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OOC: Voyage of the UNS Revelation

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Well, as i said, of course i'll gladly join :D
Not being super good with scientific stuff i'll send a reporter and its crew for make a documentary about the whole travel :D

Looking forward to this rp °^°

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32 minutes ago, Seylos said:

If you'd like to have some of your scientists join up on this international goodwill adventure tell me what you'd like to see or who you'd send.

Wondering if I could be the cook. 🧑‍🍳 Already generated a random profile for the character which only needs minor tweaking.

35 minutes ago, Seylos said:

I'm hoping this will be a great way to do a mini showcase of different nations and their lands + culture as the Revelation visits them.

This would be a nice way to highlight the colder climates. It may even help activate the sleepy Deltannia and Volsci, if visiting those places are within the scope of this story.

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Kacheru's Geotang Industrial Holdings has a vested interest in maritime relations through Geotang Marine. As such, the company is interested in sponsoring research and development into climatology and meteorology as well as investigation of marine ecosystems Eurth-wide. The majority of maritime research in Kacheru is performed in the freshwater Chenshas Lake, but the duo Park Moon-hwan and Noh Ho-jun are among Kacheru's foremost in the field and have expressed eagerness to collaborate with other nations and expand the boundaries of maritime research on one of the most sophisticated research ships on Eurth, should an opening permit.

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