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    • By Metztlitlaca
      As part of the 5.1 Eurth Map Update, I am trying to reach out to all of the continents of Eurth (Aurelia/Thalassa/Alharu/Argis/Marenesia/Europa) in attempt to figure out what changes those in the continent would like. And for the first two continents is Aurelia and Thalassa as much of the foundations for changes have already been put in place or are blank enough for some major restructuring.

      As far as I am aware, these are the current discussions / issues with the continent that need to be confirmed / discussed:-
      1) Limonaia Replacement Nation. An Italian nation that can be a colonial power within Aurelia without having to force new lore into Cristina.
      2) What is going to be done about Asgeirria in terms of an NPC replacement.
      3) Should the Thalassa islands be moved to a better position climatically and to allow for cultures found within South East Asia and Austronesia or different cultures entirely.
      4) What is going to be done with the Manamana as a nation but also the canal itself.
      5) Any multimember NPCs required for lore / future RP threads (not expansion nations or NPCs for a single nation).
      6) Historic Empires in the region (Including Mesothalassa)

      My Opinions:-
      2) My current stance for Asgeirria is to just give it a name and flag change similar to the process for Lysia/Fleur de Lys with similar lore and a more clear geopolitical position.
      3) In regards to the Thalassa islands I am okay with any concepts / changes as long as Orioni is okay with any changes.
      4) Manamana I believe we should create a small Panama-like / Shffahkia-like nation around the canal, and the canal itself still in construction. This shouldn't change any recent modern RPs as the canal has only been built really recently in-universe. Outright removing it is not on the cards as SSI has repeatedly stated he wishes to keep it.
      6) Historic Empires, If San Castellino still has his Maya people we could potentially have some Maya ancient empire stretching from Shffahkia to San Castellino to Metztlitlaca. However I believe our focus should be on establishing a canon timeline for the Shffahkian Empire and where it did or did not conquer (at least with the information we have and until a new member comes in and throws a wrecking ball into the continent's lore.)

      (Relevant Countries: @Kirvina / @Anatea / @Shffahkia /  @Oyus / @Metztlitlaca (4/6) /  @San Castellino (4/6) / @Esonice (3/6) / @Ahrana (2) / @Cristina (1) / @Orioni (3))
      Even if you were not pinged, feel free to also join in the thread - especially if you have ideas for lore or solutions!
    • By Shffahkia
      News in Shffahkia is reported on by a myriad of news organizations the largest of which are known as the Elle-Apostrophes. The name comes from the fact that each organization's name begins with the letter L and an apostrophe. These organizations are: The Macaw/L'ara, The Inquiry and The Aurelian. From its most popular to its oldest to the continental, these news organizations alongside other publications shed a light on the daily goings-on in Shffahkia and bring a myriad of viewpoints to the table. 
    • By Iverica
      I realise many want to weigh on this as they have on Discord so I've put this up for more productive Discussion.
      Courtesy tag [Aurelia Users]: @Metztlitlaca, @Shffahkia, @Oyus, @Fjallshima, @Anatea, @Kirvina, @Eulycea
      Object: Procedure dictates that Asgeirria is reduced in size to an area around the capital--this is the default outcome if nothing can be agreed on.
      Context: Asgeirria is involved in a few RPs that affect the histories of @Ahrana, TRIDENT members. The notable ones are:
      https://www.europans.com/topic/4883-asgeirrian-ahrana-summit/ https://www.europans.com/topic/4907-manamana-mail/ https://www.europans.com/topic/4687-confederation-of-independent-socialists-founding-ceremony/ https://www.europans.com/topic/4676-a-midwinter-nights-meeting/ https://www.europans.com/topic/4730-the-verde-blockade/ TLDR: He helped build the Manamana, he was part of founding CIS, and he instigated an international incident which ended up as a historical blockade fiasco. Issue: Some want Asgeirria expunged; but that creates a gap in history. All the RP and wiki relating to that would have to be nullified if Asgeirria is removed.
      Some Points:
      So far nobody I have talked to actually needs an Asgeirrian state as an active player. Should he be edited and modified into a city-state sized NPC, he would be inconsequential to foreign affairs apart from what space he occupies--and even then, can be annexed by any proximal nation. It remains that his only importance is to have existed. As long as there's some indiciation that at one point, a weird autocracy existed there and did X and Y--then that is all that matters to the historical issue. Aurelians can/should do whatever they want with him. The only historical requisite being mentioned above. Solutions:
      Relocate: an NPC will be created mimicing all the essential elements of Asgeirria.  People bring up that dead nations are taking up valuable space--this solution puts it in substantially less valuable space where the NPC can be safely ignored. Remember that the NPCs attitude can simply be set so that it is a hermit nation that bothers no one since its clear that most on Aurelia have no actual stake on Asgeirria's relevance. The island west of Asgeirria's borders can be one such spot.
        Reduce (default): an even simpler solution is to just reduce his claim to the area around the capital and make than an NPC. This saved the trouble of picking and agreeing on new location. This also offers new players that might settle nearby a chance to expand or justify certain RPs should it be desired.  what if the new player does not want them there?-- See "Relocate". Should I be concerned if...?
      If I am an Aurelian- not really. Unless there is something very specific you have in mind/want with the region in and around Asgeirria. The chances any of this affect your bottom line are next to nil. If I am a new player- did you want that spot? If so please contact staff @iverica on discord and we can talk about whether this is an issue or not. If I am historically linked to Asgeirria's actions- If this post missed anything else he was involved in, please mention it below. If I currently have RP in that area- no. Nothing changes.  
      If anyone from Aurelia has any concerns or questions--please to make them known below.
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