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Request: Kertosono

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Nation in Eurth: Kertosono
Capital name: Ngawi
Capital location: Coastal
Factbook/iiwiki link: https://iiwiki.us/wiki/Kertosono
Newsroom link: 

Culture: Javanese
Climate: Equatorial monsoonal
Desired Location:
1. Placement of cities will wait till final approval, since I will make the administrative divisions of the country first and then place the cities accordingly
2. I have placed a "high" land area in my stats, and should my claim exceed my limits, do advise or remind me, thanks!

Kertic peoples inhabit the region and form small city states and kingdoms, and occasionally one entity manages to conquer and invade the other Kertic states, putting the bulk of the Kertic peoples under one banner, the last of which before the Empire of Kertosono happened in the early 16th century under the banner of Ngraho. Between Ngraho and the pan-Kertic confederation the Kertic peoples were split into a multitude of political entities and states, occasionally fighting and warring each other for control of land, people, resources, or sometimes just pure pride. A growing globalized setting towards the end of the 19th century prmpted the Kertic peoples to work and cooperate together, and was legalized as a single state, namely the Kertic Empire and later the Empire of Kertosono to show the empire belonged to the entire Kertic Peoples and not a single kingdom or entity. 

Hard Stats
Land Area: 341,491 km2 (tentative)
Population: 28,395,000
GDP per capita: $9,385
GDP: $266 Billion

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Whilst your culture matches the area, there are a couple issues I have before I can accept you.

Nation Balancing

The land area for your nation is 453,800km^2, which requires all 4 points allocated to you. This means both your population (which would require 1 point) and your GDP per Capita (also requiring one point) are too high as combined that would give you a starting nation of 6 points. You can either reduce your population and GDP per Capita to <10 million and <$5,000 respectfully, or you can have your land area reduced to below 360,000km^2.

The climate you request (Equatorial Monsoon) is incompatible for the region as it is Tropical Savannah. Are you okay with this? If not, you can move to a different location which does possess tropical/equatorial monsoon climates. As Faramount is likely to be moved in the next map update, there won't be a point when you both share the same area.


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Using your new borders, you are now within the 2-Point range (270,000-350,000). With your original population and GDP per Capita your nation is now sufficiently balanced for the map :).


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Hello all, would it be possible to add these cities onto the map? Thanks a lot 

If there are too many cities, please insert them in this order
1. Ngawi
2. Kertonyono
3. Sragen
4. Banyumas
5. Purwoasih
6. Wringinanom
7. Rembong


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