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[Desired Stats] - The Kingdom of Ochoa

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Kingdom of Ochoa

There is a lot of corruption in the government, but also good intentions from some of those in lesser positions of power and authority. There is much to be done to hopefully bring about a stable economy, culture, and government. Peace is existent, but it is not sustainable for long. Relations with other nations are growing somewhat.


Population: 2

Population (2020): 32,649,198


Gross Domestic Product (per capita, nominal): 0

GDP per capita, nominal (2020): ลœ7,642 Silver ($5,655 USD/ESU) 0.74 of USD/ESU


Land Area (square kilometers): 2

Land Area (sq km): 324,703 sqkm


According to the Eurth Intro & Balance Sheet, the RL approximates are Iraq and Poland. However, as Iโ€™ve stated before, Iโ€™m trying to emulate South Africa (mostly). Of course, South Africa has a much larger population and a much, much larger land area. I tried to get it reasonably.


Technology & Natural Resources

If possible, I want exotic woods, and gemstones of some sort to be the main natural resources in Ochoa. I would like the geography to be mostly desert with some small oases or small jungles, too. I would like there to be a small lake (if possible) or limited water at least available within the country. Technologically, I would like it to be similar to the 1980s or something. But I honestly donโ€™t know.

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