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Minor City Amendments

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It's pretty well known there's an intention to cut through some map clutter with cities. If only I'd known cities contribute to the map being difficult I'd probably have just requested the the two principal capitals and a provincial capital 😅 Thus I'd like to offer up some cities to the chopping block and make a minor amendment to one of them.

For Removal:

  • Winchester
  • Canterbury
  • Ceitham
  • Fionnphort
  • Morlavitra

Revised Name:

  • Costa Scura to Port Dorcha

These cities while the more sizeable urban centres of the Fearann realm perhaps aren't notable to the international community. Costa Scura was previously named during the time I had Limonaia as a colonizer as opposed to now having Fearannteth as my parent state. Thus, the rename.  Morlavitra is perhaps the only that may not necessarily make most sense to strip but since im still figuring out the lore an geography of the southern isle, it may be best to just keep it clean and wiped that way. It's as has been suggested anyways: there are always National maps that can be created to display the many beautiful city names of our nations.

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