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The Anglian Thorn

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Aidan woke up to the sound of knocking on his bedroom door. He grumbled and rolled over looking at the clock on his nightstand, groaning when he saw the time at just past two in the morning. The knocking on the door persisted as he swung his legs over the side of the bed. "Yes yes I hear you just hold on!"

He threw on some sweatpants and a shirt and threw the door open to a wide eyed young attendant. "I swear to god if someone isn't dead I'm going to fire someone."

"The King of Fearannteth You Majesty... died tonight." The attendant said, gulping.

Aidan closed his eyes for a moment, "Of course he did. Alright lead on."

The two of them left the bedroom walking through the halls of the Royal Palace towards the building's situation room in the basement. At the end of the hallway was an elevator that they both got in with the attendant hitting the basement button.

"So are you just the bad news guy?" Aidan asked turning his head towards the attendant. "I swear every time something terrible happen, Ceris falls into chaos, or some important bloke gets murdered it's always you knocking at my door."

"Oh um... I'm just the night attendant Your Majesty." The man replied sheepishly.

"I have a night attendant?"


The Royal Council had already convened far ahead of Aidan's arrival, and despite the time of night, the room was buzzing with activity as Councilors spoke with each other and aides made their rounds dropping off documents. What had brought them all together though was some of the worst news they had heard since the beginning of the war in Ceris. The first nation in the New Wurld had fallen to the Anglians, and without so much of a fight. It had been startling to the Ministry of Foreign affairs when one of their diplomats had come rushing back to the Seylosian embassy in Paisley telling them to immediately begin emergency exit protocols. They had barely finished destroying sensitive documents when Anglian soldiers showed up to the embassy grounds and began forcibly escorting the occupants out. Nobody had seen this coming and the rapid capitulation to Anglia was something to behold as well.

Two guards within the situation room opened the door revealing a tired King Aidan walking in rubbing his eyes and taking a seat at the head of the meeting table. "Alright, somebody want to tell me why the entire council has assembled for a foreign head of state's death?"

"Because that foreign head of state's death had led to Fearannteth being effectively annexed by Great Anglia." Minister Tatum said.

Aidan sat up straight in his seat, suddenly looking much less tired, "Good god what? Anglia is in the New Wurld now? That haven't even fucking finished with the old one?"

"Unfortunately it gets much worse," another man said, standing up. Director Darryl Haig ran the Foreign Intelligence Services and had been monitoring the situation for some time, "We've confirmed delegations from Anglia being sent to multiple countries... including Dolchland."

"Dolchland?" Aidan replied angrily, "Director, under no circumstances can Dolchland be allowed to align themselves with Anglia. We are spread way too thin as it is."

"Of course Your Majesty, we are taking steps for the moment to try and get any intelligence on their meetings. The FIS is confident however that what happened in Fearannteth couldn't happen in Dolchland." The Director replied.

Minister Tatum spoken up, "We've already begun the process of contacting other nations regarding the incident. We'll be focusing on other Eastern Argic nations as well as trying to organize some sort of response with Metzlitlaca and Oyus regarding Fearannteth. We've also taken the initiative to gather the NAU council to begin deliberating on a unified response."

"Alright then," Aidan said, pausing a moment to think about something. "The king is dead, but what about the princess? Eileen right? I think I met her a few times when I was younger. Director Haig, do you think we might be able to extract her from Paisley?"

"It's certainly possible, our intelligence assets within the country are mostly intact. More importantly is gauging whether or not she will want to leave. I'm sure Anglia will not be happy that we'd be adding another government in exile."

"Well maybe they should stop exiling governments then Director," Aidan quipped. He sighed and leaned back in his chair, "Alright I'm guessing this is another all nighter. I'm going to guess the economy isn't going to like this at all either."

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Commodore Linnette Rowland had been placed in command of the Second Fleet following the transfer of the former HMS Trabezon to the North Adlantic Union. With the next Defiant Class carrier still not finished yet, her command of the amphibious assault ship HMS Terra Firma was the next choice to head the fleet on a temporary basis. They had dispatched on what she had considered probably one of the most impossible missions she had faced to date. Save the remaining Ryderian fleet without firing a shot… versus the Anglians.

Fighting the Anglian fleet was on the bottom of the list of things she ever wanted to do, and despite similarities between their two peoples on a superficial level, she felt nothing but contempt for the aggression they were perpetuating across the Europan continent, and fear for what they may bring to the New Wurld. Despite this, her orders were simple, save the Ryderian government without firing a shot. Easier said than done.

“Captain,” a junior officer said while approaching her, sticking to the custom of calling the commander of a ship a captain instead of their actual rank, “We’ve managed to establish communication with the Ryderian fleet. It isn’t looking good ma’am.”

Rowland nodded, “Get me in communication with whomever you made contact with.”

The officer sat back down and fiddled with some instruments before handing Rowland a microphone, “They’ll hear you ma’am”

“This is Commodore Linnete Rowland of the Seylosian Royal Navy, we’ve been dispatched to safely escort your ships to Seylosian waters,” Rowland said, speaking into the microphone nervously waiting for a response.

Commodore, it is good to hear a Seylosian voice. This is Captain Adekoge Babtunde of the RDS Manyikeni.

“Captain, we are on an intercept course at flank speed. Can you tell us the status of your fleet?”

It is not well Commodore. Admiral Temitope took the Oluwaytowin to hold back the Anglish to give us time. We are certain they have been sunk. Only ten of our ships remain. We have been saving our munitions for our meeting Commodore.

“Copy that Captain. You understand our constraints? We can’t fire on the Anglian Navy.”

Understood Commodore… we have a plan in place.” The transmission then cut.

“Lieutenant Aster, what’s the fleet’s position relative to the Ryderians and the Anglians?” Rowland asked, turning to a young lieutenant at the bridge’s radar station.

“We are currently ten kilometers from the bulk of the Ryderian fleet. The Anglian’s appear to be in pursuit another eight kilometers behind them.” she replied, suddenly a look of concern on her face. “Ma’am I think two of the Ryderian ships have broken from their formation and are doubling back.”

“What are they doing?” a voice called from behind, Rowland’s first officer, Commander Longstaff, had just gotten onto the bridge.

Rowland sighed, “Probably trying to buy us time to intercept their ships.”

“The two Ryderian ships have finished their course change and are heading full speed at the Anglian formation.” Aster said. “It looks like the Anglian fleet is adjusting itself in response.”

There was tension on the bridge as radio silence had fallen between the Seylosian ships and their Ryderian counterparts. It was another minute before the communications officer spoke up.

“I’m hearing an open transmission from the Anglian fleet demanding the surrender of the Ryderian ships.” he said, “They aren’t replying back.”

“Ma’am radar is showing several missile contacts coming from the Ryderian ships moving towards the Anglian fleet. The Anglians have also returned fire.”

“How far away are we?” Rowland asked again.

“Five kilometers,” Aster replied, “The Ryderian missiles have reached their targets, it looks like they were intercepted before impact. The Anglian missiled have also reached their targets… with a probable impact.”

Silence again on the bridge, broken by Rowland, “Commander, prepare the fleet to pull alongside the Ryderian ships at close range. We have to make sure that the Anglians risk firing on us as well if they fire on the Ryderians.”


“As always, Naval Command has managed to prevent us from securing another victory. Why won’t they let us sink those ships!? When they reach the Seylosians-”

“Enough Captain Morce, do tend to your ship instead of complaining about our superiors,” Lord Admiral Parish said.  Morce angrily glared at the back of the admiral’s head before walking back to the radio operator's station.

“The Seylosian ships have closed into range with the Ryderian ships. If we don’t fire now, we won’t be able to distinguish between the ships.” The bridge’s radar operator spoke up.

Admiral Parish stared forward stoically while Captain Morce turned around again and ran up to Parish, “We have to fire now.
Parish quickly turned his head to the side, keeping his body still, “Do you think you know better than the King?”

“Of course not,” Morce replied carefully, “But another government fleeing to those pretenders-”

“Admiral! We’ve received authorization to fire on the main Ryderian fleet.”

Morce stopped talking to the Admiral and turned his attention to the radar operator,”Are we clear?”

The operator shook his head, “No sir, they’re too close now.”

Morce grumbled in anger, while Parish kept looking forward, “Don’t worry Captain, I’m positive we will get another chance.”


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CLASSIFIED: Anglian Military Report


The Royal Armed Forces, in collaboration with the Office of Foreign Intelligence have constructed a detailed military analysis of the Kingdom of Great Anglia. This analysis does not include Anglian allies in the Occidental-Azanian Pact. This analysis also only pertains if Seylos (and NAU) were to face Anglia alone.



  • The Anglian Army outnumbers the Seylosian Royal Army by 17:1.
  • Anglian units on average are technologically inferior to Seylosian units by approximately 1 decade.
    • Individual Seylosian infantry are in possession of more 'per soldier' technological assets. This includes night vision, communications equipment, and small arms.
    • Anglian units have the advantage of significantly higher factory output, even with less sophisticated equipment
  • Anglian units rely on a mix of elite volunteer units and general conscript units. The Seylosian Royal Army utilizes all volunteer units.
    • Most Anglian assaults have been conducted by volunteer units and have suffered few causalities. These units have also fought in situations purely advantageous to their own.
      • It is believed that in a situation where Seylosian units will come into conflict with Anglian counterparts, there will be a significant Seylosian defensive advantage.
      • Further analysis of cultural clash is warranted. Morale effect of Anglian units fighting Anglish speaking Seylosian units has not been able to be studied.
  • Independent analysis of Seylosian logistics vs Anglian logistic units has shown consistently lower performance from Anglian logistics.
  • Seylos possess more light armored units 'per capita' but few heavy armored units.
    • Seylosian units have the capability of moving quicker in armored formations, however have much fewer heavy armor options.
      • Recommendation: War games with @Gallambria or @Iverica to establish tactics better suited to army tactical makeup.


  • Seylosian naval classes have significant technological advantage over Anglian counterparts as a whole. However Seylosian intelligence has witnessed Anglian technology on par or possibly exceeding Seylosian technology on a smaller level.
  • Anglian assets far exceed Seylosian numbers in the field. Even with Seylosian focus on Royal Navy assets, Anglian Naval assets outnumber Seylos by 3 or 4 :1
  • While Seylosian technology exceeds Anglian, the North Adlantic Union First Fleet relies on Ceriser fleet assets, which are on 'lower' parity to Anglian technology.
    • The NAU First Fleet should be attached to a Seylosian or allied fleet at all times to prevent being caught on its own.

Air Forces:

  • Seylosian Air Forces have had the benefit of going through extensive modernization over recent years.
    • Gallambrian partnership has augmented home island fighter defensive complement. In both Seylosian owned and operated fighters and Gallambrian air bases.
    • Seylos's purchase of @Prymontian Aamotech's aerospace division has allowed for mass production of Harrier IIIb strike craft and Lysstråle Multirole Fighters (Which have begun to proliferate through NAU countries).
  • Anglian air assets have has combat experience fighting enemies in air to air combat. Seylosian air assets have only had the extensive experience of ground support roles.
  • Anglian air assets are as a majority still a decade behind Seylosian deplyed air technology.


It is the opinion of the Royal Army, Royal Air Forces, Royal Navy, and the Office of Foreign Intelligence that a protracted war between the Kingdom of Seylos and Great Anglia would result in a resounding defeat without significant reinforcement. While Seylos experiences a technological advantage, the Anglian military industrial complex is far larger than Seylos's military production capabilities. Predictions show that unaided, Seylos would experience several early victories, quickly drowned out by Anglian military production.

Casualties would be extreme, and capitulation would follow.


OOC: I want to establish general Anglian equipment and technology that would be seen on the field. While Anglian is capable of producing equipment on parity with the most advanced of our player nations, they have chosen a more "quantity over quality" approach in order to be able to make the equipment they need en masse. I will include some general examples below.

IRL Equivalent Examples:

L85A2 Rifle: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SA80#A2_upgrade_programme

Challenger 2 Tank: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Challenger_2

Fighters: A combination of fighters on the level of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panavia_Tornado_ADV


Early deployment type https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eurofighter_Typhoon

Again this is only supposed to give you the idea of what Anglian arms are like. While I say things like Eurofighter or Challenger, these are just skins for whatever homegrown version the Anglian military has.


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Aidan sat on his balcony, looking out from the Royal Palace at Selbourne. The lights from the skyscrapers burned bright in the distance, the whole skyline consumed by the city. Even after all these years as King, he couldn't believe that he was the one responsible for all of it. These people, living their lives underneath every word he said. In his mind of course he was over exaggerating, almost all of the legislative responsibility of the crown had been moved to the House of Governors, but even still, he knew he could change all of their lives with a mere statement. Aidan picked up another beer from the twelve pack he had gotten and was trying to pry it open when he heard a familiar voice behind him.

"Is it one of those nights?"

Aidan turned around to see Geoffrey Tatum, his Minister of Foreign Affairs. He held up his drink and gave a slight nod, "It seems like it, don't you."

Geoffrey walked out onto the balcony and grabbed a bottle of his own, looking at the label, "Strong stuff."

"I can make an exception for the impending doom."

Taking a drink, Geoffrey leaned against the balcony rail and looked out at the city himself, "The word doom doesn't exactly come to mind."

"Seems like it," Aidan replied, "God damn, fucking Zaxar. We could have had more time to prepare for this, but those fucking idiots had to go off and start invading somebody else. And the worst part is, they made the OCA in the right. They handed them everything they wanted right on a silver fucking platter."

"The decision was... astonishing. Even by imperial standards." Geoffrey said, his tone still calm.

"How can you stay so calm about this?" Aidan said, turning his head to look at the foreign minister, "Anatea invaded, Zaxar provoking the OCA, Dolchland getting ready to unleash its own special hell. And fucking Anglia... Anglia waiting for the right moment to come and burn this all to the ground."

"I've been doing this for over thirty years Aidan. This may have been the worst I've seen things, but crisis, especially in Argis, are as common as they have ever been. I don't have the luxury of showing my anger to every idiot foreign leader with delusions of grandeur."

Aidan let out a sigh, sinking down the railing and sitting down, "There are many days where I wish they had just made you king. You're far better that governing than I've ever been."

There was something deeply sad to Geoffrey hearing that from Aidan. He had known the King had been going through stress in his role, but for some reason it wasn't until now that Geoffrey realized that Aidan was having trouble even believing in his own ability. "Aidan a leader isn't supposed to be able to do everything themselves. You don't run a rogue nation where all of your people expect you to run the country while also being amazing at literally any task you feel like doing that day. Your government exists to make sure you don't have to do that. Everything that's happening was planned by people with far too much power, and there isn't a thing you could have done to stop any of this. If Anglia wants a war, Aidan Redmond isn't going to be able to stop them from getting what they want."

"I know I know," Aidan replied, "I just don't want to be known only for all this war. Even if it is the one thing I'm best at."

"There's nothing we can do about that now. But now that is going to be happening we'll need that part of you more than ever."

Aidan stood back up again, looking somewhat more confident, walking through the balcony door and calling out, "Hey Parker get in here."

The door opened slightly as his bodyguard, Major Parker, peered in, "I didn't want to ruin the moment sir."

"That's very sweet, but seriously get in here. I need a witness."

Geoffrey joined them both inside, a confused look on his face, "A witness for what exactly."

"You won't like it, but since I'm the king of doing doing stupid things I need to take responsibility at some point," Aidan putting down his bottle and standing to face Geoffrey, "I've cleared this with the rest of the Council and the House. Geoffrey Tatum, until such time as a suitable replacement can be found, I am hereby naming you heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Seylos. If anything should happen to me at any point you will be king."

Geoffrey stood shocked, losing his composure for a moment. He had been resistant to any such appointment before, "Your Majesty... I don't know what to say."

"You don't have to say anything. You're the only one I know for sure that can get the job done if something happens. Because if the Dolch want to escalate and the Anglians want a war, then I'll give them one."

Parker stood next to them his look of excitement changing to one of concern quickly, "I guess I'm going to have to protect the king of stupid through something exceptionally risky?"

Aidan let out a little smile, "It's time to raise the stakes. I'm going to Iwenland and I'm bringing ten thousand of our troops with me. I'm not letting the Dolch take it. Starting tomorrow, we blockade the Dolch Sea."

"Aidan, you can't go to Iwenland. We need you here." Geoffrey said, annoyed at the king for doing pretty much exactly what he expected him to do.

"I think they'll need me there Geoffrey, the Dolch will probably throw everything they have at us. At least they'll have their King standing behind them."

"At least," Geoffrey replied, exasperated, "Stay in the capital, away from the front lines. And so you can be evacuated immediately"

"Fine, I'll do that. Zestrahaven isn't far from Seylos as it is. At least there I can work the AN to help us. And Geoffrey, do you know what Hodrea is going to do with their treaty with Anglia?"

Geoffrey shook his head, "They are still debating, but from what I can tell it won't pass. President Werner has been very against it."

"Will they sign it if I ask them to?" Aidan asked.

Both Geoffrey and Parker looked at each other shocked. Geoffrey again let his confusion show, "Why? Probably I imagine, but they'll be very confused."

"If war breaks out we can't protect Hodrea when our resources are spread thin. They just got out of the Sentist War and we can't see all their progress undone overnight. We need to keep Hodrea out of the fighting. But... we will need to keep something there to help control the Dolch Sea. I hope they don't mind if we politely annex the military port at Liechnenfax."


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