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BREAKING: SDC Surrenders To Anglian Forces

TARENTUM, @Social Democratic Confederation -- Around midday today, Tarentum, the capital of the Social Democratic Confederation fell to Anglian forces. Fighting around the capital could only be described as intense and hellish as each side ground against each other for several days. The heavily outnumbered SDC Army held back the Anglian forces and ferociously defended their position. Even after the capital was completely surrounded, SDC forces fought on and were nearly impossible for Anglian units to dislodge, despite their overwhelming air superiority. Eventually though the weight of numbers and being cut-off from supplies and reinforcements took their toll. Around 19:00h the Congressional Forum was finally stormed and taken by Anglian forces. Even still, over the next day, citizens tried to take to the streets to protest. These protests were quickly and brutally suppressed by the Anglian military, and the protestors driven back into their homes. A national curfew is now put in place.


:pic: Protestors risk their lives on the streets of Tarentum.

It seems, if anything this was an Anglian attempt to flex their military might, and it also seems that despite the horrific damage to the city itself, key areas of economic importance were almost completely spared from the ravages of the war. This suggests that Anglia is attempting to create a greater economic base for itself in the future to fuel the expansion of the Anglian state. Regardless many military experts see this as an important test of the modern Anglish forces in combat, for the first time in many years. While most believe that Anglia poses a severe threat to the whole of Western Europa, some are less cautious stating their difficulties in uprooting even a small military that was totally surrounded show how unprepared the nation of Great Anglia is for war.

It has also been confirmed that while the remnants of the Social Democratic government has surrendered to the Anglish, the bulk of important government officials were able to successfully evacuate to Seylos, which most thought were rumors. Despite how they managed to accomplish such a feat, a government in exile has been set up in Loughrea, vowing to continue to resist the Anglish conquest. In a lengthy press release, the Seylosian government also condemned the actions of Anglia, stating that the run the risk of destabilizing the fragile state of Western Europa and plunging the region into chaos.

Surprisingly the Anglian government did release a brief statement, one which had an incredible foreboding tone. "The children of Great Anglia should keep their place and stay out of the affairs of Europa. Such interference could prove costly."

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Anglia Assaults Qubdi Positions Across Disputed Zone

TAQDIR, Qubdi -- Anglian military units have launched several attacks in the the Qubdi-Suverninan border zone, repeatedly slamming against the entrenched Qubdi forces. However what was expected to be a quick victory for the Anglians has turned out into a drawn out affair as their continuous assault reaches its fifth day. While there have been several small retreats, the Qubdi military is holding its ground far more than most experts predicts, though not many believe that under this overwhelming assault they can last indefinitely. It is fair to say though the region is suffering immensely under the relentless assaults, with towns and cities all over the area experiencing frequent airstrikes and bombardments.

"In coordination with our Suverinan allies, Anglian forces have struck out against the Qubdi who have threatened their borders," An Anglian representative said, speaking to ENN earlier in the week,"Under no circumstances will we allow any zones in dispute in Qubdi hands"

Following the beginning of their retaliation, widely seen as yet another move to show off the strength of the Anglian military, officials from Anglia held a private meeting with representatives from Jilderen, Bulungi, Afropa, Sa Hara, Hakenium, and Mahdah. Though the contents of the meeting were not known, rumors have spread signalling some possible pact that could be forged in the future, as it's become clear that Anglia does not want to use sheer military power to force its influence.


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Stack of newspapers

Foreign and Imperial Office
Godstone, Anglia

A stack of foreign newspapers from the past weeks filled the desk of Sir Algernon Edgeyton. Some papers were already beginning to turn yellow. Algernon enjoyed keeping some of the most memorably editions as a souvenir of the effect his actions had. The front pages that stared back at him were filled with screaming headlines, using ever more bold language. He leafed through them to rejoice in the impact of the Anglian masterplan.

On April 30th he sent out his public communique to the international community. This brief statement alone created a lot of diplomatic chatter, of which very little leaked to the press.

On May 1st, also known as Labour Day, the LAANN responded with a stop and search embargo. Algernon was quick to put the distant organisation on the spot. The LAANN were the first to display defiance. "Their swift statement to criticise Great Anglia will not be forgotten so easily," Algernon thought to himself.

May 2nd saw the neighbouring Tagmatines announce sanctions against his country while in the same breath announcing the annexation of the Hermitage Islands. As can be expected nobody in the international community voiced any protest over that second announcement.

By May 3rd the combative Haru announced their deployment of troops along the border with Tagmatium, nowhere near Anglia. What they hoped to gain from this remained beyond Algernon's imagination. Perhaps their leadership could be reasoned with? Some scenario must exist where together they could subdue the heir to Arhomaion.

Last but not least, on May 12th, the geriatric and irrelevant EOS announced their laughable embargo. Right now the only thing Anglia had to fear was a never-ending stream of strongly worded letters that could fuel the most poor Suverin people's stoves for at least the next two upcoming winter seasons.

OOC: This is a gathering of all the public communication I could find regarding Anglia. Any communication that was private did not make it on this list. I'm sure there's much more to find a quick search for "Anglia." If you want your decision to be included, make so to either CC everyone on your message or otherwise create a news story about what your country is doing. Anything else remains secret and invisible. Also, Algernon is a bit of a douche here, acting all smug and haughty after her recent strong of victories.

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Anglian Ship Sunk Near Dragonryders Coast

KEROON HOLD, Dragonryders -- Anglian government officials have confirmed the sinking of the INS Javelin off the coast of Dragonryders, though circumstances remain incredibly unclear. The Anglian government claims that an anti-ship missile struck the ship in its magazine creating a tremendous explosion shortly thereafter. Anglian authorities have claimed that they have tried search and rescue operations for possible survivors, but rescue ships have been warned off by ships from Dragonryders. The Ryderian government has come out quickly against these claims however, stating that their naval vessels have never come into any hostile conflict and that any of their ships in the region were in fact responding to a distress call regarding a fire on board the Javelin.


:pic: INS Javelin on fire off the Ryderian coast.

Only a single low quality image of the incident has been released (pictured above) showing the ship having suffered a recent catastrophic explosion. The extent of the damage is unclear in the photo and in fact the source of the damage is difficult to identify with reportedly the magazine fully detonating after the image was taken. With the Javelin having sunk beneath the waves it may be impossible to determine what truly occurred unless more visual evidence is released later.

Of course, calls of doubt have circled around the Europan community as coincidentally and increase in border disputes have been seen between OCA and non-aligned nations in the Azanian south.


Reports of Anglian New Wurld Activity

SCHLAMMBURG, Dolchland -- There have been unconfirmed reports of the potential increased Anglian diplomatic activity spreading throughout the New Wurld, though ENN cannot at this time independently confirm the exact nature of these meetings. However anonymous sources in Seylosian intelligence have talked about numerous internal briefings that have been had over the course of the past week regarding Anglian diplomats landing in Dolchland for possible talks. Dolchland has been a regional antagonist for the peoples of Eastern Argis, plaguing the region with coastal piracy and nonstop military threats. Even with the war in Ceris winding down there is no doubt that Seylos feels immense pressure at the possibility of any Anglian connection. Worth noting as well that the Velaharians, who gained their independence from Dolchland in the mid 20th century, would be equally scared of anything that could strengthen their former overlords.

Reports continue in the south of Alharu where Anglian diplomats were spotted arriving in the capital of Fearannteth, though media coverage of the event within the country was quickly suppressed leading to little or no verifiable information on any meetings. Anglian support of Fearannteth could upset of the balance of the region as its closest rival, Metlzlitlaca, has been distracted by instability to the west of the country. If such a meeting is occurring it could be a direct threat to Oyus, which has been exceptionally aggressive towards Anglian activity in Europa. Even more worrisome for the Metzlitlacans is unconfirmed reports of Anglian activity in the Triple Commonwealth, a former part of the Crescent Empire that is also experiencing instability much like the rest of the empire's successor states.

ENN will continue to monitor the situation as little evidence exists at this point to explain exactly what is going on.

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ROITERS: Anglian warship catches fire, sinks in Adlantic

KEROON HOLD, Dragonryders -- A warship in the Anglian navy caught fire and later sank last week in the Adlantic Ocean under unclear circumstances, the latest calamity to strike the country’s military in recent weeks amid tensions with the EOS.


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Anglian Fleet Strikes At Ryderian Coast

KEROON HOLD, Dragonryders -- Anglian ships were reported to have opened fire on multiple Ryderian military positions on the coast of Dragonryders after weeks of intense diplomatic standoffs. From what can be gathered, the small Ryderian fleet has retreated to Keroon Hold unwilling to engage in direct combat with the vastly superior Anglian Navy. Ryderian forces has been deployed in bulk along the coasts, while their loose allies in the remaining Azanian non-aligned states face additional challenges from the Anglian allied states to the south. In Mawlika, small border conflicts have cropped up between their neighbors Alshamal and Afropa. In Arrif, the government has claimed several attacks by the military of Hakenium, which has denied such assaults as the work of pirates who have no connection to Hakenium. It seems that all out war may be possible in Azenia as Anglian aligned states and non-aligned states are close to blows. Luckily the Gallambrian protectorate of Bashan seems to be immune from such pressures most likely due to Gallambrian naval strength and allegiance to TRIDENT. The Haruspexian colony of Zharr, located in the the war torn and barren regions just south of Anglia proper have also escaped attention, undoubtedly due to the tenuous alliance between Haruspex and Tagmatium.


Mustered Afropan troops near the Mawlikan border.

Diplomatic Mission from Anglia Arrives in Shendao

BOGD GIORO, Fulgistan -- In another terrifying development, an Anglian diplomatic mission has been reported as having recently landed in Shendao, also known as the Kidney Islands in Anglish. The leader of the islands, Zhu Dongguan, has faced heavy resistance to his regime after recently taking control of the islands government. Undoubtedly the Anglian diplomatic mission is seen as a way to shore up his control of the island, as Fulgistani support as well as other local national support would be few and far between. Fulgistan, upon learning of the negotiations, has condemned the new Shendaoan government as authoritarian and have attempted to place diplomatic pressure to expel the Anglian diplomats. Fulgistan's ally Seylos has mirrored its condemnation, demanding Anglian interference be stopped before it spreads too far. Both fear the former Salvian colony will fall to the continuing advances of Anglian imperialism.


Anglian diplomats meet with leader Zhu Dongguan in the Kidney Islands.




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OCA Nations attack Northern Azania in Force

KEROON HOLD, Dragonryders -- OCA nations in the south, which have been clashing to their neighbors to the north, unleashed a furious attack on Northern Azanian nations claiming that nations there had been provoking them too long. Positions in southern Dragonryders, Cabarria, Mawlika and Alshamal were quickly overrun as the Anglian backed militaries of the OCA pushed northwards seeking to quickly defeat their opponents. Meanwhile in the Amnalos Sea, the Anglian navy has begun a massive building of naval forces, and rumors are abound at the probability of a northern naval invasion. Such an invasion is seen as a test of Anglian naval power by many military observers, who believe that if successful, could create a massive threat to the New Wurld. Should northern Azania fall, Western Europa would be solidly in the hands of Anglia, leaving only Machina Haruspex, Tagmatium, and the Gallambrian Protectorate of Bashan free of the OCA.



Anglian ground forces so far have been limited, however the OCA forces flush with Anglian supplies have already proven to be a formidable foe. The previously unremarkable militaries of Southern Azania have somehow managed to become a potent fighting force in a relatively short period of time, however it is still yet to be seen how the alliance will perform in sustained military operations, as their northern neighbors have shown no sign of backing down. But with the significant oil reserves of Dragonryders in the balance, it is certain that the OCA won't be stopped easily.

Stirrings in the New Wurld

SELBOURNE, Seylos -- Observers in the Dolch See have been unnerved by the presence of cargo ships, originally hailing from Anglia, setting course for Dolchland. The extremely xenophobic and aggressive nation has inexplicably opened up its ports to Anglian vessels, which have been carrying unknown cargo in bulk for some time. Anglian officials have claimed the cargo as simply humanitarian aid, something that Dolchland in the past has always been seen to have desperately needed, despite it's attempted outward appearance of strength. Debate has raged in the NAU council as to how to handle the influx of the ships, but without an overt military presence from Anglia their hands may be tied. 

The Dolch however is not the only place that is seeing this influx of Anglian export. Shendao, Fearannteth, Triple Commonwealth, San Castellino, the Kudish have all been rumored to have begun receiving such shipments, though nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Worries have been amplified further as Anglian diplomats have been seen to have visited less prominent nations in Aurelia and Marenesia solidifying the idea that the Anglians have truly global plans. So far however, no armed conflicts have appeared between New Wurld and Anglian forces, but only time will tell how long until Anglia will push its limits.

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Azanian Nations Begin to Buckle Under the Pressure

KEROON HOLD, Dragonryders -- The OCA has been relentless in its onslaught against the remaining independent Azanian naitons. For weeks now the battle has raged on across the front of several nations, however we can now say for certain that tide has begun to turn against the independent holdouts. Afropan army units have finally managed to break through the treacherous mountain terrain in the south of Chrysiakti, with the latter breaking into a shattered retreat back to its northern territories. Even more dire, scattered reports have begun to surface about the fall of the Mawlikan capital city, which has been viciously fought over after an early breakthrough by OCA forces. The Yuropans, now cut off from their allies in Dragonryders, as the two are incapable of breaking the naval blockade between the shores of the two countries.



The moment most military analysts feared had come earlier today, when the Anglian Navy launched multiple naval invasions across Ryderian and Yuropan coasts. Initial reports show that while some of the attacks were a failure, several were able to gain successful beachheads, with Anglian units pouring into the new fronts. With the Yuropans and Ryderians being the last major military powers in the area to stand against the Anglians, it seems the writing may be on the wall for a Western Europa free of Anglia.


With territory rapidly shifting across Dragonryders, the Ryderians have been reported to have made a massive last gambit against the Anglian war machine. Up until now, the Ryderian navy has held itself in port in Keroon Hold protected by the city's anti aircraft emplacements. However it seems, as reported to the Europan News Network by sources inside the Ryderian government, that the entire upper level government of had already been evacuated to Keroon Hold. It seems in a desperate attempt to defy the Anglian onslaught, the Ryderian fleet has made one final push to escape the Anglian blockade. Our own Sevda Aliyev was able to to get us a live report by satellite from the Ryderian ship RDS Manyikeni, where she was able to board having been attached the Ryderian government to document the invasion.


News Host - "Sevda, can you hear us?"

A slightly pixelated video is shown on screen next to the anchor, showing the reporter on the deck of a ship, with sailors scrambling around her.

Sevda - "Yes Shir! Right now I'm on board the RDS Manyikeni, a Ryderian frigate which has joined the fleet in a desperate attempt to break through the Anglian blockade. As you can see, the situation is frantic and we've come under attack several times over the past hour!"

Shir (Host) - "Sevda, what are things looking right now for the Ryderians? How much danger are you in?"

Sevda - "I honestly don't know Shir. I've already seen the remains of several Ryderian ships that we have passed by, but somehow this fleet is holding steady. We have already made it a hundred and fifty kilometers from the Ryderian coast, but the Anglians haven't let up.  I've already heard from the captain of the ship that the only Ryderian carrier have suffered battle damage and has decided to stay behind to delay the Anglian Navy."

Shir (Host) - "What do you think the Ryderians are trying to achieve right now?"

Sevda - "I've heard rumors from the crew that somehow-"

A the sound of a jet is heard and a distant explosion, followed by missile fire close by. Sevda looks distraught, but regains her composure.

Sevda - "The crew of the ships is talking about the Seylosians somehow. We appear to be racing to a set of coordinated in the Adlantic, and they seem convinced they will be met by the Seylosian fleet."

Shocked the host leans into ask his question.

Shir (Host) - "Is this the Seylosians entering the war against the Anglians?"

Sevda shakes her head.

Sevda - "It's highly doubtful Shir. However the Seylosians had already taken in the exile government of the SDC, and this could be an attempt to do the same. Our best guess is the neutral Seylosians using their ships as some sort of diplomatic shield for the fleeing Ryderian Navy. But I'm still not clear on the details!"

Another distant explosion is heard and sailors are heard yelling in the background. Sevda and ushered away from Ryderian sailors and the fottage cuts.

Shir (Host) - "It seems Sevda has been moved to a safer location during this battle. We hope she stays safe during this intense battle. For now, our thoughts are with the brave crews of the Ryderian ships fleeing from the tyranny of Anglian oppression."

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(OOC: This news article is not part of the Europan News Network. But it's part of the public conversation. Since this topic holds the main story line, I prefer to include this reference here as a cross-link. This interview is much less diplomatic, since Andrew Pipkin no longer holds any political office in Orioni.)

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The following is a republished excerpt given to ENN from Anglian broadcaster Thornbrook News:

Reporter: As tensions around the wurld continue to heighten, we've been granted an exclusive interview with his Royal Majesty, King Creighton. He's joining us today in the studio at Thornbrook to explain how our nation is handling this crisis. Your Majesty, it's a pleasure to have you here.

Creighton: I'm glad to be here, it's important for the people of Anglia to understand what is truly happening.

Reporter: We've heard good news recently that Dolchland has been able to overcome some sort of foreign plot to destabilize their nation, and have even taken steps to rebuild their Imperial structure.

Creighton: Yes, and I'm proud to say that Anglia has invested many resources in order to ensure that Dolchland not only stays independent, but can grow to cast off the threats of nearby nations. In fact, I'm happy to announce today that Dolchland and Anglia have entered into a treaty of alliance with each other, so we can both ensure the security of southeast Argis.

Reporter: That's enormous news. Can you tell us the security threats that our nations would be dealing with over in Argis?

Creighton: It's become clear now that the veneer of peace and cooperation that the Kingdom of @Seylos has put up is already beginning to crumble. We have seen in the past that Seylos has already sought to dominate this area of the wurld through force. And now that have only used more underhanded means to gain that exact conquest in the facade that is the 'North Adlantic Union'. Our intelligence has already confirmed that the Seylosian government is not what is seems on the surface.

Reporter: Can you expand on that, Your Majesty?

Creighton: Absolutely. It sounds something straight out of a conspiracy theory, and I had to be assured by my own heads of intelligence first. But we now know for certain that the former Seylosian Mandate, a past that the Seylosians claim to have cast aside, has in fact never truly been rooted out of their government. In fact, it has only grown and festered throughout the years, and this fascist group of fanatics has already taken total control of their government. Their continued military actions throughout Argis and domineering attitude towards the rest of their region only solidify this fact. And this influence has spread far beyond their own borders.

Reporter: If this is true, this is shocking news, Your Majesty. Does this have anything to do with the strikes in Bashan?

Creighton: I can't comment on too much of that operation, But I can tell you for certain that we were able to eliminate a Mandate sympathetic paramilitary base that was infiltrating our Europan brethren in Bashan. At this point we have enough evidence to assert that @Gallambria itself has also either fallen prey to this ideology, or have a related one of their own working closely with the Seylosians.

Reporter: How have the people of Bashan reacted to this?

Creighton: It's clear that Gallambrian propaganda is effective for now, they've all but suppressed any knowledge of this throughout Bashan. What breaks my heart even more is not just that the Bashani people have been duped by these fascists, but that the Anglian peoples of Seylos and Gallambria continue to be taken advantage of by them. In its brief life, the Mandate was the greatest military power on Eurth until its hubris destroyed it. And its remnants want nothing more than to rebuild that empire. It's our duty to root out this disease and stop it from spreading.

Reporter: Your Majesty, are you suggesting the possibility of war? This sounds like a conspiracy theory taken to extremes to some of our viewers.

Creighton: I wouldn't look at it like some sort of conspiracy, but simply what is. An ideology rebuilds itself over time after being beaten down, and while I have no doubt that the average citizen of these nations cast aside such insanity, for their governments it was business as usual. Just change the name and wait. But let me assure the people of Great Anglia that war is not our top priority. We will continue to push every peaceful means of dealing with this issue.

Reporter: We've heard reports that the EOS, led by the Eastern Europan nation of @Orioni, has already begun to put forwards a sizeable expansion of its military resources. Is it possible this… Mandate presence has spread there?

Creighton: No, we have no indications of that. That group is not as powerful as they seem. No, the EOS simply fears a change in the status quo, one they have been careful to preserve for decades. If you remember, after the Europan collapse, only so many nations continued with any form of prosperity. If it weren't for the actions of our own OCA, western Europa would still be in the shadow of poverty and the Aromans.

Reporter: I take it then that the OCA has given up attempting to sway @Tagmatium Rules to its side.

Creighton: The OCA of course will continue its diplomatic efforts with the Tagmatines, but for now it seems as though that have sided with the New Wurld and possibly the EOS.

Reporter: Our segment is running out of time Your Majesty, but before we go do you have anything you would like so say?

Creighton: To all of you watching in Anglia, I'd implore you to not be afraid of the future. Despite the chaos that is growing around us, and entities trying to stop the rise of Anglia and the OCA, we continue to not only hold our ground but grow every day. Throughout every continent, nations have seen the benefits of standing with us, and building a truly Europan led future. These troubles will soon be behind us, and we will all rise to greater heights than we ever dreamed possible.

-End of the Thornbrook News transcript-

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ROITERS: OCA incursions are first strike, warns EOS

The Entente of Oriental States said that it would consider any move by the Occidental-Azanian Pact into Meteorolan airspace as a "first strike." EOS wants to prevent OCA from growing its military force around the islands of Ayubi and Damak Var.


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Europan News Network


The following is a republished excerpt given to ENN from Anglian broadcaster Thornbrook News.

Anglian warships sail through sensitive Saeida Strait

GODSTONE -- The Anglian military conducted a routine transit through the strategic Saeida Strait on Friday, further demonstrating our commitment to a free and open Azano-Marenesia. Our fleet of advanced warships, including the mighty Godstone-class cruiser HAMS Farnham and the formidable Buzzard-class destroyer HAMS Tribute, sailed through the strait with ease. This has been a source of tension in the region as Orioni, through its perfidious EOS proxy, claims the Meteorolas islands as its sphere of influence.

“This transit serves as a reminder to all nations of the power and resolve of the Anglian military,” the Anglian military said in a statement. “The Saeida Strait is a critical maritime route, and we will not allow any nation to threaten our right to freedom of navigation through these waters. Our military presence in the region represents our dedication to maintaining the security and stability of the Azano-Marenesia region. We will always protect the interests of our great nation and uphold the principles of a free and open international system.”

The Varian Defence Ministry released a statement on Friday confirming that Anglians warship had sailed in a southerly direction through the Saeida Strait. The ministry stated that its forces had closely monitored the ship's passage. The statement went on to say that the ships had followed all necessary protocols and had not provoked any incidents or breaches of international law. The ministry emphasized that it remained committed to maintaining the security and stability of the region and would continue to closely monitor all naval activity in the area.

The Orinese Embassy in Godstone, unable to come up with a valid response, did not comment on the transit through the Saeida Strait. It is no surprise, as the nation of Orioni has a history of aggression in the region and has not ruled out the use of force to assert control over the islands of Damak Var and Ayubi. However, they should know that the brave men and women of the Anglian military will always stand ready to defend our nation and our allies from any threat.

The Meteorolan islands, which have long been a point of contention between Orioni and other nations, have vowed to defend themselves in the event of an attack. The Meteorolan government has stated that it will use all available resources to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The narrow Saeida Strait has been a frequent source of military tension since the victorious Kingdom of Great Anglia established the Occidental-Azanian Pact following a series of conflicts in the region. The pact, which was established to promote stability and cooperation in the area, has at times been challenged by nations like Orioni, which seek to spread their tentacles of influence at the expense of their neighbours. However, we will not be deterred in our efforts to maintain the security and stability of the region, and we will always stand up for the principles of a free and open international system.

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oca_signing.png  anglia_lysia.png  anglia_qubdi.png

From left to right:
1. The OCA pact is signed between Anglia, Suverina, and several Azanian nations creating the alliance that would end up starting the Grand War.

2. Anglian soldiers near a bridge crossing in Lysia on the first day of their invasion into the country.

3.Propaganda photo from Anglian news outlet Thornbrook News showing Anglian soldiers assaulting Qubdi positions in southern Suverina. The Qubdi military briefly invaded Suverina to reclaim disputed lands, but was quickly pushed out of the country by a combined Anglian/Suverinan force.



afropa_AN.png  wajoka_seylos.png  aidan_an.png


From left to right:
1. AN peacekeeper surrendering in Afropa after the peacekeeping mission came to an abrupt end following the creation of the OCA and subsequent invasions of other Azanaian countries. AN peacekeepers were unharmed and sent home, with Afropa citing “communication issues”.

2. Wajokan President Jatau Okeke (left) speaking to an advisor in front of the RDS Manyikeni. The Wajokan government had finally made it to port in Selbourne after a harrowing journey escaping the Anglian Navy and the fall of Keroon Hold.

3. King Aidan Redmond of @Seylos addressing the Assembled Nations in the Iwish city of Anbrekport on the progress of the Dolch invasion of the country and the war abroad.


anatean_anglia.png  kaseka_xio.png  ivy_ceris.png


From left to right:
1. @Anatean soldiers are nearly hit by an Azurian mortar in their defensive positions. At the time of the photo, the Anatean military has suffered a series of losses against the combined Azurian/Anglian assault.

2. Kasekan painter Itzel Tlalli visited the Kasekan/Xioan border and created this piece while volunteering at the @Xioan refugee border checkpoint. The painting depicts the many thousands of Xioan refugees, displaced by the Sefesian invasion of Great Xio, that are waiting for placement in Kasekan refugee camps. Most notable are the many white helmets that appear, as many refugees would acquire old helmets and paint them white as a meager means of protection against possible encounters with Sefesian soldiers.

3. Two officers from @Iverica and Ceris talk outside a military building in Zestrathaven, Iwenland after the a high level strategy meeting between the NAU and Fedcom.



Anda02_tanks_and_soldiers_going_through_a_small_town_with_smoke_a0aa582f-61e1-4f47-a26d-f8eac1d6e8d3.png  iverican_crowd.png  gallambria_tank.png


From left to right:
1. Anglian soldiers occupying the @Advocatius border town of Zarrus after the Tengrolhan invasion of the country. .

2. @Ivericans react in shock in Intreimor after hearing the news about the Anglian surprise attack which sank the L'Peninsula. The Iverican carrier was in port when it was suddenly struck by Anglian missiles.

3. A @Gallambrian mechanic inspecting a M3A7 Taipan tank just days before the first offensive on Anglian soil from TRIDENT forces.

tagmatine_dolch.png  velaharia.png  cascadia_battle.png


From left to right:
1. Tagmatine ships firing missiles at the southern coast of Dolchland. Once @Tagmatium Rules joined the war against Dolchland, its fleet based in the Ceriser country of Secryae began striking military targets in Dolchland.

2. @DPR Velaheria civilians walking through the heavily damaged city of Koinsburg close to the Dolch border. Most of the damage to the city occurred during the counter offensive to retake the lost land from the Dolch.

3. Captain Alex Bolton, of the Seylosian military, stands next to the surrendered leader of an Anglian special forces team on a Galahindan beach. The Anglian team had been sent to stop Bolton’s deployment and firing of a coastal missile battery that helped strike the lethal blow on the Anglian carrier that was destroyed that day. The pair are seen looking out at the ocean where the plume of smoke rises from the carrier, whose magazine had gone up just minutes before.


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