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Anti-Apsan violence

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April 20th 2021 - Region of Palyashia



Since the last two months a series of disapearences and a few murders of Apsan minorities within the city of Argashina and the surounding area of Palyashia have occured.

This isn't the first time such a thing has occured, It's suspected that an ultra-nationalist Palyashi male is responcible for all the cases, Police aren't sure who that may be, but a few suspects are being put under investigation, if you are an Apsan in the Argashinä municipality of Palyashia, the authoroties suggest you arm yourself with a pocket knife when going out at late hours and/or going to self defence classes and if posible travle in gorups.


A total of 30 people of Apsan decent have gone mising and at least 5 were found dead in the past 2 months, most victims seem to be females of age 20-30 and elderly people who live alone or in poor neighborhoods. Dead bodies where found in Maçar river neer the city, Police have been send on patrols a month ago, but only rebelious teenagers were found neer the river. From the information gathered by the authoroties, the Victims don't seem to be related to any crime organization or in any sort of blood feud, but all of them had at least one Apsan parent.

4 other disapearences were reported in the neighboring municipality of Gëldere, the Ministar of Defence, Yuis Eşçince, has sent armed patrol squads from the military to help police in both municipalities, which may seem extreme to some, the parliament says they are trying to keep racial crimes to a minimum so their are acting almost imidietly.

There is at least 1 person involved, though some eye-witnesses say they've seen a group of 3-4 men doing suspicious activities in areas of reported cases.


„This is outrageos, we have been trying to further ourselves from such segregation and preserve the cultures of this great land, our nation stands toghether, we shouldn't fight among ourselves, whoever did this WILL be punished ASAP! We are going to finance detective work within the entire region so theese criminals can be caught.“

- Alik Masaca, Minister of Culture, on the issue within Argashina

Sadly the law enforcement within the municipality is weak compared to other regions, as was noted before, if you are of Apsan decent, get armed and/or go to self defence classes and try to travle in groups.

It has been reported that some worried residents have taken matters within their own hands and have set up traps for the coulprits, and groups of people have been going out on hunts for them too.

Police say the groups going out would be fined if seen, but they won't discourage it.


There are still reports of mild genocide on the border between Mokhavia and the self proclaimed 'Republic of Apsana', the Government has sent armed forces convoys to support the law enforcment in the borderlands and prefent more crime. Currently the general situation with the 'Republic of Apsana'  is on a standby, anti-Apsan crimes have seen a major rise in the past month, the Prime Minister and President of Apsana are scheduling peace talks in the next months. Meanwhile the governers of the borderlands are ashamed of their people. Not much else has been released on the issue.


„Even tough our relations with the region of Apsana, we are not going to let racial crimes rise, we are rising fines and time sentences for such crimes drasticly due to the recent situation. People shouln't have to fight among themselves, some may say we are overreacting by senting millitray personel within the municipality of Argansha, but what would they say if it was their friends, family or themselves who are on the line, no one deserves this. who is a man to say that another deserves death. On the topic of the ongoing conflict on the border of Apsana, we have sent out Millitary support to prevent more deaths.“

Banaş Kiramce, Prime Minister







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