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Emergency resolution on Anglian aggression


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    • San Castellino, Republic of
    • Cashar, Incorporated States of
    • Sitallo, Occidental Democratic Republic of
    • Rhava, Socialist Republic of
    • Ayubi, Kingdom of
    • Damak Var, Commonwealth of

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  • Orioni changed the title to Emergency resolution on Anglian aggression

The general, Supreme Leader and President of the Republic Sullivan Di Foxycionni, decided to bring San Castellino out of isolationism, officially declares the intention for the Republic of San Castellino to join EOS.


OCC : Sorry of the short post but @Orioni, knowing that I'm pretty busy right now, allowed me to make a short post for my application to EOS.

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Head of State CEO Nakana Maravola, showing solidarity with their Orioni ally, officially declares the intention for the Incorporated States of Cashar to join the EOS.

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End National Correspondence: @Orioni
End Office Correspondence: The Joint Quorum of the Entente of Oriental States.
From: The Palisi and Tonato Regional Governments of the Occidental Democratic Republic of Sitallo.

With Anglia's shocking takeover of the Fearannteth Kingdom and our barbaric neighbours tantrums about unfortunate, uncontrollable, events within our borders, Mesothalassa has shown itself to Sitallo that isolationism and struggling alone would not suffice. Therefore General Palisi and Lieutenant General Tonato officially declare on the behalf of all of Sitallo the intention for the Occidental Democratic Republic of Sitallo to join the Entente of Oriental States. To follow San Castellino's steps towards consolidation of peace and power within Mesothalassa and to combat hostile aggression here and across the globe.

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End National Correspondence: @Orioni
End Office Correspondence: The Joint Quorum of the Entente of Oriental States.
From: Foreign Minister Po Nagar of The Socialist Republic of Rhava

Recognizing the Anglian influence in our draconian neighbor of Shendao, The Socialist Republic of Rhava also recognizing the danger to our own nation as Anglia has not all been the friendly nation to its neighbors. And seeing the annexation of Fearannteth has made Rhava all the more welcome to leaving isolation and joining the Entente of Oriental States.

Rhava Acknowledges that the only way to defeat the enemy, is together. United we stand, divided we fall. 

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FROM: Ayubi and Damak Var

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Foreign ministers of Ayubi and Damak Var met today. This was the second ministerial meeting, after the one last June in Avantine. We confirmed our shared opinion on the Anglian aggression and continue to monitor the developing conflict.

In May, the Entente of Oriental States opened its security umbrella to all partners and observers. Its purpose is a simple, but essential, one: to grant continued security to its people. For many decades, such simple freedoms were not available. And now these freedoms are again under threat.

Among the West Meteorolan nations, there is a significant interest in the EOS. The more we acknowledge this interest, the more we discover that previous misconceptions and misunderstandings disappear. There is instead a growing understanding of our common interest and common heritage. We too have to learn about our partners with an open mind. Our mutual openness strengthens our ability and our commitment to work together.

We are ready to take a significant step forward and look forward to meeting in person in Deseti. Together we aim to make a real contribution to cooperative security in the Euro-Oriental area. It is our wish that this application can be fulfilled speedily and completely so that our partnership can continue to grow and prosper.

Foreign minister Adnaan el-Noori of Ayubi
Foreign executor Robert Exantus of Damak Var

(OOC : The Anglian conflict has been going on for +2 months. It would be realistic that these countries feel threatened by what's going on in Azania and request protection against this aggressor from the next best nearby alternative. It's what happend in RL conflicts of similar scale. As discussed in the relevant OOC topic, these NPC's can only join the defensive alliance while the conflict lasts. See my posts from last month and last week. With all the applicants awaiting a reply and @Esonice's private reminder, I think we can turn this topic into a poll for all EOS members to vote in. I'll ping every active member @Cristina, @Esonice, @Ide Jima@Miiros, @Sunset Sea Islands and send you all a PM as well.)

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FROM: Rosa Braun, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Socialist Federal Republic of Volta

TO: EOS and its member states

CLASSIFICATION: Secret - limit distribution, need-to-know only.

After much discussion within the Socialist Federal Republic of Volta, albeit with much hesitation, the Socialist Federal Republic has come to the conclusion that due to continuing Anglian aggression our best course of action would be to seek defensive partnerships with other countries. To that end, we would like to inquire as to whether or not EOS would be open to such an arrangement.

Our government would like to stress that we are NOT seeking membership in your organization, but we are seeking cooperation when dealing with the very unique and specific threat that Anglia presents the wurld. The proposed cooperation would be mutual, as Anglia presents an equal threat to Volta as it does to EOS member states.

We would like to inquire as to whether or not your organization would be interested in such an arrangement, and potentially begin negotiations to precisely what the details of such a partnership would be.

Additionally, we would like to request that, until such negotiations formally begin, this matter be treated as classified and this information only be distributed on a need-to-know basis.

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    • By Seylos
      (OOC topic)
      Europan News Network
      Tarentum, Social Democratic Federation
      TARENTUM, Social Democratic Confederation -- In the late hours of yesterday evening, forces from the Anglian Army crossed the bridges spanning the gap between Anglia and the Social Democratic Confederation (SDC). Tensions had been mounting between the two nations for quite some time now, however, it had been thought that the two countries finally found some common ground in which to stand. All of this was proven wrong last night when Anglian tanks, which had been on standby, charged across the bridges taking the local SDC forces completely by surprise. The remaining SDC defenders attempted to destroy the two major bridges but were thwarted after the appearance of overwhelming Anglian air power that quickly dominated the skies over the bay. After several gruelling hours of combat, Anglian forces had pushed back the SDC army well past the entrances to each of the bridges, and continued their pressure deep into SDC territory.
      There were very few remaining journalists on the ground with permission to see anything of note. This behavior is just one of many examples that shows the escalating of paranoia in the Anglian state, which until recently had manifested itself in chilled relations with all of its neighbors. However, for a brief period a pair of @Gallambrian and @Seylosian journalists was allowed to view both bridges separately, recording harrowing footage. 
      The Gallambrian journalist witnessed a pitched aerial battle, so far the only one of the conflict, over on the eastern SDC side of one of the bridges. The battle lasted just over an hour, with Anglian Air Forces quickly claiming victory. It's unknown how many casualties were suffered, but the this number is believed to be high for Social Democratic Forces.

       SDC jet crashes to the ground.
      On the opposite bridge, the Seylosian journalist witnessed an intense firefight between the Anglian Army and SDC Army forces defending their SDC side of the bridge. Before the end of the firefight however, the journalist was quickly escorted away from soldiers and taken back to Anglia.

      Heavy fighting along the border bridges.
      At this point where Anglian forces barrel towards Tarentum, neither government has officially responded to requests for comment. Through unofficial interviews the ENN has learned that the Social Democratic Confederation has already enacted contingency measures to ensure the continuity of government, with rumors that they may potentially be heading to Seylos, which has historically not had a pleasant relationship with its progenitor. Many news outlets remain confused as to why Anglian officials only allowed journalists from Anglian descendant countries into their warzone, especially given the animosity between nations such as Seylos and Anglia.
      ENN will continue to update Europa on this intense developing story as more information comes in.

    • By Seylos
      Hey everyone, so the staff have been discussing this for bit and I want to bring it to the greater community for comment.
      We've been wanting to help everyone become engaged in a single global event so nations that don't normally roleplay with each other will have a common thread to interact with each other on.
      So what is it?

      Europa has gone through a terrifying time after the collapse. Only nations like Tagmatium, Machina Haruspex, and Orioni have survived relatively unscathed due to exceptional foresight and incredible luck. But there's another sleeping power that has begun to wake up, and is more dangerous than any other nation on the planet. Great Anglia sits perched perfectly on the western edge of the Occident and it has decided to bring order to the chaos of Europa and even begin turning its eyes to the New Wurld.
      So how will this work? Anglia over the course of the next two months will begin a campaign of annexation, vassalization, and intimidation around Europa taking advantage of weakened nations and growing stronger and it integrates more population and resources into its empire. Here are the proposed rules:
       Anglia will be presumed to have an automatic non-aggression pact with all active Europan players. They will never break this arrangement and will not attempt to disrupt active player held land. This will change when the whole region enters the final "boss battle" phase. Anglian annexations are not permanent. After Anglia is defeated all territories will revert back to unowned NPC status like before the conflict. We can also use this opportunity as an in world reason to help clean up the Europan map later. Anglia, after consolidating their power in Europa will begin a colonization campaign in the New Wurld. They will target unowned areas and setup semi-independent client states in those regions. This is purposefully meant to be disruptive and is meant to antagonize the player base. No player can conquer land from Anglia as it is defeated in its various forms. The only exceptions are community known land claims that have occurred BEFORE this post. A player can then use the Anglian Crisis as a means to fulfill that expansion if they desire, as long as the proper RP is played out for it. There will be four distinct phases to Anglia: Europan Expansion - Anglia will start by absorbing Europan countries near it, expanding its empire and growing stronger. New Wurld Colonization - Anglia will begin creating client states in every continent. New Wurld Conflict (Mini Bosses) - Anglian Client states become aggressive and must be defeated through any means regional players see fit. War doesn't always have to be the option. Europan Conflict (Boss Battle) -Angered at losing their New Wurld locations, Anglia directly lashes out at New Wurld nations triggering the end game global coalition against them. Here are some New Wurld location proposals that floated around Discord. Please remember these places are designed to provoke a negative response from players as they are acts of aggression.

      So now I'd like some input from the community on this. This is designed to be an event every single person on the forum can participate in, interacting with every member from all over Eurth, and I want this to be the best it can be. So please, go ahead and tell us your thoughts!
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