Commission for Neo-Lyrian Foreign Affairs from 2006 to 2008, deputy of the Commission for Health and Solidarity from 2008 to 2012, then deputy of the Commission for Justice and Human Rights from 2012 to 2018.In 2018, she is running for the next Chair of the New Lyric Community Commission (the highest executive position whose duties are exactly the same as a normal New Lyric Community Commission member, except that he or she has the additional role of representing the state).  Despite a close election that saw a surprising rise of the anarcho-capitalist party, as well as very few votes for the communist party, Victoire Dahin was elected President of the Neo-Lyrian Communal Commission in 2018. She quickly became popular due to her working class origins and imposed herself as a talented speaker. At the end of 2018, in reaction to the particularly virulent opposition of the anarcho-capitalist party, she succeeds in convincing the anarchist party and the communist party to reunite to reform the "Syndicat Anarcho-Communiste Néo-Lyrien". She was re-elected in 2020.

Personality : Victoire is one of those talented people who succeed in almost everything they do if they put enough willpower into it. Although she may seem naive at times, she is in fact particularly brilliant and cultured. Victoire, a humanist at heart, is also particularly touched by the human condition and does not accept the loss of any human life. Her popular origins have in some ways made her a proof of the efficiency of the Neo-Lyrian egalitarian system, which makes her very appreciated by the Neo-Lyrians, who consider her a symbol of national unity. However, she is lacking in pragmatism, which sometimes cause problems.

Important events : In 1997, Victoire passed the " Chacun son identité" law in favor of transgender people. In 2018, she was elected President of the Neo-Lyrian Communal Commission for the first time and united the Anarchist Party and the Communist Party to reform the Anarcho-Communist Party. In 2019, she condemns discrimination against Muslims in San Castellino. In 2020, she is elected a second time President of the Neo-Lyrian Communal Commission.

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X8fVI61.jpgHis Majesty The King, Albert II

HM Albert the Second (Albert William Henry Richard, Born 24 April 1964), is the King of Gallambria and its External Territories and Protectorates, having acceded to the throne following his fathers death in 2013.

Albert II was born in Bromwich as the oldest child of King Albert and Queen Victoria. He was created Duke of Bosansquet upon his 18th Birthday, until his accession to the throne in 2013. He attended public primary and secondary schools, and gained a Masters in International Policy and Defence Studies from the Gallambrian National University. After he completed his studies, he took commission with the Royal Gallambrian Air Force as Fast Jet Pilot, serving during the Marenesian Wars. He continued to the served with the Air Force until 2005, where he retired from active service after 17 years at the rank of Group Captain. He would later go on to be appointed an Honorary Marshal of the Royal Gallambrian Air Force.

He married Mary Weston in 1982 and they have three children: Michael, Duke of Wessex (b: 1984, d: 2019); Alice, Princess Royal (b: 1986); Phillip, Duke of Bosanquet (b: 1988).




Her Excellency The Right Honourable Dame Marie Wirihana, DCGO KSO PC
Governor-General of the Gallambrian Adlantic Ocean Territories

HE Dame Marie Wirihana DCGO KSO PC (née Ngata; Born 30 June 1973) is an Marenai-Gallambrian doctor serving as the inaugural Governor-General of the Gallambrian Adlantic Ocean Territories following the amalgamation of the Gallambrian Adlantic Ocean Territories and the Ashford & Tarago Islands Territory. She has held office since 2020.

Before becoming Governor, Wirihana was the Director-General of Marenai Health Provisioning with the Department of Health. She married renown Marenai film director Natana Wirihana in 1999, the have two children, Louise and Michael.





RuYVu6F.jpgHer Excellency The Right Honourable Eliana Golan, OSE KSM PC KC
Governor of the Bashan Protectorate

Eliana Golan (née Cantor; Yehud: אליענה גולן; born 5 May 1973), is a Bashani lawyer who is the Governor of the Bashan Protectorate, serving since 2018. Prior to her appointment as Governor, she was the inaugural president of the Gallambrian Council for Human Rights in the Bashan.

Golan was born in Mahanaim, one of three children born to Tamas and Efrat Cantor; her father served as the Chief Minister of the Bashan Protectorate from 1993 till his death in 1999. She married Ashur Golan in 1991, and the they have 2 children, Shoshana and Noam. She was appointed as a King's Counsel in 2016 for her services to the Legal Profession.



bCothwn.jpgThe Right Honourable Nadia Burnett, OG PC MP
Prime Minister of Gallambria

Nadia Burnett (née Little; born 20 September 1980), is a Gallambrian politician who has served since 2018 as the 58th Prime Minister of Gallambria and Leader of the Liberal Party. She was first elected to the House of Commons as the Member for Colyers in 2008.

Burnett describes herself as a social democrat and a progressive. The Burnett Government has focused particularly on Social and Cultural inequality, education, defence and scientific research. In 2020, she lead the country through the aftermath of the Tamworth Bombings and initiated the Royal Commission into the Gallambrian Intelligence Community.

Burnett married Gallambrian author Gary Burnett in 2009, the have one child, Melissa.


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spacer.pngActing President Dại 

Former head of state Dại Sy was born on March 3rd 1993, in Quây Yuán, Nghe Ơi province. She was first chosen by the party to be head of state in 2015, after serving as a representative in congress for 3 years. Her job entailed the running of the senate, and voting in a tie. She also oversaw the electing of party members to the council of 6, which chooses the leader of Rhava. After the death of President Minh Trần, she was chosen to be the acting leader of Rhava, and it is undecided wether in 2022 she will continue her term or a new person will be chosen.  

Dại is known for her energetic attitude, and her generally positive approach to issues. Though many who have crossed her know from experience that she has a dark side. Some even think that she was the one who caused the fatal accident that took the late president. Though it has not been confirmed and might not be for the next couple months as the investigation continues. She is known to have contacts with crime syndicates across Rhava.

Acting President Dại is one of four children born to Benja Dại and Săm Dại. Her father and mother were known to be engineers in the navy, and activists towards equality in Rhava between ethnic groups. Dại has grown however to be very anti Tonmai Rhavan and Thale Rhavan, and has passed a couple people into congress who share her opinion. Dại is fluent in all dialects and scripts of Nhai, and knows Huang, and Anglish. The Acting President is part of the Socialist Party of Rhava.

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Deborah Van Roose



Deborah Van Roose is a Delamarian politician, author and lawyer currently serving as the President of Delamaria since the November 22nd Attacks in late 2020, and was Vice President under President Pierre Monroe as a member of the United Party. She served as a Senator from the state of Crownsland for 5 years, where she was widely seen as the future of her party. She also served as legal counsel to the United Party and as a congressional staffer. She was born in 1966 to a wealthy family on the island of Nassaua, though spent most of her childhood in education, attending boarding schools in Edwardsland. She achieved a bachelor’s degree in Constitutional Law from New Chester University, where she also met a PhD student named Andrew Van Roose, who she would subsequently marry in 1990.

She maintains both liberal and conservative views, noted for her social liberalism and her fiscal conservatism she appeals to a large proportion of Delamaria voters. However she is also seen as a face of the establishment, favouring a strong government and maintaining the status quo. In the future Van Roose promises to invest further into infrastructure and economic stability, whilst also increasing Delamaria’s diplomatic stance.

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