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Velaheria to update its infrastructure networks and extend roadways

Glorious Comrades of Velaheria, The Velaherian People's party and comrade Ander Von Starinburg have made some announcements as per today, which fulfil some of our long sought objectives, which we all will march towards one day.

The party has said that it will extend the road networks stretching from Bastaria to Koinsberg, to go towards Erfür, which has so long has had no direct connection to the capital of Velaheria, and the revolution. The Roads will as per the party's comments improve transportation facilities and will make sure that Velaheria is able to better sustain its internal economy it has so long held up. The roads will also help farmers and workers to travel to the capital and the port city and see the beauty of the motherland's heart for themselves.

The party has also commented that it would improve the infrastructure networks of Velaheria. We will make the unpaved roads paved, and make the paved roads polished by tar. The railways will also be modernized, as the freight capacity of the rails would be increased and the trains would be modernized by importing more advanced engines, while domestically continuing to produce the bogeys. This modernization is said to help the proletariat or the working people to gain more productivity and work more for the state.

“Workers of Velaheria, unite.”

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Electrical towers and networks to be upgraded and extended in the Southern province of Vörsa--

The Province of Vörsa, a major supplier of food and grains to the Central Granaries, is an important province, both economically and socially, but unfortunately it faces chronic power outages due to outdated infrastructure.

An image of the Yörson Coal Powerplant:-


Vörsa has continued to suffer such disastrous situations for nearly 2 years, until yesterday, when the Deputy chairman of the Red Brigade of the Central Beareu of The Democratic Republic of Velaheria, Mr.Röbert Fjörd, himself was sent by the party to organise the extension, repair and upgrading of the electrical networks in the province.

He said to the native people present there that, the networks would be repaired as soon as possible and the extension of the networks would start from the next week. 

The Current Situation would also be made less severe by upgrading the power grids which would increase the power outputs and would reduce chronic blackouts by 60%, The Extension and upgrades, would be made by keeping the party's decision of lowering power blackouts and increasing civillian power sourcing all across Vörsa in mind.

Electrical Grids of Vörsa:-


The Grids are to be made in the styles of paired networks, which can carry, more amounts of electrical charges without getting overloaded or suffering any sorts of short circuits, The Commitee also planned to overhaul the existing grids in order to enhance their performance, with scrapping those which are beyond repair, while also planning to redraw an electrical networking gridline for Vörsa.

Workers of Velaheria, unite

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Priority being given to the copper fields in Nordöm, New oppurtunities ahead, says the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs

Glorious Comrades of Velaheria, Reports have came in from all around the state that the ministry of finance has stated a new plan for the development of the mining infrastructure in the province of Nordöm, which provides better news for the comrades of that region in terms of economic development and socio-economic standards. Situated in the northern reaches of velaheria, Nordöm is rich in Copper ore reserves which constitute half of the state's entire copper deposits, In the past, Our Glorious leader, Comrade Arin Von Starinburg had stated that Nordöm was the underbelly of the velaherian riches which the people had held for several centuries, but were stolen by the cold-blooded  dolchic colaborators who aided the dolchic colonial government in velaheria, to rip the nation out of its riches.

However, several decades have passed since the supreme leader and the father of the state had left us all and went on to be remembered as one of the greatest martyrs in the history of velaheria, And the velaherian economy has now seen a new stage of investments and growth since the end of the 1980's and the begining of the 2010's, Now the People's Assembly think that the best way forward would be to increase the infrastructural base of the region, and to renew as well as expand new mining and refining facilities in the region, while simuntaneously building residential areas in that region, which would ultimately serve for the benifit of the state and the people of velaheria.

The Ministry of finances and Economic affairs have stated that, the province of nordöm would experience the growth of their mining infrastructure as, the state owned corporation, "Velaherian People's constructions limited" has been given the contract to build 4 new mining facilities in nordöm, such an expansion would provide an 35% expansion in the mining of copper ore in that region, while also building 2 new refineries in the area. The current residential region is also being planned to be extended to hold 12,000 more workers, while simuntaneously also being provided with suitable conditions necessary in that area. 

This action is sure to increase the productivity and the economic conditions of that region with the workers being the main benificiaries of this act of the just and noble people's assembly and the Velaherian People's Party.

Workers of Velaheria, Unite

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Velaherian people's Ground force's latest drills conducted on Vörsan highlands! 

Glorious workers of Velaheria, the Velaherian People's Ground force has conducted its long soughted military exercises and drills on the vörsan highlands, with about the voluntary participation of about 120,000 soldiers, this exercise nicknamed, Socialist Glory, has been one of the largest military exercises in our nation's socialist past, this exercise was conducted regarding  the VPGF's capabilities and alertness in times of possible conflict, and the possibility to halt an hypothetical military incursion swiftly and effectively, which would ensure them to protect the flames of our revolutionary zeal and the revolutionary might of velaheria. 

These exercises included tactical bombardments of enemy troops in compact positions while also performing the velaherian armed tactic of indiscriminate bombardment of enemy positions by artillery brigades which provide the infantry brigades the possibility and chance to move forward and capture that specific area. These also include limited air support and air superiority tactics which are done to bombard enemy positions in case of the lack of artillery brigades to soften the arena. 

These exercises were conducted from the 1st of October to the 5th of October and were participated by the Velaherian 1st Army, 3rd Army, 4th Army, 19th Artillery Division, 29th Tank division, 45th Armoured Division and the 3rd Air squadron, and had been visited specially by our dear leader Mr. Ander Von Starinburg himself, who motivated and inspired the participating soldiers by his inspiring words and fervour.

While these drills are being performed and our noble soldiers are training ever harder to defend the motherland and its revolutionary values, The glorious and Just, People's assembly has indeed succeeded in providing additional security guarrentees to the revolutionary and honest workers of velaheria

Workers of velaheria, Unite 

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MILITARY PARADES held in Bastaria as part of the Liberation day ceremony, Several Key figures Present

Glorious, Workers of Velaheria, As part of our ancestor's struggle to liberate our motherland from the Dolchic landlords and priests in the last century, until we all got independence from those parasites in the 9th of January 1942, Since then we celebrate this year as the Liberation Day, of our Glorious and beautiful motherland, and as part of this year's Celebration, there were fire works and marches of our enthusiastic workers and peasants with the flags of glorious motherland and the Velaherian People's Party, though in some marches, there were flags of @Stedoria along with the Velaherian flags.

Which signifies our long-standing friendship with our Stedorian comrades, which goes back to the 1990s, when we helped them win their long-lost rights, against the monarchist scums who ruled the Stedorian state, and with our help won their long desired freedom from the nobility of the Stedorian elite, who still terrorise our northern borders. But with our Stedorian allies, we would terminate the last vestiges of this “monarchist threat”.

Though this year, there's something else that was also done, to signifies the role of the military that it played in the liberation of Velaheria. The VPA has done a lot to ensure our supreme leader and the party continue their work of working towards the betterment of Velaherian lives, and ensuring stability in the region.

Lines of VPGF soldiers marched through the Central Plaza, lane, showing their loyalty towards the supreme leader and the party officials to show their gratitude and respect for them.

Lines of Armoured Vehicles and MBTs also rolled down the streets to show the might of the VPGF, along with the Fighters of the VPAF, showing their skills in the air. The MLRS and the Towed artillery brigades marched the streets to show the might of the Velaherian artillery brigade to show their might. With the last marches being held at the middle of noon, after which the ceremony was sadly called to an end, with daily activities resuming at the end of the ceremony. 

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Relations severed with the Anglian Empire as DPR Velaheria embraces for the upcoming storm

Glorious workers and peasants of Velaheria,

As the Anglian empire's Imperialistic ambitions causes it to wreak havoc across Europa and indirectly cause them to awaken the sleeping giants, its actions haven't been much well in the Argic regions as well, it has caused disruptions of trade, unnecessary issues regarding economic and civilian purposes, and most importantly, jeopardize the lives of several millions of people wurldwide.

The Velaherian Supreme People's Assembly, as well as the Ministries are disguised by its actions, and to say the least are simply “done” with them, As a result, the Velaherian Ministry of External Affairs has decided to recall its ambassador from Anglia, and break its ties with the Anglian “Empire”, An Empire which advocates for modern day slavery, and imperialistic debauchery, and the murder of millions, The Velaherians would never bow to such inhumane and monstrous regimes, and would keep on fighting until its last drop of blood, to uphold Velaherian sovereignty, that it has gained by the valiant deeds of our ancestors during the war of liberation. 

Worser still, is the fact that, the Dolchics have seemed to have sided with the Anglians in this tide of war, and have reignited their pathetic imperialistic ideals of squashing the Velaherian state, with its rag-tag army of hopelessness, Its state structure is barely resemblant of a latter-day house of cards, which can fall even at the slightest strike of the enemy, The Dolchics instead of fixing their own problems have once again chosen to intervene and threaten our beloved motherland, this shouldn't and wouldn't be tolerated at the least, Velaheria wouldn't get afraid of those parasitic Dolchs over the border, and that's the exact reason why, our glorious military units have been sent to further fortify the border between Velaheria and Dolchland, and to keep an eye on those pesky Dolch's, for that any one of their actions mean's certain doom, all across eastern Argis.

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Velaherian Diplomats to Visit The Sanarijan People's Republic

Glorious workers and peasants of Velaheria, as per the latest sources and the statements given to us by the ministry of foreign affairs, we have got some exciting news that will surely make your day! The Ministry of Foreign affairs has stated that an agreement has been reached between the PR of Sanarija and the DPR of Velaheria, to extend the supply of natural gas from the former to the latter at a sustainable rate for the next 15 years, along with trades in terms of arms and ammunition for the People's Republic, with a bilateral summit being called between the General secretary's of both the states.

However, that's not all, there have been some rumors and talks about the possibility of further military collaboration between the two states and the creation of a defensive military organization, in response to the threat posed upon the brotherly nations by the @Delamarian Regime, and the constant threat that it postures by maintaining its troops near the Velaherian borders, and the Brux kingdom, both of which the party have long perceived as threats to the motherland, and for that reason, the chairman of the people's assembly has stated in his recent address to the VPP that:

“We (Velaheria) want to unite in a military organization with our brothers in the north, and that to of our west, i.e. PR of Sanarija, and @Stedoria to counter the threats of the so-called liberal “Democracies” of Argis, and we hope that one day we can spread socialism and Socialist ideals of unity and brotherhood to all over the Argic continent.”

Though now it remains to be seen that whether these attempts at the creation of a military organization by the Supreme People's assembly would be successful or not, though as it seems, the glorious leadership and the Efficient Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will make a breakthrough and shift the balance of power in Argis, so that the socialist nations can once again spread their ideals all across the wurld!

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Velaherian Reconstructional plans of post Dolch war era

Glorious workers and farmers of the Democratic People's Republic of Velaheria!

In a significant move towards progress and development, the Socialist government has recently unveiled a comprehensive set of ambitious reconstruction plans aimed at revitalizing the nation's infrastructure, economy, and societal well-being. This strategic initiative comes after years of careful consideration and planning, signalling a promising step forward for Velaheria's future, which has been thought out by the secretary of infrastructure Arthur Fehlinham, and the Ministry of infrastructure as a whole.

The reconstruction plans, outlined by Velaheria's government officials in a press conference held yesterday, encompass a wide range of sectors crucial to the nation's growth. One of the key focal points of the initiative is the enhancement of transportation infrastructure. A substantial portion of the budget, around 5.2 Billion dollars or around 540 billion Wran will be allocated to modernizing road networks, expanding public transportation systems, and upgrading railways. These improvements are expected to not only streamline internal travel but also strengthen trade and connectivity with neighbouring countries, such as Stedoria and Bruxenburg, and possibly Dolchland after the war ends.

Another cornerstone of Velaheria's reconstruction strategy is centred around sustainable energy solutions. The government has committed to investing heavily in renewable energy sources such as solar and hydroelectric power, which was around 20% before the war, and would be around 30-35% after the plan's completion. By reducing reliance on fossil fuels, Velaheria aims to mitigate its carbon footprint and contribute to glubal efforts towards environmental conservation, through increasing imports of renewable infrastructure through Aurelia. Aurelia aims to reduce coal and natural gas dependence from a total of 80% of the energy dependence to around 70-65% of the total energy consumption of the Velaherian state.

The reconstruction plans also highlight the importance of education and healthcare. A substantial portion of the budget has been earmarked for the refurbishment and expansion of educational institutions, along with the implementation of advanced teaching technologies. In addition, the healthcare sector is set to receive a boost with the construction of state-of-the-art medical facilities and an emphasis on accessible and affordable healthcare for all citizens, at a sustainable rate. This would improve the health sectors of the Velaherian state.

Furthermore, Velaheria's commitment to technological innovation is evident in its plans to establish ports and development hubs across the nation. These hubs will foster collaboration between academia, industry, and government, driving innovation and contributing to economic growth through cutting-edge advancements, brought in mostly through co-operative investments and through direct foreign investments of the more economically advanced nation's of the wurld, with the Bastarian and Vertian People's study halls being the cornerstone of the initiative, and would provide visa free education to Foreign students, to ensure that the education and the medical sectors gain the recognition that they truly deserve, and to attract foreign investments to the industrial and the academic sectors of the Velaherian state, with the Velaherian state being interested in joining the new pearl road initiative that the Europan nation's have initiated.

To fund these ambitious projects, the Supreme People's Assembly has announced a mix of domestic and international investments, grants, and partnerships. Experts suggest that the successful execution of these plans could not only uplift Velaheria's economy but also set a positive example for neighbouring nations, in an effort to improve the Outlook of Velaheria in the international stage. These would mostly be the fellow Argic states of Stedoria and Ahrana, along with Dolchland, which has focused most of its budgets on imperialistic affairs. Dolchland is moving towards a more co-operative way of thriving together, and working together for a better future.

However, challenges lie ahead. The success of these reconstruction plans hinges on effective implementation, transparent governance, and citizen engagement. Sceptics raise concerns about potential obstacles and the need for proper checks and balances to ensure that funds are utilized efficiently and ethically, and to make sure that the funds aren't gobbled up due to corruption and the rampant nepotist nature of the Velaherian regime, which are mostly international observers and news channels, who spare no efforts to condemn the Velaherian state and the illiberal form of democracy that it advocates to its people.

As Velaheria embarks on this transformative journey, the wurld watches with anticipation. The success of these reconstruction plans has the potential to not only reshape the nation's landscape but also contribute to regional stability and prosperity. Only time will tell how the DPRV navigates these challenges and emerges as a model for comprehensive and sustainable development, and to increase the growth of its economy, in the upcoming years, after the war with its southern neighbour, more so barbarian imperialist hegemon ends. The people of the Dolch wurld are unified once more by the brotherly love for each other, and work together towards rebuilding their future together.

With the Chairman and the Supreme leader, Mr. Starinburg saying, that this plan would ensure that Velaheria develops after the end of the war, and comes out of its state of poverty, and ideological stagnation, that developed after the start of the Dolch war, with his hopes to replicate the growth witnessed in the @Baltican state and the benefits that it has on that state.

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