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Info of Rhava

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The Socialist Republic of Rhava

The recently recognized nation of Rhava, has a corrupt government. Rhava is filled with lush valleys, warm dense jungles, snow capped peaks, tall cedar tree, and a pale cyan ocean, the Rhavanese environment is one of the most beautiful places on Eurth. Tensions are ever rising between the capitalist leaning south, and the communist leaning north. Many laws have been put in place to punish soldiers from the south during the RUW, as well as to oppress the people in general. There have been many protests in cities like Quai Yuan and Chow Cho, but they have all have ended violently. There is no freedom of the speech, or press, are barely there, if not not existent. 

Major Cities 


Chow Cho 

Giang Do 

Quay Yuan 



National Dish: 

Phở Đặc Biệt 

Major Holidays 

Sam Tâm day  (January 19th) 

Ben Huong day (April 9th) 

Day of the Dog (June 16th) 


Lunar New Year 

Main exports 

Cedar wood, information tech, calico textile, cars, rubber, clothes, tropical fruits, fish, and meats

Main imports 

oil, coal, uranium, horses, apples pears etc., and electrical machinery


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