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A Union United, Part 1

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Elde Government House

Victoria, Grand Duchy of Elde

Minister Alexander now had officially establish connections with Ahrana again as since the 1950s Elde had no official relations with Ahrana due to the Nationalists still holding power. As he stood at his desk with the official Parliament Document calling on the First Minister to establish diplomatic talks and to request a reintegration into Ahrana. Alexander looked out his Office window into the City of Victoria thinking of what it would be like to be the first government official of Elde to set foot in Moskovo in nearly 109 years, it was in fact the most historic moment in the history of Elde there was no denying that however there was one thing in the back of his mind that he might screw this up and his entire political career would be over in a flash.

As he turned and walked to his desk he started pondering on what he should start off his official letter with as it would be very important to set the tone that would be followed for the next several months.




Alexander stood up and walked over to finish proof reading his letter before he sent it off for delivery to the Ahranaian Government, he felt satisfied with his letter and sat it on the desk and once again looked out the Office Window. It was always a beautiful time of the year till it just wasn't which thankfully was not that moment yet.

He turned and walked to the desk picked up his letter and exited his office and walked down the hall to the secretary,

"Mrs. Stevenson, could you please get this ready for diplomatic delivery to the Kingdom of Ahrana please ma'am also be sure to mark it urgent if you would thank you."

"Right away sir anything else?"

"No ma'am that would be all thank you."

He then turned and walked to down the hall to the right and went down stairs to where the rest of the government was in the conference room talking politics of course. Once he entered the room he took his seat and the meeting resumed.


To be continued.....

The Federation of Ahrana
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