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OOC: Each EOS member has a cadre of permanent representatives. So there's no need to fly your characters all over the place.


June 2020
EOS Headquarters

Mr Tobiya Wayanor walked through the important corridors of the alliance headquarters with a certain degree of nervousness. This was not how he had imagined the first six months of his term as permanent representative to the Entente. The promises he made at the recent Antargic Council meeting set in motion a whole lot of changes. If the countries that joined this Oriental organisation wanted to remain relevant in Antargis, a change in their administration proved necessary. Half-way down the the hall he turned right. His hand grasped one of the brass handles on the double door, pushed it forward and entered the alliance meeting room. He walked across the ugly colourful carpet to his seat at the table, marked by a country nameplate that said "Orioni".

The other permanent representatives were already there. Wayanor was late, again, because he had wanted to personally oversee the printing of the last version of this plan.

"Esteemed ladies and gentlemen of the Entente. It’s great to be with you again," he began. "Our countries have a very long relationship and a very good one. For over a decade our alliance ensures a state of peace along the vast coastlines of our shared Oriental Ocean. I believe that after almost 15 years of cooperation it is time to add a new chapter to our mutual efforts. This need was highlighted by a recent development concerning our involvement in Antargis within the ARTHA framework. No doubt  you've all read my report on the matter."

Wayanor felt some doubt about those last words. Recent years showed quite obviously how not all alliance members were equally involved on the goings-on of the Entente.

"As you know, our existing military cooperation remains peerless and unrivalled. Our countries have remained broadly free from war and conflict, unlike other areas of the Eurth which are less fortunate to be blessed by such good stewardship. And our next chapter will lead to what I hope will be a similar leap forward. What I propose is a stronger cooperation in the civilian sphere, to strengthen our cooperation here on Eurth, at sea and in space. The EOS civilian programmes already include our joint banking network, the maritime MIDAS system and the joint Space Program. And for Antargis we were the first to reveal a comprehensive multi-decade plan.

No doubt these achievements were already impressive on their own, Wayanor thought to himself. The financial sector was very grateful for the improved regulations. On the other hand not much was known about the space program besides regular satellite launches at the Arrabar Space Center.

"To further strengthen the non-military cooperation amongst all of our member states, our permanent staff has prepared a brand-new plan to create a clear separation between these civilian and our other military programmes: the Civil Administration of Oriental States (CAOS)."

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All other members of the Entente seemed both surprised and confused at the same time. Some were speechless even. This wasn't the Wayanor they knew. No, this person appeared much more organised. Perhaps even 'professional'.

Wayanor continued his explanation: "To give you an idea of the structural changes, please turn to page 42 for a revised org chart. This should already clear up a lot of the questions you may have."


OOC: Calling on all members to participate in the debate and vote for their choice in the attached poll. This includes: @Miiros, @Cristina, @Sunset Sea Islands, @Ide Jima, @Esonice.

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