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Greetings and welcome to the FAQBook of Cashar! Most of the information about the country of Cashar can be found inΒ The IIWiki of CasharΒ . But I thought I might open the floor to any questions people might have about my country and place them here in my FAQBook or the Frequently Asked Questions about Cashar! Are they frequently asked? I dunno. Is anyone going to ask any questions? I dunno, either! But I figured it'd be worth a shot. I might incorporate the answers to any questions I receive in my IIWiki Factbook as well!Β 


1. How do the local Cashari view the annual massive media circus that is the Cashar Rally?

The response to the Cashar Rally is as varied and individual as Cashari themselves. KASHKAR fans including sports gamblers, a sizable group of the population, love and look forward to the Cashar Rally every year because of how wild and unpredictable it is - to say nothing of the fact that motor vehicles are a rarity in Cashar, and so seeing so many different varieties is a treat. The government of Cashar considers it a bit of a headache due to the fact that the revenue from the Cashar Rally isn't up to par and because of what it does to the environment. Tabrodists and even other religious observers hate the Cashar Rally because of its lack of sanctions and what it does to the environment. Upper middle class citizens hate what it does to property values in some areas.Β 

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