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Eastern Argis Trade Zone


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To: The North Adlantic Union Council ( @Seylos ).

CC: @Fravina@Galahinda.

From: The Office of the President, in conjunction with the Department of Foreign Affairs and the National Trade Representative.

As do all good governing bodies, the government of Delamaria always, and will always, ensure that every decision made on behalf of the people will benefit the people, and, as I hope you will all agree, this proposed trade zone is in the best interests of our people. After deliberation this morning with the cabinet, I must say that Delamaria is more than happy with such a proposal and we must implore the governments of Fravina and Galahinda to do the same. This provides an opportunity for prosperity to again reign across the North Adlantic, which will not only benefit us as nations, but also our people and our neighbours in Argis. The easing of restrictions on products will allow both small and big businesses alike, to thrive in a collective economic area, to which will trickle down to all levels of society, benefiting us and our future generations.


Deborah Van Roose

President of the Commonwealth of Delamaria

(Written In conjunction with Trade Representative Kronstadt and Foreign Secretary Redman.)

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Fravi Department of Foreign Affairs

TO: The North Adlantic Union Council (@Seylos)

CC: @Delamaria, @Galahinda

FROM: The Office of the President, the Vice Presidential Council, the Department of Foreign Affairs, and the Department of Trade and Finance, Republic of Fravina

The Republic of Fravina values the people above all, and what helps the nation helps the people. It is the view of our government that trade maintains national stability and national prosperity. Thus, trade also helps the people in conjunction.  It is also the view of the government that international cooperation is beneficial for the nation. Thus, it is also good for the people.  The North Adlantic Union Council will promote justice and peace in eastern Argis, securing a future of greatness for our nations and for our peoples.

Since this proposed trade union will help the people, it is in the  best interest of Fravina to see fit that it joins the North Adlantic Union Council. We are glad to find that the Commonwealth of Delamaria has plans to join NAUC,. As well, we implore the Unitary Conglomerate of Galahinda to draft plans to join the NAUC as well. It will only benefit our nations and our people by promoting international cooperation, stability, and peace in our shared region.

Best regards,

Bernard Beaumont

President of the Republic of Fravina

(Written in conjunction with Vice President Valentine LaClare and Vice President Jean Martin, with counsel from Secretary Jean-Luc Émissaire and Secretary Marie Olivier)


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