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Anglian Foreign and Imperial Office

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From: The Offices of The Third Circle (Foreign Affairs Ministry)
Authorization: Duke Sias Hu'yan, Vilicus of The Third Circle
To: Sir Algernon Edgeyton IX, Minister of Empire of the Kingdom of Anglia

To see the passage of the so-called socialist republic to the south, is unfortunate, but not entirely unexpected. The absorption of The Great Queendom of Suverina was thus expected as well, why stop at the tip of the southern Occident? 

The Sovereign Imperium shall therefore order no such embargoes, or any other measure against Anglian presence within the region. However, any infringement upon Tagmatine territory itself will result in aggressive posturing. Say what you will about us as you wish, we are honor bound to our neighbor concerning the bearing of swords. 

Should it not trespass uponst that soil, or that which we have claimed, there will be no issues to be raised with that of the Kingdom of Anglia. 

This is an authorized communique of the Imperial Throne, Council of the Nine and the Third Circle. 

Duke Sias Hu'yan
Vilicus of the Third Circle
Sovereign Imperium of Machina Haruspex

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To: His Majesty, Creighton of the House of Odell, King of @Great Anglia

From: His Aroman Majesty, Kommodos III, by the Grace of Christ the God, Holy Emperor, Sole-Ruler of Arome and Equal-to-the-Apostles


My son,

Europa is ailing, certainly.

The last decade and a half have not seen much good come to the continent that is often regarded as the heart of civilisation on Eurth. You are correct in saying that and you are not the first in doing so. That the powers in Europa have been content to stand by and allow the east of our shared continent slip into turmoil and ruin is a black mark upon all of us. It is something that I have directed the Agios Basilikon Kounsistorion to try to reverse in recent years, through the Northern Europan Development Fund. It has met some success, although perhaps not as much as could have been hoped.

Equally, your majesty is correct in pointing out that Arhomaneia has been able to recover better than many other nations in Europa. But do not mistake this recovery for one that has come easily, one that has come at the expense of others in Europa, nor one that has come about in spite of the New Wurld. It is one that has come about through cooperation with the New Wurld and with other nations in Europa. And this is something that I would wish to see continue and spread throughout not just the Occident, but wider Europa. And ultimately across Eurth.

I imagine you have heard the rumours surrounding my consolidation of power in Arhomaneia in the aftermath of the civil war sixteen years ago. I will not confirm whether those rumours are true or if they are false. Whether they are lies spread by those who wish to have done harm to my rule over the Megas Agios Basileia or not, I feel that they are illustrative of my determination to do what I believe is right by my nation, God's nation.

And my determination to do what I believe is right by God's Eurth, too.

Due to this, I accept your assurance that the Regaseia tes Megas Angleias under your leadership does not wish to infringe upon the territories and rights of the Arhomaioi. It should be a given, certainly, but you and I both know that nations often and regularly infringe upon the rights of others. I would gladly accept your offer of alliance between our two nations, if you were not so coy about what it might be that it would mean or what demands would be made of Arhomaneia. Trade is being built again between Europan states, but it is not just the continental web of trade that our parents and grandparents might have been used to. This web of trade is beginning to tie the whole wurld together, instead. Similarly, I would accept your offer of healing Europa, but I fear I do not hold to your ideas of having to be so ready to use the scalpel rather than the salve.

As I sit upon the Leopard Throne, the senior throne of all the thrones on Eurth, whether monarchical, democratic or dictatorial, I feel I have the right to give you counsel. Do not let yourself bite off more than you can chew and remember that peace is a more effective guarantor to prosperity than warfare is.

My son, I am willing to stand my nation beside yours in order to return Europa to prosperity and work with the rest of the Wurld to help bring an era free of want for all of us, not just Europa. Arhomaneia does certainly count those nations that you mentioned amongst its friends and I have no doubt that if your were willing to approach them, they too would count Megas Angleia as one. Together, alongside other Europan nations and those in the New Wurld, we could certainly make a new epoch.

But I am not ready to build our prosperity by enforcing pauperism on the rest of Eurth.

May God guide you towards the path of peace,

Kommodos III

by the Grace of Christ the God,

Agios Basileos kai Autokrator kai Isapostolos ton Arhomaion

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    • By Anatea
      I hope this topic is in the right section .-.
      Aaaanyway, here i am again for asking to our beloved and powerful @Orioni if would be possible to add some cities to my nation on Eurth's map and, about the last update, add some NPC nations that i need for the lore of Anatea
      About the map for the city & the NPC nations here you go:

      If you need to read better the names of the cities here you go a detailed map of Anatea where you can read better the names in case of problems About the NPC nations here's the explanation for why they're here:
      Astarlia: this nation was part of Anatea in the Classical & Post-Classical Era, becoming indipendent after a civil war in 1014. From that year on the relations between the two nations were quite hostile, but after some time they began to become more friendly until they signed a defensive pact for themselves, helping each other in any possible way. The relation between them would be similiar to the one between UK and USA. Ex Ruthenian nations (New Ruthenia, Casma, Lybadev and Pyrr): once part of the Federal Republic of Ruthenia (really similiar to Yugoslavia), after the Dalstavian War they become indipendent, changing their type of government after years under a bloody dictatorship. They are an important part of Anatea's lore due to the fact that the ruthenian invasions in the Classical & Post-Classical Era conquered Ruthenia and the Dalstavia region (once part of Anatea in the same Age), also the Dalstavian War is an important part of the history of Anatea because it will begin the subplot of Anatea about who was really behind the entire conflict (hinted in "In the Shadow" chapter) and the beginning of Anatea being a not isolationist nation anymore. Azuria: once part of Anatea in the Classical & Post-Classical Era, it will become indipendent (WIP about why & when) and later on an hostile nation towards Anatea & Astarlia, triggering the defensive pact that the two nations have (WIP about why & when). Before the end of 2021, a war between Anatea & Astarlia VS Azuria will break out, resulting in the invasion of the nation and then in its splitting (showed in the map) and annexation (similiar to what happened to Germany after WW2). Illirea: even this nation was part of Anatea in the Classical & Post-Classical Era, but then it was conquered by Zastov in the 1600s. Later on will become indipendent by Zastov togheter with Yustov and it will be peacefully annexed by Anatea for protection with the upcoming tensions between Anatea and Zastov and for return to be one thing with Anatea. Zastov: a really important nation for the lore of Anatea. It's a far-right nation masked as a democracy. It will be involved in various part of Anatea's lore, beginning with a war in the 1600s which will take Illirea from Anatea, and then it will fight once again Anatea in the "Ruthenian War" in 1860 [Ruthenian War= Zastov, being landlocked, tried to attack and conquer Ruthenia (the weakest nation in the region) for have an outlet to the sea for commercial reasons, but a coalition composed by Anatea, Ruthenia, Astarlia and Erastia will prevent Zastov to reach the sea, protecting Ruthenia and winning the war (similiar to the Crimean War)]. In the modern age it will become a rival of Anatea after the fall of Azuria and there will be some tensions, just to create some interesting rps in the future. Erastia: a kingdom in the southern part of Aurelia. It will be involved in the "Ruthenian War" along with Anatea and will have some peaceful relations with Anatea. Yustov: once part of Zastov, it will become independent and then will be annexed peacefully by Anatea for protection against Zastov. Ostav: an island Union, it will become important in the modern age with the "Clear War" (1923-1925), the first war in which Anatea will use airplanes and will understand the importance of air superiority. This war is important because it's the first war in the South Aurelian region in which no civilians were harmed (because the conflict was fought primarily in the sea, and with the sole use of aircrafts and ships). Nostromm: Not important, just a name that would fit to the nation Taygene: important nation in the lore of Anatea because it had an alliance with it. It will be the main trigger for the "Clear War", without fighting in the war. The end!
      The blueish color on Anatea and in some nations is the maximum extension of Anatea in the future rps, just to warn how much i want to expand Anatea (i will post the expansion ideas in the future and after i contributed to the region of course) and which NPC nations will be involved (probably around 2025/2026 the expansion would be completed :O).
      Thank you for reading!
    • By Iverica
      I realise many want to weigh on this as they have on Discord so I've put this up for more productive Discussion.
      Courtesy tag [Aurelia Users]: @Metztlitlaca, @Shffahkia, @Oyus, @Fjallshima, @Anatea, @Kirvina, @Eulycea
      Object: Procedure dictates that Asgeirria is reduced in size to an area around the capital--this is the default outcome if nothing can be agreed on.
      Context: Asgeirria is involved in a few RPs that affect the histories of @Ahrana, TRIDENT members. The notable ones are:
      https://www.europans.com/topic/4883-asgeirrian-ahrana-summit/ https://www.europans.com/topic/4907-manamana-mail/ https://www.europans.com/topic/4687-confederation-of-independent-socialists-founding-ceremony/ https://www.europans.com/topic/4676-a-midwinter-nights-meeting/ https://www.europans.com/topic/4730-the-verde-blockade/ TLDR: He helped build the Manamana, he was part of founding CIS, and he instigated an international incident which ended up as a historical blockade fiasco. Issue: Some want Asgeirria expunged; but that creates a gap in history. All the RP and wiki relating to that would have to be nullified if Asgeirria is removed.
      Some Points:
      So far nobody I have talked to actually needs an Asgeirrian state as an active player. Should he be edited and modified into a city-state sized NPC, he would be inconsequential to foreign affairs apart from what space he occupies--and even then, can be annexed by any proximal nation. It remains that his only importance is to have existed. As long as there's some indiciation that at one point, a weird autocracy existed there and did X and Y--then that is all that matters to the historical issue. Aurelians can/should do whatever they want with him. The only historical requisite being mentioned above. Solutions:
      Relocate: an NPC will be created mimicing all the essential elements of Asgeirria.  People bring up that dead nations are taking up valuable space--this solution puts it in substantially less valuable space where the NPC can be safely ignored. Remember that the NPCs attitude can simply be set so that it is a hermit nation that bothers no one since its clear that most on Aurelia have no actual stake on Asgeirria's relevance. The island west of Asgeirria's borders can be one such spot.
        Reduce (default): an even simpler solution is to just reduce his claim to the area around the capital and make than an NPC. This saved the trouble of picking and agreeing on new location. This also offers new players that might settle nearby a chance to expand or justify certain RPs should it be desired.  what if the new player does not want them there?-- See "Relocate". Should I be concerned if...?
      If I am an Aurelian- not really. Unless there is something very specific you have in mind/want with the region in and around Asgeirria. The chances any of this affect your bottom line are next to nil. If I am a new player- did you want that spot? If so please contact staff @iverica on discord and we can talk about whether this is an issue or not. If I am historically linked to Asgeirria's actions- If this post missed anything else he was involved in, please mention it below. If I currently have RP in that area- no. Nothing changes.  
      If anyone from Aurelia has any concerns or questions--please to make them known below.
    • By Lahui
      Hey all! After looking at the latest map of Europa (which is quite nice, btw), how are the remaining nations on the map being treated (countries without any active action)? My little ole island chain was pretty much left alone, but I do see that there are large swaths of countries still exist, albeit with their owners not having been on for a while (somewhat like the proverbial pot calling the kettle black, I suppose).
      Nonetheless, with the possible exception of a nation returning, would they be treated as NPC nations - no mod to their borders or political principals, or territorial integrity, or macro-gaming, but some peripheral interaction as necessary for RP purposes?
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