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Unsung heroes of Rhava

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The Unsung Hero of the Rhavanese Unification War

The Rhavanese Unification War (RUW) was one of the bloodiest battles ever fought, lasting from 1970-1973 over 4 million people perished in the harsh jungles, and mountains of the recently recognized nation. The RUW was a war waged by the Socialist north to unify the country, after both experiencing the after effects of colonization. While the south became a constitutional monarchy, and became economically superior to its northern counterpart because of capitalism, the north regressed and the people suffered because of land reforms and unfair taxes and wages. The north envied the south's land, people, and riches, and seeked to "unite" the country to become a equal utopia for all Rhavanese. So in 1969, the northern socialist republic annexed the middle kingdoms and brought troops to the border. In 1970 they officially declared war and entered the Calico jungles. The fights were brutal, and many soldiers on both sides died. Diseases were also deadly, with many soldiers killed by malaria and cholera. In 1971 the north took Quai Yuan [WAI-YU-AHN]. And in 1973 they took Chow Cho [CHOW-CHAWH) the seat of the south, thus ending the war. The imperial family was put on trial, found guilty, and exiled never to be heard from again. During the 7 day siege of Chow Cho many people evacuated by boats, though most didn't make it out of the gulf before being bombed, or captured by pirates.

East of Quai Yuan, March 2nd, 1971 

The bombs rained in the distance like little droplets making an impact of a still pond. My comrades and I were trying to find shelter during the raid. The northern dragons were especially angry that day, choosing huge banyans and tiny villages as targets, I remember thinking that we must of landed a victory, and this was their spite. A vengeful storm stems from the peaceful waves. My comrades and I reached a clearing where 7 bomb shelters lay around crater, dismembered bodies were strewn everywhere, as if they almost made it to safety before a bomb ripped away their lives, some of them were barely children. We all collectively sighed because there was just enough. As we climbed in I heard the innocent sound of a child's cry.(Recounted Lam Tran)

This weekend we talked to Lam Tran (109 yrs), currently living in Bogd Giorno, Fulgistan. He was a lawyer, from the small village Cong, 5 miles out of Quai Yuan. Like many most able bodied southerners he was drafted into the war, where he mostly served in the Calico jungles. He risked his life to save an entire family from certain death, and walked with them on a 7 day journey to Chow Cho where the family boarded a boat to Europa. 

The jungles back then were filled with malaria carrying mosquitoes, and northern soldiers, as well as the normal jungly death kinda thing. Its people like this that should be written in our history books, not these northern murd- [THIS SECTION HAS BEEN REMOVED BY THE RHAVANESE GOVERNMENT] Its truly remarkable. (Ha Nguyen from the University of Rhavanese History)  

The walks were long, there was no water. The food was jerky, every day. I have never had another bite of papaya jerky, by god (laughs). I remember at one point the girl Huong caught malaria. The family was so anxious, you could feel the emotion bending off the ground. Every night the family would pray to the goddess of kindness and strength, Sam Tâm, to bring good fortune to the family. Their prayers were answered. We came upon a village named Phin Trieu, where the village healer nursed Huong back to health. All the while the droplets of the north, turned into a pouring rain. The dragons were angrier, we later learned that the bombs we heard was the north sieging and then capturing Quai Yuan. We arrived through the secret tunnels to Chow Cho, and my goodness, the greatest sight was seeing the pale cyan ocean, and the capital of our glor- [THIS SECTION HAS BEEN REMOVED BY THE RHAVANESE GOVERNMENT]. The family was so kind, saying that I was welcome to come with them and they had an extra ticket. But I remember replying, I could never abandon my home. A child must always fight for their mother, because their mother fought for them. 


The remarkable stories of our nation's heroes are not just dandelions of the wind, to be watched blow away with the erosion of time, but they are scars not able to heal, that our heroes are able and willing to tell. Our country is a unju- [THIS SECTION HAS BEEN REMOVED BY THE RHAVANESE GOVERNMENT].

Thank you Lam Tran, thats all we have time for, this was RNN (Rhavanese National News). 

Brought to you by viewers like you




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    • By Eire
      Welcome to this weeks area of focus; As most people know the more Meallángan Countys, have called for a Referendum back in early 2017, Four years on the election on the Referendum was put on hold as the surprised death of King Jòhann II in October that year and the crowning of a new monarch Sarah II. As at the time of her Coronation she was only 18 years old and the Law stated that no leader under the age of 22.9 years old can not pass or reject laws or bills being put fore. As because of this law the Bill that was at the forefront of the Referendum, So the election could not take place. On 19 November 2021, Queen Sarah II finally rejected the bill her father was about to pass. And since then the Countys voting for the Referendum have found it harder then they though to agree on what is right for the region. Most people still believe life in Gotneska is much better but a small group is holding on to hope. I spent a few days in the hotspot of the Referendum. A small village name Mistlyn about 1.5 outside the capital city. I spoke to locals asking who would like to a interview on why or why not they support the Referendum. The first person i talked too was Ms. Teagan (Tara) ó Broin, She is against the Referendum. And finally Mr. Michael ó Mahoncuy who supports the Referendum.
      The following is a Q/A type disscion about the topic:
      Meeting with Ms. Teagan
      News Reporter: So Ms. Teagan can you tell me a little about your life and what think about this Referendum?
      Teagan: Thank you for letting me speak my opinion. So first off i'd like to say I really don't understand the history behind why the Referendum ever became a way out of this mess. I was born in early 1998 so yes i'm only 23 almost 24. All I remember is when i was young everything seemed good, People loved there country my parents would go out with friends. But when I turned 13 it seemed as things where changing fast. I don't know if that because i don't understand who the wurld worked but all i remember is my dad and one of his coworkers like yelling at each other and my mom trying to get me and my siblings away. 
      NR: Seems like you had a good early childhood. My next question is what exactly do you disagree with?
      T: Will first off, I'd say that i'm probably anti-Referendum is mostly because of my parents they lived thought what i don't remember or happened before i was born. But doing my own research, I found that the bill wasn't as bad as everyone was saying it was but then When you have crazy Separatist  Groups. That for some reason that I still really don't understand why they dislike this country. For one we've been one nation since the 900's if my math right that's 1,100 and something years.
      NR: You sure did your research and yay its weird why a region that been apart of said nation for 1100 yrs what to leave. When for most of its history has been in a good relationship with the royal family.
      T: Yay that's another thing about this, which again I don't understand why did the King in the first place even think about letting this pass. As his Wife is from a small village in County Chláir. And that now his offspring are related to these people.
      NR: I think most people don't understand much of anything about this topic. I mean I just started looking into it and it looks i'm not even as confused by it then a native to the region.
      T: She laughs and says that our wurld. lol
      NR: Thank you for your time Teagan I hope this lets people have a better idea of this topic, which I believe most people don't understand.
      T: Will Thank you for having me. Hope you learned some stuff you don't know already.
      After my meeting with Ms. Teagan and got ready for my next one I thought to myself these are my brothers in arms and they would harm there own because of something a king was thinking of passing but died before do so and sadly leaving a mess for his teenage daughter to fix. God bless my Queen Sarah II.
      Meeting with Mr. Michael
      NR: Thank you for meeting with me, you probably have better things to do but again thank you. Okay let’s get to the heart of this topic. Can you tell me why you support the Referendum and for how long have you believe in this.
      Michael: Thank you for having me. To be honest I’ve just never felt this country cared for us yes I understand we helped form this nation but we also destroy it. And I’m more then happy to do that. I’m a f*cking 44 year old being ruled by a 22 year old girl there more people that share that view but no one what’s to say so. And to your second question since I was maybe 19. When I joined a secret organization which I can’t name.
      NR: Hmm I think I’m done with this discussion. But thank you.
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      (Diary Entry of a undisclosed political prisoner in a Baltica labor camp.)
      The Sky is thick with moisture and dust. The endless summers of Baltica are especially harsh, the wind slows to a crawl, and the horrors of industry linger in the air like a deadly mist. It's a harsh reality of what life is like, especially for us prisoners. We work, we sleep and we eat, such is the life cycle of whatever poor soul ends up in these camps.

      I often wonder what speech, what sentence or even what word or phrase got me sent here; but even the speech which i had so passionately relayed to the millions who followed me to battle, those same millions who would cast aside a parliament that ruled with fear and malice in the hope of a brighter future, I simply can't remember… I don't know if it's some sort of mechanism that the remnants of my brain have decided to hide from me, or even the curse of time finally embedding its claws into the nooks and crannies of my scalp. But I do hope it was a great speech. Maybe I really did make a change. Maybe there's a man or two or even a dozen, who live in some backwater village that I have truly made an impact for.

      Nonetheless, I remain here, trapped with my own mind, scattered memories, and countless others who consider me a war criminal. I doubt I have much more time left. At this point what remains of my stumped hands is withering away daily. I know it's pneumonia, the doctors refuse to elaborate, but it doesn't take a fool to realize…  I fought for liberty and freedom. I wanted something to change, but all I did was put the keys in stone for the past to repeat itself, and for another dam, Dolchic, to steal our nation from us yet again. For this I'm truly sorry, but no apology speaks for actions this great....
    • By Magnus
      An Dangerous Duty

      Kasper blended down. He grabbed his binoculars from his backpack, and peeked through it. “See anyone?” His partner Noah asked. “Nothing, except white ice” Kasper firmly responded. “I betcha we’re close. Since October, we Environmental Security Agents had seen double the amount of poachers hunting polar bears, we’re in an area where tons poachers were spotted” Noah assured to Kasper, nudging him. “So this is what being some dumb agent for some useless agency feels like” He grumbled.
      “I dunno what you’re brain is talking about. I mean this job requires a lot of skill, including patience though perhaps we can try moving east. In the news, I heard about an particularly dangerous poacher named Matheo, and he has an gang.” Noah offered, trying to get Kasper’s attention. “Sounds good. But isn’t Oliver the professional agent already chasing him down?” 
      “I had briefings that he was hired to take down Matheo, but not if he’s down with that stupid flu”
      “That better prove that Oliver shouldn’t be playdoing during an assignment. Anyway, catching this Matheo dude seems perfect for us” Kasper eagerly replied. He picked up his backpack of supplies, and started moving. 
      Noah and Oliver started moving. They walked east in the cold weather, and even with their heavy coats, they can still feel the coldness. While they agreed it wasn’t the ideal situation for such work, they were determined to catch Matheo. They started to jog, until they reached their destination.
      ”Ah, so this is where this scum gang is, they better be watch’n out” Noah cheered.
      “Hey, what ya doing here” a voice appeared, yelling at them both.

      “Catching criminals that suck” Kasper replied, trying to hide his fear. It was too late. He turned around, and stared. There was Matheo. He was pointing an hunting gun at both of them.
      “Yeah damn little people, you shall be cursed by god and the universe for interfering with my business. Now see ya in heaven” He cursed at them, and started to pull the trigger. Before the bullet fired, Noah jumped and smacked at the gun, making it fall below. The bullet then hit Matheo, and he fell down in pools of blood.
      “looks like it was harder, though more exciting then I thought” they said in unison. It was sure an accomplishment to celebrate, and one that the news would capture……..

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