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[Academy RP] - Ochoan Kingdom

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Ochoan Kingdom

Academy RP

Things are complicated, but I simplify them. That’s a fact of life!

Lord Robert Salomon pondered this idea daily, especially during quiet moments such as now. Infrequently did these moments come, yet it seemed that only during these flashes that he always had his novel breakthroughs, the greatest ideas that controlled his nation. He was a brilliant man, after all, and he always took care to remember that.

Looking out the nearest window of Ochoa’s midsize 665-year-old fortress, he shouted “I’ve got it!” He immediately stood up from the vermilion wood bench, a family heirloom fabricated in 1862 during the reign of his great-great grandfather, Lord Edward Salomon I. All the Lords of House Salomon had sat upon this bench pondering the state and vision of their Kingdom. During a rebellion in 1969 – just a year after his father, Lord Richard Salomon, had been crowned – the bench had been stolen by a fanatical local militia, but it was promptly retrieved and has stayed in its current state ever since.

What I need, he thought to himself, is more oversight of the large corporations and their international clients and interests. He thought about the ramifications of such a proposal. If I can devise a plan to usurp power from corporate leadership, I can seize control of their assets and use them to buttress House Salomon’s interests – particularly in the realm of natural resource collection. I don’t want control of our most precious resources falling into others’ hands!

Lord Robert Salomon began walking past the large chanfuta wood doors that marked the entrance into the fortress, eager to return to his office and formulate a plan. He was always amazed at the beauty of the wood species found in Ochoa – such rarities were to be House Ochoa’s, period. Whatever it takes to secure the prosperity of the Kingdom. He thought to himself and smiled smugly. I will regulate and significantly reduce the public commercial supply; prices will skyrocket and I will be in charge! And I’m just getting started.


Duke Matthew Ochoa, a prominent vassal of The Ochoan Kingdom, sat at his desk in his humble “chateau” (it was more of a mansion, really) and stared blankly at Baron Lloyd Hamilton. Hamilton was over a smaller section of the Kingdom and reported directly to him on a weekly basis. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing!

“So what you’re saying is that the water supply in one of your districts was somehow “mismanaged” without your knowledge or supervision?”

“Sir, it’s not like th–” stuttered Hamilton. He looked utterly abysmal now that Matthew thought about it. The Duke put his hand up abruptly. “No, not one more word. I will deal with this myself. You are dismissed, but simply know this: I will be ensuring you are removed from your position if it takes even my last breath.” With that he stood up and left his office, not bothering to see the Baron out.

How exhausting this business is, he thought to himself. Can’t any of my Barons at least keep control over something assigned to them? Matthew was quite worried, indeed, about the state of Ochoa’s water source, since the lake was physically within their vassal. He was responsible for it. I cannot afford this. Mistakes cannot be traced back to me – not if I want a fighting chance at murdering Robert at the upcoming ceremony. But I have to actually get invited to it to do that!

He knew that if even the slightest mistake were to be brought to the attention of the Lord, he would be in bad graces with him and would be punished and would certainly not be invited to the naming ceremony. Lord Robert Salomon had a son, and he needed a name. All the successful Dukes and their spouses were invited to attend. This was to ensure that they knew firsthand who their future Lord would be. Face to face with the reality of their future Lord, they then could not deny that, as Dukes, they had not the power to reign in the Kingdom; they were always to be inferior.

What a devil! Matthew thought.

He threw open the doors of his estate and bound out toward his 1981 Isuzo 117 Coupe. It had been kept in mint condition to withstand the heat of the desert. And it was also a family heirloom handed down since 1978. It was a rare and valuable vehicle, worth a lot more in sentiment than money. But it would still fetch some gold and it caught the eye of most people.

I must visit the Water District and discover the meaning of… this. Matthew drove down the rough dirt roads a little faster than one should, but he was determined to remedy whatever error was to force itself upon him shortly. He seriously could not afford to fail at a time like this; it was not conducive to his plans.

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