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Daily life in DPR Velaheria

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The Daily Life of the People of Velaheria:

An ordinary day in the life of a student:

  • In Bastaria People's study Hall:-

Robert is a student studying in Standard X of the Bastarian People's Study hall, He is interested in studying politics and historical facts, and has been getting good grades in his subjects for the last few years. He belongs to a poor farmer's family, his father has admitted him into the study hall by selling his family's ancient heirloom which was given to them by a high rank official who fought the evil landowners with the father of the state. He hopes that someday, robert would too be able to get a decent job in the velaherian government , Robert however has different dreams, he wants to see the wurld for himself and regularly asks to himself that "Do all nations really hate us, is my motherland really the utopian state that we are taught she is?" However he has never told about his thoughts to the teacher or his parents, whom he fears would beat him if he does so, despite that, today he brings the courage in himself to tell his teachers about his thoughts, so after the school break, he runs to Mrs.Swebler, whom he considers as his favourite teacher. When he says about his thoughts, mrs swan quickly stops him and asks "Have you gone crazy? Someone can hear you, its not safe talking about these things aloud. Come in my house today at 6pm, We will discuss about these things there."

A Few hours later....

  • Inside The Student's hostel

Robert returns to his hostel room at 4.45Pm.. and does his regular salute in respect to the photos of Arin Starinburg and Robin Starinburg, After that he changes his school uniform and keeps his Red scarf in his special box , the red scarf is a symbol of the revolution and is mandatory to wear in the hall, without it the students will not be allowed to enter the study hall, 15 mins later, Robert comes out of the bathroom after getting refreshed, he heads down to the canteen where he is given the regular meal of fried corn and lamb meat, with two sprinklers full of salt and pepper. After enjoying his meal, Robert revises his lessons which is about the 3rd chapter of the book "The Great motherland" and discusses about the economy of the Velaharian city of Bastaria, Robert then watches the popular TV show of "The Revolutionary" Which visualises Arin Starinburg as a Great Black Hawk fighting for the liberation of his fellow comrades from the hands of the evil landlords and corporates.

After 2 more hours...

Its 5.20pm, Robert is getting ready to go to his teacher's house, he takes out a black coat and a black trouser from his almirah, and wears them, he also takes out his red scarf, which is necessary to wear by any student, while visiting the study hall or any teacher's house, the later is only followed due to cultural traditions and as symbolism to display their loyalty towards the state, 

Then he takes his Grey briefcase, which contains some books and copies which he was told to take when visiting Mrs.swebler's house, He leaves his room at 5:40pm and uses the stairs to get down to the ground floor, as the lifts sometimes get stuck in mid floors due to electrical shortages, After reaching the ground floor, Robert takes his "F-175 Bicycle"  from the garage. 

(The F-175 series is a bicycle model made by Velaher-Automobiles in 2005, Velaher-Automobiles is the only automobile company in Velaheria and is owned by the State, Velaher-Automobiles produces, Heavy automobiles such as trucks and buses as well as luxury cars for Governmemt officials, the bicycle model is instructed to be given to each and every student in velaheria at a price which takes an average worker's 2 months wages by the Government, but in reality it costs twice of that price, and so only a percentage of those students can afford to have such bicycles.)

Robert continues cyclying through the "N-T21" A sublane of Bastaria which leads to the "Vert" District, where Mrs Swebler's house is located, while travelling through the sublane, Robert noticed the "Statues of the Great Revolutionaries" who fought for the freedom of the workers of velaheria, "The Silver-Chrome statue of Arin Starinburg", and the "People's party logo", which is located in Vert's Central square,

20 mins later...

In 6.10pm, Robert Reaches Mrs.Swebler's house and presses the doorbell. The Door is opened after some moment, Mrs.Swebler Welcomes Robert and tells him to sit down at a sofa, a couple of mins later Mrs swebler gives robert a glass of "Red Sokoku" (A traditional Velaherian drink made from the sokuku plant, it tastes sour-sweet and is a popular drink among the teens and the elderly)

Then Mrs.Swebler starts.."Robert, close all of the windows and pull the curtains and switch off the main lights"

Robert does as he was told, then he begins.."Mrs Swebler, I wanted to know about the truth of the state and of the party, i want to know that are we truly in the socialist utopia that we are told we are in?"

Mrs Swebler answers him "No, all that you are taught and you are made so hard to memorise is nothing but propaganda, we are not self sufficient, in fact we dont even have our own freedom, we dont have the right to ask, we dont have the right to protest, we dont have the right to see the outside wurld, for that those who have dared have all been brutally executed, You are quite brave and curious to know all these things for most of the other people blindly believe the endless barages of propaganda and dont even ask that Why? Why did it happen, how did it happen and how can anything like this happen? Why dont i see any of it?, you on the other hand have raised so many questions, which is necessary for any person to be truly human. Now go, and dont tell anyone about any of this, for if they know, that you know this much, they may call the VPK and then the last face you will ever see will be of the person who is shooting you."

Robert listens silently, and nods, he now finally knows about the truth of the velaherian totalitarianist dictatorship and he now knows that there is a wurld out there, where the ideas of liberty and freedom are truly cherished,

He thanks Mrs.Swebler and gets out of her house, rides his bicycle and goes back to his hostel, to survive another day in the prison he was born in, He changes his clothes and keeps them back neatly at the almirah, wears his pajamas and eats his evening meal given to him by the canteen chef on his way back into the hostel, after eating it he, washes the dish and glass, returns them to the canteen, and goes to sleep, dreaming of an open wurld,  where he is free to follow his dreams.




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