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The Empire of Alexandria Luthor

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Kant, what the hell is a drongo?

Drongo - Australians may refer to fools, idiots and hopeless cases as Drongos. Drongo was a 1920's racehorse that showed promise but never won anything in 37 starts. In the 1940s, the term was applied to recruits of the Australian airforce.


This may help ya in the future to know sum aussie stuff


Aussie stuff

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Yeah, and Europeans are normal...


purleassee... we INVENTED normal.. all you colonies are just the odd ones who were exiled or ran away!


anyway, enough of insulting the colonies for one day...


Welcome Alexandria Luthor! hope you have a good time here, and may i present to you the traditional welcoming pie from King Phil V himself... today it is blackcurrent pie...watch out, it stains...

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