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Stedorian Business Registry | Lised Büsidas Stedorianik

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At binon lised calöfik büsidas lelogädik Stedoriänik Ministera Konömava e Daglofa, atos kipädon bofiki büsidis publügik e privatik.

Ç'isi es lè lis àfisyal dèl'Minist dèl'Lèkonòm è Pwagrè dèl'entprès gràns Stedòrik, on kontnir lè-dö entprès pübliks è pwivés. 

This is the official Ministry of Economics and Development’s registry of major Stedorian businesses and enterprises, it contains both state-owned and private businesses. 

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Meinavagildät Stedoriäna
Societé Minire di Stèdorie
Mining Corporation of Stedoria

The Mining Corporation of Stedoria is the official state-owned corporation in charge of all mining affairs within the Stedorian People's Republic. All mines within Stedoria are required to be under the control of the MGS. The MGS was founded on February 12th, 2010, after the just and fair expropriation of all privately-held mines within the nation in order to fund the new planned development projects in both infrastructure and industrialisation after the NPLS was popularly selected to rule Stedoria.

Owing to the large amount of mines in Stedoria, particularly that of silver mines, the MGS plays a significant role for both Stedoria's source of income, along with playing a significant role in the economy of Stedoria for both private and public companies. The MGS in the public sector provides all of Stedoria's raw materials for its industries, such as copper to be used within electrical infrastructure and the production of coal for the nations few coal power plants that are still currently running. In the private sector, the MGS plays an important role in Stedoria's budding private jewelry industry, for which it provides precious and valuable metals for, mainly that of silver.

Nearly all mines in Stedoria are found in the north of the country, particularly within the Paysan Autonomous Region, though a fair amount of mines exist within other northern region outside of the AAR. Within the AAR, the MGS's mines employ a large amount of the region's population, with almost 20% of the AAR's employment coming from the MGS, focused mainly in rural areas.

The MGS prides itself on being an integral part of the Stedorian economy, along with its well deserved reputation of its fair and just treatment of its workers, ensuring that its workers mine within safe environments and are paid a fair and livable wage, and receive significant support from Stedoria's trade union.

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