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Korninon; The Expanse

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Northern Cunetio
Haru Embassy

Newly appointed ambassador to the North Korninon Protectorate (NKP for future reference), Sengar d'isto (Noble rank, equivalent of Major) Fasri'Nu Hallas stood upon the balcony of the suite, and looked over the construction of a more permanent border wall and the city on both sides. The banners of the Imperium draped across the front of the building, and upon flag poles alongside that of the NKP fluttering in the wind. A slow exhale of a reddish smoke, slow lean against one arm as he settled against a banister for a moment.

From his perch, he could see the newly made government offices of the nationalist party, a joint garrison and others. The two fleets would be docked within the Northern ports, ready for service should it be required. Which meant officers of the admiralty would be present, his coworkers really. He'd met both of those to be deployed here, charming fellows, though young. At least younger then him, he envied their rise, the navy really did have it easier he thought with another exhale.

Yet, he'd call upon them only in the most dire of situations. The peace here, it was to be held. Regardless of what others beyond thought of them, the Empress's words were divine mandate and having been sworn to her vision, he would fall upon the sword if need be. Still it was nice that his wife and daughter would be joining him here, it would make this a more bearable posting indeed.

Lights at the border switched on, and into the night did the engineers carry on, eventually the starry night sky wouldn't have to compete with the glare, he muttered, " just a bit more..", to no one in particular as a knock rapped against the frame of the balcony entry. A slow turn about, noting Yuta and Daya both waiting politely.

Come friends, what news do you bring? He spoke towards both, allowing either one to take the lead. It was Yuta who spoke. Ah sir, your wife and mine boarded a transport craft and will arrive with children in tow, in a day or so. It'll be nice to see them on a regular basis, I guess a perk for taking this deployment.

Daya chimed in; My wife will also be arriving, she was rather cross that I might be deployed here for years. Fasri chuckled a bit. Probably just wants to see you in an apron again Daya. I would be a fool to stand against her as well. She is right fierce. Rather face down a regiment of Tagmatine spear chucker's.

A bit of a quiet laugh from the woman before she continued as placing both palms to the balcony rail and relaxing a good bit. Danla is returning to Ulusk, she's been chosen as a Shield Maiden in Kaorin's service. This time Yuta laughed. Well that's only natural, tis her idol after all. But good for her, she's qualified for the position a few times now, just took a civil war to earn the approval of the right sorts now that the wrong sorts are dead.

Fasri took a drag upon his cigarette, pausing only to flip open the case and offer one to Yuta, who graciously took one while Daya politely declined as Fasri spoke. Most of the hardliners from the previous regime have been indeed removed, some turned at the last second seeing the change in the wind, we'll have to root them out eventually. In any case, different topic, have you met the naval and legionnaire officers to be stationed with us?

It was Yuta who replied first. I spent most of my day today with the imperial army legionnaires deployed here. The majority of them are building the border wall that starts here in this city and will go down the point of separation of the island between the NKP and those that allied themselves to the Seylosi and so forth. They are all fairly young as far as I could discern, but their officers are experienced, I would wager a great many of them were in the northern campaign.

Fasri grunted slightly as Yuta would continue. Those not building the border wall, checkpoints and security areas, are about the island with the NKP security forces erecting air defense vehicles about an airfield in the central valley area. At first I thought it would be a resupply point..but its to big.

Fasri nodded and pointed to a pile of dossiers under a paper weight. Its a joint military and civilian airbase in the works. There will be a deployment of land based HAD aerocraft eventually, as well as trainers for NKP pilots in the future. It will also host a training facility for NKP self defense forces, as they are to be equipped with modern equipment and armaments should there ever be an aggressive push from the South or anywhere else. 

There was another knock, this time at the entrance to the suite. A junior officer got up from a desk and opened it, standing to one side and pointing towards the balcony. Very shortly, new faces appeared to the collection of diplomatic officers present. 

Prata-Kahn's Yephira, Yarna and Garis, of equal standing from differing houses, and with the first two commanding a fleet that would remain stationed within the waters of North Kornino, while the last was in charge of the garrison imperial army legionnaire forces, stood at leisurely attention before noticing Fasri's dismissive gesture to act natural. He addressed his aides and directed attention to the three military officers. These are our counterparts. They who arrived with Vice-Admiral Tor'Van, and brought ships and troops to the island. 

It was Yephira that broke the ice that lingered after that. Kaorin warned me that you were carefree, you will find me a stern taskmaster to the admiralty. She gave an imperious gaze towards Fasri, one that made him wince a bit. That blasted woman, always giving him the troublesome ones! Worry not friend, while I would love to just drink wine and play the violin, we sit astride a powder keg. We must keep good relations with the south while maintaining security. He briefly caught Garis sighing in relief, and that of Yarna keeping to a prideful, proud stance. Warriors. The kind that could get them all killed for glory, just the sort of thing he had to manage to keep distracted.

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North Korinon
Cunetio City

It'd been about a week since the meet and greet of the other officers and staff assigned to the North Korinon territory. His wife had come, with their two children. His son was old enough to understand, but his daughter was still feeling defeated as all of her friends were back in Tavor.

So today was a bit of a father and daughter day, relaxing at a small coffee shoppe, where he was attempting to liven her mood up at the moment. My dear, I know this isnt what you desired, but do try to make the best of it, we will be here for a good long while. She huffed a bit and poked at the desert pastry upon the plate. I just don't know why you had to be deployed here, didn't the ministry have anyone else?

He chuckled a bit, pausing to take a sip of cappuccino before replying. Mm, perhaps, but my record despite behavior, speaks for itself. The admiralty and some of the house lords want someone they know I suppose. Besides, those boys in the city, they were getting far to close for my liking.

Father! Please! So embarrassing! Mother has been telling fibs again! She crossed her arms and pouted a bit so that he gently chastised and offered a smile. Now, now, don't be like that, you'll get wrinkles. Bit of a grin sliding into place as other patrons chuckled. Such instances were well known to fathers the wurld over. Mm...speaking of your mother..

Could feel the glare of Treika a mile away, so deadly. My dear, we saved you some tea and a seat. She replied; Of course you did husband, you do value your life. The woman settled down besides her daughter, fostering a smile, and appearing in a modest attire of pencil skirt and blouse. Has he been teasing you dear? Adamant response from their daughter; Yes Mother, terribly so! A soft laugh as she spoke; Ah, such a rogue. Projecting again dear, don't want her to elope into the night like us? His right brow shot up as she suggested the unthinkable. Gods woman, your family was a nightmare, I'd like to spare at least one of the children from that affair.

Rubbing bridge of nose a bit at the thought of his in-laws. At that moment his phone beeped, a text message from his adjutant Yuta. Ah, we'll be having a bit of company my darlings. Do play nice. He quickly typed a response and sure enough, a dark grey staff car rolled up and parked across the street from them. The tall and older Yuta slid from the drivers seat, with fellow staff officer Daya exiting the passenger seat. They both approached with a languid pace, probably adopted from her husband thought Treika. 

Before her husband could exchange pleasantries, she did so. Daya my dear, I saw your wife earlier, she is most forgiving it would seem of this deployment. A slight glance towards Yuta. Yours on the other hand, seems quite harsh of such. I wager you will have to sweeten her up with a gift or two dear. She could see Yuta wince and Daya lightly flush as the two offered polite bows of head before settling in at the table.

Daya replied. Oh he is in the dog house. He didn't tell her until a week ago that this was a long term assignment. Treika winced for Yuta, he apparently was gleaning to much of her husbands procrastination. 

Please ladies, let me suffer enough as it is. Yuta exclaimed before he politely changed the topic. Sir, there is news from the homeland and the admiralty. He slowly slid a teletype over and explained a bit as the contents were being read by Fasri. Anglian forces have forced capitulation of the SDC territories, officially, the Throne and the Council have said nothing, but word through the upper ranks is that many of the fleet-lords are approaching the Empress's advisor Kaorin and pledging support for military action, whatever she decides of divine will, to authorize.

Treika gently covered her mouth, the thought of their son who had come with was of legionnaire age, indeed he was an Imperial Academy cadet doing his tutorship and training with the newly arranged NK Protectorate Military Academy. Gods..she uttered then composed herself.

Daya seemed to agree as her superior merely acknowledged it with a slight hrmm sound. He spoke however after a time. We'll inform the Nationalist Party leaders, our counterparts, and continue on with our duties here. The Empress will make the right choice, we just have to watch. Also, should be interesting to see what the Tagmatine and the Seylosi..he gestured with a head movement towards the city-border wall as to them. Do over this.

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North Korninon, Verlucio Port
Luhtun (Condor), Fast Strike Carrier Class (FSCC)
1st Protectorate Defense Fleet

Prata-Khan Yarna stood upon the bridge of the Luhtun, and yet there wasn't much for him to do aboard the ship at the moment. They were docked within the port, and as said docks were built to handle high volume tenders, they had been reasonable able to accommodate the naval warships that had become apart of its day to day operations.

If anything, the Luhtun had become a central operations vessel in this berth, able to force project beyond patrolling via its cohort of VTOL aerocraft that it possessed, as well as the troop and logistical components it had deployed soon after tethering up. 

His direct counterpart of the infantry legions had arrived to sequester his aforementioned cohort of naval legionnaires in due order. Prata-Khan Garis had been taller then he had thought, and yet swarthy. He had the auburn hair of the Augustines, the Cussian-Haru mixed bloodline, and the grey-blue eyes that seemed to be the normal of such, angular cheeks, almost hawk like of nose and stern of gaze, the atypical mountain steppe native representation of Tiksi. A prominent mountain border city-state that did not advertise itself all that well, really only the @Tagmatium Rules border town of Kalamanon seemed to know much about it, which was odd. Especially since his own hometown of Belaya was near it and Prathen was south of it.

The former horse lords, raiders and pillage cavalry of the days of yore had become staunch unification leaders. Some would even say a powerbase to the council as the city was as old as Prathen was, and of cultural importance in the old days as Ulan-Ude had become now.

Amusing to a degree that he was a legionnaire officer then, although one of his subordinates mentioned he'd been a light armor vehicle commander, so perhaps his cavalry bloodline had been honored. A faint shrug however as said steppe native had duly relieved him of his onboard cohort and that of the transport tender's contents in short order.

Two-thousand-five hundred logistical, medical, legionnaires, and vehicle operators had thus been deployed. Most of which had left Verlucio for the highlands, either to participate in the airfield building, or to establish anti-air defenses to keep the territorial airspace of the NKP its own. Not that he believed the Seylosi would keep flying patrol aerocraft across the territory, but perhaps a warning tone by a SAM lock would keep someone else behaving properly. Realistically he just wanted to be in his quarters, playing the fiddle and relaxing with some tea.

And then there was Prata-Khan Yephira. Gods she was way to gung-ho about this assignment. Perhaps the rumors were true, she hoped to secure a high profile husband in the ruling imperial house via performing well. Which could explain why she was so highspeed, all the time! Even now she was commanding the 2nd Protectorate Defense Fleet on maneuvers about the island. Screening ships, sending aerial drone patrols and so forth. The fleet leave would be immense, NK tourist spots and bars would see a massive increase. 

He leaned back upon soles of feet and glanced towards his subordinates Tahor and Tahr. When Yephira's fleet comes back to dock, send word to the legionnaire securitas to keep them behaved here and in Durnovaria. They are going to be heated and needing comfort and soothing. I will do my best to keep Yephira occupied...gods help me.

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North Korinon 
SVHY (Ministry of Foreign Naval Affairs) HQ
Office of Sengar d'isto Fasri'Nu Hallas

Stared at the teletype and felt his shoulders sink after reading aloud its contents to Yuta, Daya and himself. It was Daya who let out the curse first. Fuuuuck. We are so f*cked if we dont get this right. I bet those naval officers are in some sort of living hell right now, they cant be happy right? Right Yuuutta, they cant be!?

Now, now Daya, compose yourself. Yuta managed to be the solid stone of the meeting. Fasri appeared to be waning and waxing in the briefest of light that spilled through a window. Eventually he squatted down, both hands to the sides of his head mumbling something about how it was all going to come down, his easy life and carefree days.

Ahem. Sir. Please stand up, our counterparts will be here soon. Fasri arose, and nodded his head a bit, still sore about the dreaded news. It was then that Prata-Khan Yephira arrived, nearly kicking open the door. Did you see!? Our divine source is coming, the Empress is coming here! My legions will be in parade dress, I shall white glove them until they beg for death! She glanced at the diplomatic officer. Why arent you out there, promoting her arrival!?

Just shook his right hand at her, almost dismissively and at this exact point, Garis and Yarna arrived. Garis looked dreadful, as if he had been up for hours, without any sleep. Yarna was a nervous wreck, his OCD gone into overdrive.

It was then that Fasri managed to climb out of whatever funk and asserted himself. Briefly. Comrades, we must come together, to show the Empress what a wonderful place the North is, have her meet dignitaries of the Protectorate's Assembly and of course, promote the security and safety of Her Divine Person at all times. Prata-Khan Yephira, under Naval Command Code 23-NUA-34/N/3/1-A, I am hereby placing your fleet on Securitas of the North Korninon sealanes and territorial waters. I have been given authority by the Naval Command, as well as that of the Imperial Throne itself. 

Furthermore, Prata-Khan Garis, you will first get some sleep man. Then, when rested, you shall deploy Legionnaire Securitas in full, at every point of inspection of the Empress's itinerary, as well as at all risk spots regardless. You will deploy all border securitas and activate island defense protocol Penastar. 

Prata-Khan Yarna, for the love of the sea man, lower your caffeine intake, rest a bit, and then as Garis, fully rested, you will work with the North Korinon media and security apparatus to protect the North's information services, as well as deploying territorial aerosapce defense units. You are authorized to deploy drones, yet do not make the lives of the citizens difficult. This goes for all of you. 

Siet Khan Yuta and Daya, you shall work with the NK Ministries of Peace, Prosperity and Tourism to arrange for a route that the Empress will take through the three cities. She has expressed interest in visiting a few notable Ahroman religious sites apparently, probably for her own personal love of architecture I have been told. In any case, we have a week until she arrives, carry out your orders.

And for all the gods of the sea, dont foul this up. If we do, they'll send us to the Argic research site, where the sea freezes and so does your blood. Dismissed!

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