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The Cashcard Express - Credit on the Go From Wherever You Are

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The Bank of Cashar

Located in the capital city of Protiva, the Bank of Cashar has been providing lines of credit for Cashari citizens since 1951. In 1973, the Bank of Cashar opened its credit line to neighboring countries. Now, following increased trade relations and diplomatic events on the global scale, it's finally here. 

CASHCARD EXPRESS - Credit on the Go from Wherever You Are

Anyone on Eurth, following an appropriate credit check, can now get a line of credit from the Bank of Cashar with the new Cashcard Express. With only a 12% interest rate, air mile rewards (and bonuses when flying to and through Cashar), and Airmark rewards (NEW AND EXCLUSIVE!), the Cashcard Express can get you the credit you need when you need it. Been eyeing a Hani Motors car rental? Looking at staying at a Yednisvo Resort Hotel? Just wanna catch one of the latest movies? Cashcard Express has you covered. With an average credit limit of 5000 kermotes*, you'll soon learn you can't live without your Cashcard Express.

*Higher credit limits available to wealthy patrons.

For a limited time, foreign citizens who apply and are accepted to become Cashcard Express members will be entered into a sweepstakes to win a free travel ticket to Cashar! Only ten of these tickets are available, so apply now!

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