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The Anglian Thorn

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Aidan woke up to the sound of knocking on his bedroom door. He grumbled and rolled over looking at the clock on his nightstand, groaning when he saw the time at just past two in the morning. The knocking on the door persisted as he swung his legs over the side of the bed. "Yes yes I hear you just hold on!"

He threw on some sweatpants and a shirt and threw the door open to a wide eyed young attendant. "I swear to god if someone isn't dead I'm going to fire someone."

"The King of Fearannteth You Majesty... died tonight." The attendant said, gulping.

Aidan closed his eyes for a moment, "Of course he did. Alright lead on."

The two of them left the bedroom walking through the halls of the Royal Palace towards the building's situation room in the basement. At the end of the hallway was an elevator that they both got in with the attendant hitting the basement button.

"So are you just the bad news guy?" Aidan asked turning his head towards the attendant. "I swear every time something terrible happen, Ceris falls into chaos, or some important bloke gets murdered it's always you knocking at my door."

"Oh um... I'm just the night attendant Your Majesty." The man replied sheepishly.

"I have a night attendant?"


The Royal Council had already convened far ahead of Aidan's arrival, and despite the time of night, the room was buzzing with activity as Councilors spoke with each other and aides made their rounds dropping off documents. What had brought them all together though was some of the worst news they had heard since the beginning of the war in Ceris. The first nation in the New Wurld had fallen to the Anglians, and without so much of a fight. It had been startling to the Ministry of Foreign affairs when one of their diplomats had come rushing back to the Seylosian embassy in Paisley telling them to immediately begin emergency exit protocols. They had barely finished destroying sensitive documents when Anglian soldiers showed up to the embassy grounds and began forcibly escorting the occupants out. Nobody had seen this coming and the rapid capitulation to Anglia was something to behold as well.

Two guards within the situation room opened the door revealing a tired King Aidan walking in rubbing his eyes and taking a seat at the head of the meeting table. "Alright, somebody want to tell me why the entire council has assembled for a foreign head of state's death?"

"Because that foreign head of state's death had led to Fearannteth being effectively annexed by Great Anglia." Minister Tatum said.

Aidan sat up straight in his seat, suddenly looking much less tired, "Good god what? Anglia is in the New Wurld now? That haven't even fucking finished with the old one?"

"Unfortunately it gets much worse," another man said, standing up. Director Darryl Haig ran the Foreign Intelligence Services and had been monitoring the situation for some time, "We've confirmed delegations from Anglia being sent to multiple countries... including Dolchland."

"Dolchland?" Aidan replied angrily, "Director, under no circumstances can Dolchland be allowed to align themselves with Anglia. We are spread way too thin as it is."

"Of course Your Majesty, we are taking steps for the moment to try and get any intelligence on their meetings. The FIS is confident however that what happened in Fearannteth couldn't happen in Dolchland." The Director replied.

Minister Tatum spoken up, "We've already begun the process of contacting other nations regarding the incident. We'll be focusing on other Eastern Argic nations as well as trying to organize some sort of response with Metzlitlaca and Oyus regarding Fearannteth. We've also taken the initiative to gather the NAU council to begin deliberating on a unified response."

"Alright then," Aidan said, pausing a moment to think about something. "The king is dead, but what about the princess? Eileen right? I think I met her a few times when I was younger. Director Haig, do you think we might be able to extract her from Paisley?"

"It's certainly possible, our intelligence assets within the country are mostly intact. More importantly is gauging whether or not she will want to leave. I'm sure Anglia will not be happy that we'd be adding another government in exile."

"Well maybe they should stop exiling governments then Director," Aidan quipped. He sighed and leaned back in his chair, "Alright I'm guessing this is another all nighter. I'm going to guess the economy isn't going to like this at all either."

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  • 2 months later...

Commodore Linnette Rowland had been placed in command of the Second Fleet following the transfer of the former HMS Trabezon to the North Adlantic Union. With the next Defiant Class carrier still not finished yet, her command of the amphibious assault ship HMS Terra Firma was the next choice to head the fleet on a temporary basis. They had dispatched on what she had considered probably one of the most impossible missions she had faced to date. Save the remaining Ryderian fleet without firing a shot… versus the Anglians.

Fighting the Anglian fleet was on the bottom of the list of things she ever wanted to do, and despite similarities between their two peoples on a superficial level, she felt nothing but contempt for the aggression they were perpetuating across the Europan continent, and fear for what they may bring to the New Wurld. Despite this, her orders were simple, save the Ryderian government without firing a shot. Easier said than done.

“Captain,” a junior officer said while approaching her, sticking to the custom of calling the commander of a ship a captain instead of their actual rank, “We’ve managed to establish communication with the Ryderian fleet. It isn’t looking good ma’am.”

Rowland nodded, “Get me in communication with whomever you made contact with.”

The officer sat back down and fiddled with some instruments before handing Rowland a microphone, “They’ll hear you ma’am”

“This is Commodore Linnete Rowland of the Seylosian Royal Navy, we’ve been dispatched to safely escort your ships to Seylosian waters,” Rowland said, speaking into the microphone nervously waiting for a response.

Commodore, it is good to hear a Seylosian voice. This is Captain Adekoge Babtunde of the RDS Manyikeni.

“Captain, we are on an intercept course at flank speed. Can you tell us the status of your fleet?”

It is not well Commodore. Admiral Temitope took the Oluwaytowin to hold back the Anglish to give us time. We are certain they have been sunk. Only ten of our ships remain. We have been saving our munitions for our meeting Commodore.

“Copy that Captain. You understand our constraints? We can’t fire on the Anglian Navy.”

Understood Commodore… we have a plan in place.” The transmission then cut.

“Lieutenant Aster, what’s the fleet’s position relative to the Ryderians and the Anglians?” Rowland asked, turning to a young lieutenant at the bridge’s radar station.

“We are currently ten kilometers from the bulk of the Ryderian fleet. The Anglian’s appear to be in pursuit another eight kilometers behind them.” she replied, suddenly a look of concern on her face. “Ma’am I think two of the Ryderian ships have broken from their formation and are doubling back.”

“What are they doing?” a voice called from behind, Rowland’s first officer, Commander Longstaff, had just gotten onto the bridge.

Rowland sighed, “Probably trying to buy us time to intercept their ships.”

“The two Ryderian ships have finished their course change and are heading full speed at the Anglian formation.” Aster said. “It looks like the Anglian fleet is adjusting itself in response.”

There was tension on the bridge as radio silence had fallen between the Seylosian ships and their Ryderian counterparts. It was another minute before the communications officer spoke up.

“I’m hearing an open transmission from the Anglian fleet demanding the surrender of the Ryderian ships.” he said, “They aren’t replying back.”

“Ma’am radar is showing several missile contacts coming from the Ryderian ships moving towards the Anglian fleet. The Anglians have also returned fire.”

“How far away are we?” Rowland asked again.

“Five kilometers,” Aster replied, “The Ryderian missiles have reached their targets, it looks like they were intercepted before impact. The Anglian missiled have also reached their targets… with a probable impact.”

Silence again on the bridge, broken by Rowland, “Commander, prepare the fleet to pull alongside the Ryderian ships at close range. We have to make sure that the Anglians risk firing on us as well if they fire on the Ryderians.”


“As always, Naval Command has managed to prevent us from securing another victory. Why won’t they let us sink those ships!? When they reach the Seylosians-”

“Enough Captain Morce, do tend to your ship instead of complaining about our superiors,” Lord Admiral Parish said.  Morce angrily glared at the back of the admiral’s head before walking back to the radio operator's station.

“The Seylosian ships have closed into range with the Ryderian ships. If we don’t fire now, we won’t be able to distinguish between the ships.” The bridge’s radar operator spoke up.

Admiral Parish stared forward stoically while Captain Morce turned around again and ran up to Parish, “We have to fire now.
Parish quickly turned his head to the side, keeping his body still, “Do you think you know better than the King?”

“Of course not,” Morce replied carefully, “But another government fleeing to those pretenders-”

“Admiral! We’ve received authorization to fire on the main Ryderian fleet.”

Morce stopped talking to the Admiral and turned his attention to the radar operator,”Are we clear?”

The operator shook his head, “No sir, they’re too close now.”

Morce grumbled in anger, while Parish kept looking forward, “Don’t worry Captain, I’m positive we will get another chance.”


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    • By Orioni
      The joint quorum of the Entente of Oriental States,
      RECOGNISING the role of Entente of Oriental States as a leading defensive organisation on Eurth,
      LAUDING previous humanitarian missions and peacekeeping efforts by the Entente to both promote peace and protect human rights,
      APPALLED by the unprovoked Anglian aggression against the Social Democratic Confederation,
      CONCERNED by the surprise Suverin shift in foreign policy,
      SHOCKED by the expanding Qubdian armed confrontation,
      EXPRESSING great concern for the further escalation of this conflict,
      DETERMINING that the situation in Occidental Europa continues to constitute a threat to international peace and security,
      STRENGTHENED by the existing charter which includes a "Responsibility to Protect",
      CONCLUDING that these conflicts must be addressed in the form of international legislation, hereby enacts as follows:
      1. the immediate imposition of an embargo against the Anglian aggressor, its leadership and industrial capacity to wage war.
      2. the fast-tracked granted offer* of full defensive protection under the umbrella of proven EOS leadership to :
      a. all existing observer states, 
      b. all sovereign states bordering the Oriental Ocean,
      c. All near-Oriental sovereign states on Eurth.
      3. the offer of a privileged partnership to non-Oriental states who seek the same protection.
      * OOC: Borrowing this same idea from the post Corinium Offered Full NAU Membership, which mentions: "Following the standoff between Seylos and Haruspex last month, the NAU has fast tracked an offer for the Republic of Corinium to join the North Adlantic Union. While not too many details have been released regarding the offer, it has been made clear that Corinium has officially accepted."
    • By Seylos
      (OOC topic)
      Europan News Network
      Tarentum, Social Democratic Federation
      TARENTUM, Social Democratic Confederation -- In the late hours of yesterday evening, forces from the Anglian Army crossed the bridges spanning the gap between Anglia and the Social Democratic Confederation (SDC). Tensions had been mounting between the two nations for quite some time now, however, it had been thought that the two countries finally found some common ground in which to stand. All of this was proven wrong last night when Anglian tanks, which had been on standby, charged across the bridges taking the local SDC forces completely by surprise. The remaining SDC defenders attempted to destroy the two major bridges but were thwarted after the appearance of overwhelming Anglian air power that quickly dominated the skies over the bay. After several gruelling hours of combat, Anglian forces had pushed back the SDC army well past the entrances to each of the bridges, and continued their pressure deep into SDC territory.
      There were very few remaining journalists on the ground with permission to see anything of note. This behavior is just one of many examples that shows the escalating of paranoia in the Anglian state, which until recently had manifested itself in chilled relations with all of its neighbors. However, for a brief period a pair of @Gallambrian and @Seylosian journalists was allowed to view both bridges separately, recording harrowing footage. 
      The Gallambrian journalist witnessed a pitched aerial battle, so far the only one of the conflict, over on the eastern SDC side of one of the bridges. The battle lasted just over an hour, with Anglian Air Forces quickly claiming victory. It's unknown how many casualties were suffered, but the this number is believed to be high for Social Democratic Forces.

       SDC jet crashes to the ground.
      On the opposite bridge, the Seylosian journalist witnessed an intense firefight between the Anglian Army and SDC Army forces defending their SDC side of the bridge. Before the end of the firefight however, the journalist was quickly escorted away from soldiers and taken back to Anglia.

      Heavy fighting along the border bridges.
      At this point where Anglian forces barrel towards Tarentum, neither government has officially responded to requests for comment. Through unofficial interviews the ENN has learned that the Social Democratic Confederation has already enacted contingency measures to ensure the continuity of government, with rumors that they may potentially be heading to Seylos, which has historically not had a pleasant relationship with its progenitor. Many news outlets remain confused as to why Anglian officials only allowed journalists from Anglian descendant countries into their warzone, especially given the animosity between nations such as Seylos and Anglia.
      ENN will continue to update Europa on this intense developing story as more information comes in.

    • By Seylos
      Hey everyone, so the staff have been discussing this for bit and I want to bring it to the greater community for comment.
      We've been wanting to help everyone become engaged in a single global event so nations that don't normally roleplay with each other will have a common thread to interact with each other on.
      So what is it?

      Europa has gone through a terrifying time after the collapse. Only nations like Tagmatium, Machina Haruspex, and Orioni have survived relatively unscathed due to exceptional foresight and incredible luck. But there's another sleeping power that has begun to wake up, and is more dangerous than any other nation on the planet. Great Anglia sits perched perfectly on the western edge of the Occident and it has decided to bring order to the chaos of Europa and even begin turning its eyes to the New Wurld.
      So how will this work? Anglia over the course of the next two months will begin a campaign of annexation, vassalization, and intimidation around Europa taking advantage of weakened nations and growing stronger and it integrates more population and resources into its empire. Here are the proposed rules:
       Anglia will be presumed to have an automatic non-aggression pact with all active Europan players. They will never break this arrangement and will not attempt to disrupt active player held land. This will change when the whole region enters the final "boss battle" phase. Anglian annexations are not permanent. After Anglia is defeated all territories will revert back to unowned NPC status like before the conflict. We can also use this opportunity as an in world reason to help clean up the Europan map later. Anglia, after consolidating their power in Europa will begin a colonization campaign in the New Wurld. They will target unowned areas and setup semi-independent client states in those regions. This is purposefully meant to be disruptive and is meant to antagonize the player base. No player can conquer land from Anglia as it is defeated in its various forms. The only exceptions are community known land claims that have occurred BEFORE this post. A player can then use the Anglian Crisis as a means to fulfill that expansion if they desire, as long as the proper RP is played out for it. There will be four distinct phases to Anglia: Europan Expansion - Anglia will start by absorbing Europan countries near it, expanding its empire and growing stronger. New Wurld Colonization - Anglia will begin creating client states in every continent. New Wurld Conflict (Mini Bosses) - Anglian Client states become aggressive and must be defeated through any means regional players see fit. War doesn't always have to be the option. Europan Conflict (Boss Battle) -Angered at losing their New Wurld locations, Anglia directly lashes out at New Wurld nations triggering the end game global coalition against them. Here are some New Wurld location proposals that floated around Discord. Please remember these places are designed to provoke a negative response from players as they are acts of aggression.

      So now I'd like some input from the community on this. This is designed to be an event every single person on the forum can participate in, interacting with every member from all over Eurth, and I want this to be the best it can be. So please, go ahead and tell us your thoughts!
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