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Low tech newbie's trouble


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Shame on me... I couldn't see how to attach a picture in my topic/forum.

Is this the same technique to post a banner or avatar picture?? Can't do that either...

"Despite the fact that IT is my nation's flagship industry... but I can assure you that there are really experts operating...and Koku, their leader, is just a tech laggard..."

Many thanks.

Koku, the king and the punch-card operator. rolleyes.gif

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are you attatching a picture from a file on your computer or a picture from the net?


if it is simply a picture from the net, click the IMG button above when posting a picture, and copy-paste the URL of the pic into the box. That should bring up the picture.


If you are uploading a picture from file off your computer, you will have to go to an image hosting site, such as Imageshack, host the picture on there, don't worry, its free, and then you can put those pictures onto the forums easily.

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biggrin.gif Thanks so much, Phil IV.

All I ever did was just attaching pics via e-mail ( you know how easy..).

Since you told me another 2ways, I?m gonna try them both!


I tried sending pic from net.. It's kept saying "Sorry, dynamic pages in the tags are not allowed" I'm not sure whether I copied and paste down the correct URL... How exactly the "full" URL should be ??

Please bare with me....

Looking forward to advice...



PS. for the moment I'm trying to get in the "imageshack".


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The previous one is from hosting...

I tried loading down from the Google pic search but it never works.... kept saying.."Sorry, dynamic pages in the tags are not allowed"

I'm not sure whether I copied and paste down the correct URL...

How exactly the "full" URL should be ?? Some pics even lead to another commercial sites..

Any further advice???

Many thanks!!

Koku, the punch-card manager.

PS. below is from Imageshack..getting better...user posted image

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Now, try attach from the net...

Hmm... this is the picture of Goku, the hero of a very famous Japanese cartoon. The name of Koku, the leader of Koku kingdom was inspired by him...

user posted image

Actually, I believe "koku" is somewhat an old Japanese currency aswell... Ever played a game "Shogun Total War"?? I jus greet "Owari" on this.. he is a fan too.

user posted image


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1 last question for this topic...

While I used the hosting service and up-load the pic, there are many codes available;

Thumbnail for website,

Thumbnail for Forum [1],

Thumbnail for Forum [2],

Hotlink for website,

Hotlink for Forum [1],

Hotlink for Forum [2],

Show image to friends

Direct link to image.


I only use the last one, copied it to IMG.

What are those above for..(when to use? )

Hope it's not too much trouble... I Really appreciate your advise... /l\

Thanks so much. smile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gif


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I believe 'Thumbnail for forum' and/or 'Hotlink for forum' are something like this.



user posted image


This is a smaller version of the picture you posted above, I just added .th in the end. Did you see it?


Now the trick is to use both the original adress and the adress with .th to create a link to your picture. In stead of typing tekst for an url like this, you can put in a picture as well.


user posted image


If you do it right, you have just created a link to you larger picture. smile.gif

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Oh! slowly please...I'm an IT newbie...punch card operator... biggrin.gif

Thanks so much for your elaboration, Orioni.

So, the Hotlink and Thumbnail are small pics..


Got 3 more questions;

How to make/attach a link ? still not get it!

How to resize pictures?

How to make a banner which fit to the space available..?


Thank you soooo much! smile.giflaugh.gifbiggrin.gifsmile.giflaugh.gifbiggrin.gifsmile.giflaugh.gifbiggrin.gif

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Now another Q.. Why there are so many up-loaded pic showed "Thumbnail not available"...? unsure.gif

Hmm... plus the previous Qs...

How to make a banner which fit to the space available..? unsure.gif

... jus can't thank you enough.... /l\




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Now you got the power, please keep the cheesefishness down. wink.gif


How to make/attach a link ? still not get it!

Don't now. (<=irrelevant post)

How to resize pictures?

Use MS paint

How to make a banner which fit to the space available..?

Don't know, I just tried some random size (and now I have the biggets banner! w00t!)


Sorry, can't help you much, I'm not a crack in such things. smile.gif

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1) How to make/attach a link ? still not get it!

2) How to resize pictures?

3) How to make a banner which fit to the space available..?

1) To correctly link a thumbnail to an image, use this code.

[URL][/URL] = for the large image
[IMG][/IMG] = for the small image

Put the IMG-tags inside the URL-tags: 

Add the adress of your pictures:



2) Haken is right. Just use MS Paint. Most computers have a standard program like that.


3) Choose some pitures, make them smaller, put them next to eachother, write a text over them and you're finished. Or you could just request your banner at The Art Gallery.

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Thanks so much, Haken and Orioni. I will make use of all these valuable tips.

I used to have "Paint brush", however, disappeared after Reinstall my WindowXP..strange! Now,I'm using Photoshop to manage pics, not as simple as Paint brush, but managable... Thinking of getting a new brush from Download.com


Thx a bunch! biggrin.gif

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